Hip Hip, Chin Chin

We finally got to see Virtue & Moir’s free dance!  As you may recall, they only got about 30 seconds in at Four Continents.

But, they came back to worlds with new costumes and made it through.  Tessa looked like she was actually in better shape at Four Continents, but I do think the extra month of training did probably work in their favor.  Sadly, it lost steam a little way through but I think if they had had the training time without the injuries it could have been great.

Also, they used the same music that the 2010 world roller skating dance champions used in their OD.

So, who danced it better?  Thoughts on costumes?  The hair?  The makeup?  The music?  Discuss!

One thought on “Hip Hip, Chin Chin

  1. Ice: I like the design and style of her 2nd costume better, but, while the gold and black is classic, the gold fades into her skin too much for me. I love their choreography, but I wish they were a little more stable/strong, rather than almost flopping around. Also in their 2nd routine, her last flip over the guy barely made it!

    Roller: I like her dress better, it pops on her body & the floor, and it is more fun and flirtatious. For choreography, I liked that of the ice team's better, but I think that this couple had more control on the floor and with the sharp, high-paced movements of Latin dancing. I kind of wish this couple could have had the others' choreography, to see what they could do with it.


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