New Burda France Website!

The old French Burda website is soon to be no more, and they have moved to a new web address:

I can’t say I am a fan of the new website – it looks like they have very limited previews (only a few pictures and the table of contents).  I am hoping that this isn’t an indication of what is to come with the looming change to the Russian website.  Should be interesting to see how the schism of the websites shakes out.

It seems the German website and Portugese website have similar set-ups, whereas the Italian website looks to be left in the old style.  The new French website will be about as useless as the English one in terms of seeing what is up with the magazine, and I fear for what might happen to my beloved Russian Burda come June 1.  At least we should still be able to access the archive websites here, here, and here.

What do you think of all these changes?  Anyone else annoyed that the awesome burdafashion websites are fading away in favor of newer, less user-friendly ones?  Anyone know of any other Burda websites?  With all the coming changes I want to have as many sources  for my Burda addiction as possible.  What about archive sites for other sewing magazines like Patrones or Knipmode?

7 thoughts on “New Burda France Website!

  1. Whoops, I accidentally zappedmy comment which was along the lines of the English site not being easy to navigate. Your blog is my source of Burda preview info – thank you.


  2. I don't get it — it's almost as if Burda doesn't want to sell it's magazines. Also, I saw your post on Easy Burda Fashion. This magazine is not in English anymore, is it? Doesn't Burda want to make more sales? It can't be that expensive to translate it.


  3. I don't think Easy Fashion is in English anymore, but I am not positive. I know my sister just got me a copy in Sweden (like, yesterday), so when I get it I will let you all know what language it is in.

    And, yeah, I think the most maddening thing for me is – why doesn't Burda use their websites to sell magazines and envelope patterns? I don't get it. I don't really like download patterns (waaaaay more expensive than an envelope or magazine pattern because printer ink is so expensive, not to mention the paper and time to piece the thing together), and I don't understand why they don't push their printed products more on the English site like they do on the German and Portugese websites.


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