Ice Worlds – Starting in Russia

As many of you may or may not know, the ISU (ice) World Figure Skating Championships were to be held in Japan at the end of March.  Sadly, due to devastation from the massive earthquake, tsunami, and radiation problems, Japan could not host the championships this year.  The ISU danced around the issue for a bit too long, but eventually decided to hold the championships in Russia starting April 25.  After a long post-Olympic season with new program requirements (the short dance), many injuries, and a few beautiful come-backs (here’s lookin’ at you Czisny) this year’s world championships should be very exciting to watch.  It should be interesting to see who has benefited from the extra training time, and who is running on empty after a long season.

In the ladies should be fun to see Yu-Na Kim’s new programs, as she hasn’t skated all season.  Should also be interesting to see if the extra training time has helped Mao with her jumps and new technique.  I expect Miki will skate like Miki, and we can all only hope the the “new Czisny” shows up at worlds.

For the men – that should be a good event, as the men’s field seems to be much deeper than the ladies in recent years.  Any of the skaters from Japan could take it, but I am unsure how the events in Japan may have affected their training or their mental states.  I will go on record saying I am rooting for Daisuke Takahashi, but somehow after this season of crazy PCS that Patrick Chan is probably going to take it…

Pairs… it will either be the Germans or the Chinese.  I think it depends on how the extra month has affected the teams.  Third place will probably go to the Russians.

Ice dance – now here will be a fun event.  Obviously, like last year, it is going to be a battle between Virtue/Moir and Davis/White for the top two spots.  Third will be between the French team, the Russian team, and the other Canadian teams.  Probably will go to the French, but the extra time and the change of location may have given the Russians a boost.  Also, looking forward to seeing the Shibutanis (henceforth the Shiblings) because they are so clean and lovely to watch.  Somehow the event that used to be to worst for any North American team (we were lucky to crack a top 10 spot, placing would have been unthinkable) has somehow become the event of North American dominance.  It is bizarre and perhaps a sign of the apocalypse.  Ah, well.  As long as I get to see Virtue/Moir’s entire free dance at worlds I don’t really care.

In any case, here is a schedule.

Also, free live Russian video stream.  Sweet.  Starting time is, on average around 5am for east coast/2am for west coast.  Looks like Friday is going to be a very early morning to watch the ladies and the short dance.

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