Newsflash: New Vogue Patterns!

The new Vogue patterns are here!  It definitely seems like cut-outs are going to be the next big trend, and I have to say I’m kinda digging it.  As for the other designs… well, it seems like there are a lot of patterns playing with a lot of volume, and there also seem to be a lot of fairly simplistic dress designs.  There are some interesting designer patters, but I feel like it is a bit difficult to see any of the details in the photographs because there were so many dark fabrics.  I know that Vogue doesn’t make fabric choices for the designer patterns, but I felt that I had to look at the line drawings to really see what was happening in most of the designs in this release.  Overall I have to say I’m not as excited as I was by most of the earlier fall releases from BMV, but there are at least a few patterns here that I’m considering adding to the stash.

V1423 – Belville Sassoon.  I’m actually really liking this dress.

The overlapping layers of fabric are actually really interesting.
V1424 – Rebecca Taylor.  Have to say I love the cut-outs over the shoulders.
Between the Burda Easy design and what we are seeing here I’m thinking it is
going to be the next big trend in patterns.  Have to say I think I’m ok with that.
It is difficult to see the seaming details in the photo, but I really like how it creates the shape of the skirt.
V1426 – Badgley Mischka.  So pretty!  Love the contrast on the ruffle.
I’m thinking of so many potentially awesome color combos right now.
V1427 – Donna Karen.  I wasn’t too impressed by the super shiny dress in the photo…
…but I’m LOVING the line drawing.
Totally thinking about making this one in a different fabric.
V9046 – Claire Schaeffer.  I’m a bit torn on this design.  One one hand, I like
 the overall shape, and the way the darts are used to create it.  On the other hand,
something about it just feels a bit off to me.  I don’t know.  This is one I want to see
on the blogosphere before I make a decision I think.
So many seams!
V1420 – Anne Klein.  The details at the neck are quite interesting.
This would be a great dress for someone who has a more formal work environment.
V1421 – DKNY.  I wasn’t overly excited by the photo of this dress,
but there are way more details to be seen in the line drawing.
So many interesting color blocking options!  I actually quite like this dress.
V1425 – Pamella Rolland.  I think the fabrics used are quite striking…
But the design itself is sort of basic.
Actually reminds me of a certain current frankenpattern project I’m working on…
V1428 – Tom and Linda Platt.  Another design that features some fantastic fabrics.
But, again, a fairly simple dress design.
V1422 – Tracey Reese.  Fun fabric, basic design seems to be a theme
among the designer patterns this time around.
V9050 – Vogue Easy options.  I really don’t need another sheath dress pattern,
but I love all the options that come with this design!
V9051 – Vintage Vogue.  I love this dress!  Actually, I think I’d use this pattern to make
a coat though.  Maybe with fewer buttons down the front?  
How gorgeous is this collar?
V9052 – Vintage Vogue.  The pattern page informs us that the original pattern is circa 1949.
Loving the elegant simplicity of this dress.
And look at all the lovely seaming on the jackets!
V9053 – I know this is a rather basic dress design, but I’m oddly fond of it.
V1429 – Today’s Fit by Sandra Betzina.  I actually rather like the use of color blocking
around the neck on this design.  Not sure if I like this as a dress, but I definitely like the top.
V1430 – Today’s Fit.  I believe this is what Vogue calls “art teacher chic?”
So not my style, but I can think a few awesome bloggers who could rock this.
V9070 – Marcy Tilton.  Interesting take on a dressier parka.
They had a few interesting photos of the collar doing some cool things.
When I first saw this I thought “rumpled mess,” but it is actually growing on me quite a bit.
V9060 – Marcy Tilton.  Interesting shape to the skirt, not something one would typically see.
This is another pattern that I expect will pop up on some other blogs sooner or later.
V9066 – Custom Fit Wardrobe pattern.  Nothing here that I don’t like,
but also nothing that is screaming “buy me.”
V9068 – Very Easy Vogue.  This jacket has some interesting seam lines,
but not enough unique details for me to feel like I need to add it to the stash.
V9069 – I was sort of meh on this Very Easy Vogue coat, but…
… The hood actually looks super cool.
Not sure if the rest of it is too bathrobe or not.
V9071 – This basic coat is just a bit too plain for my taste.
The sleeve cuff is sort of interesting though.
V9047 – Very Easy Vogue.  This basic sheath dress is another one that could
be good for a more formal work situation.
V9049 – Sort of meh on this plaid jumper.
The lapel detail keeps it from being overly basic I think.
V9064 – So many things I could say about the giant dot.  Like, reverse black-widow spider.
I think if only the top portion were color blocked I could get behind it.  As is… not so much.
V9061 – Nothing particularly new about the skirt,
but it is a nice shape, and the color-blocked hem is sort of fun.
V9055 – There seem to be a lot over oversized sweater/blouses in this release
(see below).  This is probably the best of the bunch – a nice balance between relaxed and fitted.
It would also be great to wear with some leggings when being lazy at home during the winter.
V9048 – Ok, so this is basically a sack dress BUT props to Vogue for the color
choices on the artwork.  It actually has won me over, and I’ve never been a fan os sack dresses.

