Better Late than Never

September came and went with grand plans of entering the Pattern Review Mini Wardrobe contest fizzling out after many hours of pattern fitting muslins and resulting in only one knit shirt. October started with slightly less grandiose plans of completing just one pair of trousers in time for the Pattern Review Skills contest. I thought … More Better Late than Never

Pattern Review: BWOF-09-2006-103 (The Forever UFO)

IT. IS. DONE. Finally. For reals this time. It almost feels unreal to be saying it, and I still don’t think the the fact that this project has reached completion has totally registered. But my RTW Knockoff, #SewTheLook trench coat, lovingly dubbed The Forever UFO, is FINISHED. Looking back at my records, this coat has … More Pattern Review: BWOF-09-2006-103 (The Forever UFO)

Pattern Review: BWOF-03-2007-126 (Spring Sew Geeky)

I hadn’t originally included this dress as part of my spring Sew Geeky plans, but, then again, I hadn’t originally planned on attending a wedding during this time frame either.  This was sort of a last minute look, but I thought I might as well incorporate it into my Spring Sew Geeky capsule, even though, … More Pattern Review: BWOF-03-2007-126 (Spring Sew Geeky)

Pattern Review: BWOF-03-2003-109A (Sew Geeky Spring/Wardrobe Contest Item #1)

When I came up with my original Sew Geeky plans, this jacket wasn’t on it at all, but I added it to meet the criteria of the Pattern Review Wardrobe Contest, and I’m so happy I did!  I love this jacket!  Simple, casual, warm, easy, and colorful.  Definitely fits with what I’m wanting to wear … More Pattern Review: BWOF-03-2003-109A (Sew Geeky Spring/Wardrobe Contest Item #1)