Newsflash – New McCall’s Patterns

McCall’s has just introduced its new patterns for winter.  Check them out here.

Other than the Holiday Party looks, this doesn’t feel much like a winter collection to me.  Where are all the coats?  Where are all the pants?  This collection seem very focused on party dresses, sleepwear, children, and crafts.  They seem to have zeroed in on the ruffle front blouse trend and applied it to everything…

M6467 – Ruffly shirt
M6469 – More blousey ruffly shirts
M6470 – Blousey shirts without ruffles
M6471 – They even added ruffles to skirts!

They have lots of new party dresses:

M6460 – simple lines, good for sequined fabrics.
M6462 – This feels very summery to me.
M6463 – Interesting dress with pockets.
M6466 – Youthful party frocks.

They have some other (unexciting) dress patterns and tops and lots of uninspiring sleepwear.  While I do like the black dress on the last pattern (M6466) I think I could probably use one of my Burda patterns and just create the top without help from a pattern.  I don’t really have much interest in the other styles, and I think I could probably create them using some of my existing patterns.  The other dress patterns have interesting lines, but I don’t know that I necessarily think they would look good on me.

I am debating on the skirt pattern – I think it could be cute, and possibly something my sister would wear.  I might get it at a pattern sale.  I am also leaning towards getting the M6469 and M6470 patterns, despite my better judgement.  I usually don’t look good in blousey tops, but I do like their style.  I could always use them for my sister though…  She looks great in that style.

Of course, if I don’t go for any of the actual clothing patterns, I could opt for some of the crafts…

M6477 – Technology pouches.  Look to be sized for iPod, iPads, and Kindles.
M6481 – Angry Bird plush patterns?

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