And now for all the high-low/peplum/color-blocked oversized tunic top patterns a girl could ever need:

V9054.  The color blocking is sort of interesting here.
V9067 – Five Easy Pieces (a mix of tunics and pants).  Not really liking the patterns
(too much volume for me), but I am liking the way Vogue styled these looks.
V9057 – Marcy Tilton.  Assorted oversized tunics.
V9058 – Actually all the seaming is sort of cool on this tunic.
V9059 – So puffy!
V9056.  Not loving the proportions on this peplum.
V9073 – Vest and ties for men’s formal wear.
I’m actually super excited about this pattern.  So great for gift sewing!
V9074.  I think these actually look like rather functional bags.
Except, then it sort of looked like faces staring at me (especially the red one).
And now that I’ve seen the faces, I can’t un-see the faces.
I don’t know if I could live with a bag that stares at me.

And there it is!  I’m rather liking a few of the designer patterns (1421, 1423, 1424, 1426, and 1427), as well as the Vintage Vogue patterns (of course, the fact that I’m obsessively watching Manhattan and loving all the 1940s styles probably is influencing that more than a little bit).  I’m not as keen on the regular Vogue patterns in this release as I have been with other releases this year, but the 9050 Easy Options might join the collection despite my already overwhelming stash of color-block-able sheath dress patterns.  So, what do you all think?  Too many basic designer dresses and oversized blouses?  Or enough hidden gems in the line drawings that you want to give some of these patterns a go?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Newsflash: New Vogue Patterns!

  1. Someone on PR said “mean robot face” about the square bag and now I can't unsee it either! hahaha!

    I love the Tilton jacket, like a few of the other separates pieces but won't be buying much from this release.

    Something DOES feel 'off' about the Claire Schaeffer dress and the Anne Klein dress looks very “I'm a high-powered attorney” esque. ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. The tracy reese dress is basic but cute. The V in the back is a bit different from most other basic dress patterns I've come across (though not earth shattering).

    I actually quite like the plaid jumper – sans pockets and straighten out the hem, and don't use that plaid… or possibly any plaid, and maybe narrow the lapels, and I think it could work. ๐Ÿ˜€

    Idealism never goes out of fashion


  3. There are some nice things here. I saw the bag face too – its the red one that makes it obvious! I do like the Belville Sassoon dress (i couldn't wear it, but it's cool). I agree about the coat – great hood but rather too much like a robe for me. I love your pattern posts, they must take ages to do. – thanks!


  4. The Betzina blouse (1429) has me going back for more looks. But the neckline would drive me batty. I think the face bags would be awesome in bright colours, especially if the mouth was changed into a smile. The perfect bag for kindy kids ; )


  5. Liking the cut outs and love the Donna Karan one shoulder dress. There are some nice basics and I like the 9050 – you could add a zipper down the front seam for a fun twist. Also, I think the bags look more modern/RTW and less crafty than the usual, which is good IMHO.


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