R.I.P. CS6000i

You guys. Seriously, you guys. WHY?!?!?!?! My beloved and trusty Brother CS6000i has bit the dust.  My first sewing machine has seen me through learning to sew, making countless skating costumes, trousers, tops, and several heavy-duty coats.  I have had it for over four years and (ab)used it quite a bit in that time.  For … More R.I.P. CS6000i

Totally Stoned

This past week has been crazy!  Presentation at school/work/real life thing that I do (I don’t know how to describe grad school… it is not a job but it isn’t really school… oh well, whatever) occupied a lot of time.  And then preparing for upcoming skating competitions (we are heading into the major part of … More Totally Stoned

Perfect Timing

Sometimes you are just having one of those weeks… where you start out feeling like you are going to conquer the world, but halfway through you feel like whimpering and hiding in a corner…  And then you get a lovely card via Royal Air Mail that completely explains everything…

Obsessive Sewing

Have you ever had a project where you decided you were going to finish it tonight, no matter what?  Well, I just had one of those projects.  I have three more items I am wanting to sew before the sibling heads overseas.  However, I know that the black coat is going to take quite a bit … More Obsessive Sewing