Simplicity Patterns Fall 2019

It feels like it’s been non-stop pattern releases the past few weeks, and Simplicity has just added their Fall collection to the sewing pattern lineup! There’s actually a lot of good looking patterns in this release, so let’s jump in!

S8980 – 1950s Vintage reprint. I’m trying really hard to convince myself I don’t need this pattern, but the more I look at it, the most I’m excited about this pattern. The dress has love some lovely seaming details, and the coat has a very distinctly vintage look.

S8981 – This dress doesn’t have a particularly unique look, but I do think it looks great on the model. This is one of those styles that looks like it could be really versatile; it looks super polished with heels, but it would probably also look great in a shorter style paired with sneakers for a more sporty casual look.

S8982 – Another pattern that has some really simple lines, but looks great. On the model. This is an easy-to-sew pattern, so it should be pretty quick to whip this together. Aside from the one gathered sleeve variant, everything is pretty basic, but that could be good for developing a TNT pattern that would be easily adjustable later.

S8983 – I’m not too excited by this sort of oversized silhouette, but I do think the pleat into the back yoke is an interesting detail. Otherwise it’s a pretty standard tunic dress.

S8984 – This is a relaxed style, but with a bit more shaping. I like the raglan sleeves, and the front yoke detail does provide a nice place for trim or embroidery embellishments.

S8985 – Mimi G. Style. I’m a sucker for wide-legged trousers, and I really like the shape of these. The extra-long coat/top/duster/thing has some cute details; I especially like the pre-scrunched sleeves. It’s obviously a lot of look, but I think it’s very stylish.

S8986 – I normally really like this sort of draped top, but here the shape is really boxy. I think the proportions don’t look that great; the lack of fitting really makes it seem almost ill-fitting rather than intentionally relaxed.

S8987 – Top/sweater with sleeve options. Not sure how I feel about the button closure on the back of the neck? I’m not sure if it is there as a fun detail or if it would be necessary to deal with to actually put on the garment. This pattern isn’t exceptionally exciting, but it isn’t terrible either. It’s just sort of ok.

S8988 – The Cozy Sweater. I don’t know why I like this pattern as much as I do, and I’m honestly more interested in the line drawings than I am with the way it looks on the model. I do like the proportion of the cropped sweater with the dropped shoulders and the contrasting fabric – it has a very cool, relaxed feel.

S8989 – Love this! I know there are already so many pattern that have this sort of collar treatment, but I really love the way it looks here. The cropped sleeves with the rolled cuffs are also a great detail. It’s not often I like every view in a pattern, but here I actually could imagine styling every option from this pattern in a really obtainable sort of way.

S8990 – Love this coat pattern too! The cape-ish shoulder detail is really fun, and it looks like it would add an extra layer of warmth as well. Super cute for the fall transition.

S8991 – Pattern Hacking. It’s honestly a pretty basic top with some seaming. I can’t see that the variations add much of a “pattern hack” any more than the way the other patterns have different views; here especially the changes seem really minimal.

S8992 – Pattern Hacking. I’m not really that impressed with the dress on the model, but I do think the shorter cardigan length versions of this pattern would be really cute! Definitely something worth considering as we move to colder months.

S8993 – I feel like this easy to sew pattern is just a bit too relaxed? I’m definitely getting a PJ vibe here.

S8994 – Mimi G. Style. I really like the line drawings, but as shown the garments look a bit bulky? Maybe it is the fabric choice, but I feel like jacket and skirt just look visually heavy and I’m not sure I’m too excited by that. I do love the back seam on the shirt because all of my best fitting shirts seem to have center back seams, but I don’t think this pattern would be worth getting for just a basic top.

S8995 – Madalynne Intimates. I’m not all about the ruffles on the sleepwear, but I think if you like these more cutesy sorts of things I could see how this pattern might be really appealing. I could also see this being made in different fabrics and being a really statement sort of culottes or a fun sweater to pair with jeans.

S8996 – Kids clothes. That hoodie is pretty cute though!

S8997 – More kids clothes. The pants have some interesting pocket details, and the sweater has some nice fabric mixing options.

S8998 – Easy to sew kid’s dress. Cute, but nothing too special here.

S8999 – Love these puffer jackets! The hood and pocket details are nice.

S9000 – Mary Poppins doll pattern. I sort of love the little carpet bag.

S9001 – More doll clothes; those jeans are cool!

S9002 – These doll clothes are somewhat generic.

S9003 – Is that a blue platypus? Also the little owl is adorable! I might need this.

S9005 – Kids costumes that have been cleverly devised to disguise the fact that you are really bundling them up so they don’t get sick while trick or treating.

S9006 – Generic fantasy costume. But that dress is actually pretty cute! Without the accessories it could be a nice basic dress pattern.

S9007 – Steampunkish costume pattern. I feel like the corset is such a major part of this design, but it isn’t included in the pattern? I’m not as excited by this as I have been by similar patterns in the past.

S9008 – Capes! I actually really love how many different cape styles we get here.

And that’s it! Overall I feel like many of the designs are pretty basic, but that Simplicity has done a great job of styling them to be appealing options for fall. I really love the two coat patterns; they have some nice details. What do you all think? See anything here that makes it to your pattern wishlist? Or is it all just a bunch of basics that have been re-hashed for this season? Feel free to discuss in the comments!

18 thoughts on “Simplicity Patterns Fall 2019

  1. I think 8989 is my favorite, as I love a good jacket and that one does seem very accessible for my generally casual lifestyle. I’m also feeling oddly tempted to get the Mary Poppins doll, and happy to see that there’s actually boy clothes in the kid stuff for once.

    I’m a little confused by the corsetless steampunk costume line drawing. Like is that a cropped top that ends around the armpits to just tuck into the corset? Because that is a wardrobe malfunction just waiting to happen.

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  2. I got the 8989 for the modeled grey jacket. LOVE IT. And I got the cardigan. I have a rtw I’ve wanted to copy and this silhouette, finally, is it! Yay!

    I do like the white drop-shoulder top but I think it’s quite similar to a Ottobre I made a couple years ago.

    I was excited about the top with overlay but agree that it looks extremely boxy and kind of sad. The idea is nice though.

    I ignored the reprinted pattern but THAT DRESS!!!! Those lines are amazing.

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  3. I miss Andrea Schewe designing costumes for Simplicity. Apparently Simplicity restructured and let go of their freelance pattern makers. Their latest costume designs offerings are really lacking.

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  4. I need S9003. I’ve wanted a Niffler of my own for awhile but the crochet and knit patterns I’ve seen haven’t been up to snuff.

    I too miss their other costume designers :(. Also saddened by the appalling lack of plus size patterns.

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    1. I think some of these come in plus sizes, or, at least one of the Mimi G patterns does. I should be better about noting that in my reviews in the future. Also, yes! Totally a Niffler! I see it now!


  5. I like a few, but nothing that has me gassing up the SmartCar for a quick shopping trip across the border. But, I think I love 8991, there is something about the neckline and princess seams that get me.

    There are some lovelies that don’t work with my life though, for example the Vintage 8980, it is gorgeous, and 8989 is wonderful too.

    The pattern that I really don’t like is Mimi G’s 8994. Mimi’s style is not mine, but she usually has such a great eye, but one is a lemon,IMO.Like you said too bulky.

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  6. Well, at the risk of being laughed at, I love the Mimi G skirt jacket thing…! It looks like the jacket is done in a furry thing, which… no thanks. In my stash is a dark brown fluid wool fabric I got in a great sale, and I’d try that for the jacket. Love the skirt – definitely something I’d wear! