Fantasy Figure Skating 2011-2012

I know – lots of skating posts, not lots of sewing posts, but skating stuff is busy right now.  Anyway, for those of you who enjoy watching ice figure skating, USFSA is once again starting their Fantasy Figure Skating Challenge.  I really enjoyed playing last year, although I started a bit late in the season and was drastically behind in points by the end.  Also, having ALL of my dance teams pull out of Cup O’Russia (I know, I know, Rostelecom Cup or whatever it is now) with injuries didn’t help either.  But this year I am starting off right at the beginning – Skate America starts this weekend and my choices have been picked!  Last year I got sort of obsessed with my fantasy choices – I was living and dying with the outcomes of the Grand Prix Series.  The next six weeks might see a lot of skating recaps and costume analysis.

If you want to play along go sign up – it is free and fun!  You can opt out of random USFSA emails – I only ever get confirmations of my Fantasy Picks and no annoying emails in the off season.  What with all the new dance and pairs teams this should be quite the season.  Can’t wait!

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