Sewing As Genre?

It seems to me that there are either many more sewing-themed films and TV shows lately, or, at least more access to them.  I’ve been watching a lot of these shows, in part because I have way too many streaming subscription services, but mostly because I’m a sewing nerd.  Thought I’d share all of the … More Sewing As Genre?

Holiday Gift "Sewing"

These are really more what I would consider to be hand-made crafts, rather than actual sewing, though I did use my sewing machine a bit.  I also used Heat-n-Bond fusible web, and the internet to find images to use as the patterns.  Oh, and fleece.  Lots and lots of fleece. Rainbow stack of fleece! Green … More Holiday Gift "Sewing"

MLP Pillowcase

Last year I decided to make my friend some mildly embarrassing pillowcases for the holidays.  I have since used the same tutorial to make some really cute camera pillowcases for my sister, and have now decided to use the same tutorial to make another friend some My Little Pony pillowcases for her birthday (she really likes … More MLP Pillowcase