Merry Christmas! (And Sewing Loot Photos)

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday!  Taking a small break between immediate family and extended family gatherings to post a bit of the exciting sewing loot I got this year. Fabric!  Back – striped corduroy; Front – ribbed knits My sister got some too – Left to right: Brown corduroy for pants, green sequins, … More Merry Christmas! (And Sewing Loot Photos)

Hip Hip, Chin Chin

We finally got to see Virtue & Moir’s free dance!  As you may recall, they only got about 30 seconds in at Four Continents. But, they came back to worlds with new costumes and made it through.  Tessa looked like she was actually in better shape at Four Continents, but I do think the extra … More Hip Hip, Chin Chin

A Conundrum

As I am sure the world is aware, the Royal Wedding kicks off within the next few hours.  However, the broadcast will be overlapping with the live streaming from Worlds.  Indeed, as fate would have it, it appears the moment everyone has been waiting for (the moment of the reveal of Kate’s gown) should occur … More A Conundrum