Burda News: A Return to Reader Designs?

As many of you long-time Burda subscribers (or crazy obsessed fans who spend too much time and money on Ebay) know, back in the day (like 2007 and earlier) Burda World of Fashion (now Burda Style) used to feature reader-submitted designs.  I am not entirely certain when this stopped, but this article on the German Burda website seems to indicate that they might be brining this feature back!  I am not entirely sure how long it takes Burda to create a design, draft it, sew it, photo it, and print it, but it seems like they are asking for amazing evening gowns, which are usually featured in November or December.  The deadline for the contest is September 12, 2012, which *seems* like they should have enough time to include this design in either November or December issue of this year.  If so, I am excited!  Some of the most interesting designs were based on reader submissions.  (“Interesting” in this case indicates designs that range from classy and stunningly detailed to all out crazy weird – either way, we won’t be bored.)  Will we really be getting Designer, Reader, and Vintage models all in one issue?  I don’t know if I can survive the anticipation!

I can’t really tell if there are any restrictions on submissions, other than members of the Burda company cannot submit designs.  Oh, and if you win, aside from becoming a real fashion designer, gaining gloating privileges, having a chance to make a dress of your dreams without needing to bother drafting it, and all the other fabulousness that would be associated with winning, you also win an Elna sewing machine!  How cool is that?

One thought on “Burda News: A Return to Reader Designs?

  1. Ooh! Definitely they haven't done reader patterns since I started subscribing in July 2009. I didn't realize that they ever did! How exciting!


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