If One Can’t Sew…

If a sewing-obsessed person can’t sew up the patterns they are dreaming of, they apparently buy fabric to make up for it.  A lot of fabric.  A lot a lot of fabric.  Too much fabric.  So, um, yeah, I bought a lot of fabric from Fabric Mart…  But to be fair, they were having a crazy sale with designer fabric starting at $1.99 per yard!  And silks at $5.99!  Fabrics I had resisted for at least a month at full price, but I couldn’t seem to resist the bargains…  Of course, in most cases you get what you pay for, and a lot of the $1.99 fabric isn’t quite what I was expecting.  But I suppose that is just as well, I now have a lot of fabric for toiles and pjs.

Fabric Mart, Part I:

Stretch velvet – navy fuzz over a burgundy background 
Marc Jacobs silk/wool plaid (only $2.99/yard!), blue/white cotton knit print,
pale blue sandwash silk (heavenly soft!), and navy poly/rayon/lycra for pants.
I picked up a lot of this poly pebble crepe since it was cheap,
but the nasty texture has relegated this to the muslin box.
Free mystery bundle – pink cotton knit, black lining fabric, and blue woven

Oh, and then I went to Joann’s for some patterns and I found some fabric as well (and, at 60% off I couldn’t pass it up):

New Vogue patterns and my lovely rayon print!

And then I found some fabric on fabric.com for my latest Burda obsession:

Left: dark linen, middle: light blue linen, right: cotton twill print.
I am going to use the dark blue for pants, and the other fabrics for my Burda jacket.

And then, of course, silly Fabric Mart had to offer even MORE great bargain fabrics, so, Fabric Mart Part II:

My $1.99 fabrics – amazingly soft white poly gaberdine (I should have bought more!),
teal ITY-ish knit, and ombre blue Marc Jacobs cotton.
My splurges – 100% silk!  The two prints were clearance for $6 and $7 per yard, and the navy in the back was $10/yard.  I have been looking for navy silk charmeuse for less than $20/yard for a while now – this stuff is just perfect for the project I have in mind.

And, of course, I am still working on skating costumes, so I won’t be sewing any of this anytime soon.  Sigh.  I am looking forward to July.

6 thoughts on “If One Can’t Sew…

  1. The red peacock feathers fabric is fabulous! I've noticed that, like me, you buy a lot of turquoise/teal (or maybe I just notice them more in your fabric photos). The last couple of times I've gone fabric shopping Mr RTS has just looked at me over his glasses and said “Really, you need more turquoise?”


  2. Yeah, teal is my favorite color. I also like blue, purple, and black. Also a lot of red. I am not such a huge fan of yellow or pink, and with green it depends a lot on the shade.


  3. Yup, I too am in love with that peacock poly. Stunning print! And next time I get around to placing a Vogue pattern order – that Clare Shaeffer one will absolutely be a part of the package. Nothing better than a fabric haul imo 🙂


  4. Thank goodness my Joann has only the worst of the worst fabric or I'd be tempted to look for that peacock print. Love the haul–I'm having to live vicariously on fabric shopping right now.


  5. I bought that same burgundy/navy stretch velvet when they had a 50% off sale a month or so ago, but I can't decide if I like it. How are you feeling about it? (I make skating dresses, too, but I do my skating on ice.)


  6. I have decided that I actually rather like it. Of course, compared to the ugly grey fabric our club costumes are going to be made from, everything looks pretty. I think I am going to end up using this navy/burgundy stuff for practice costumes though. Although I do think it would look really awesome for test/competition with Fuchsia AB rhinestones, or maybe some Garnet AB stones? It isn't my most favorite skating fabric ever, but if I see good stretch velvet at $2.99/yard it is hard to pass up!


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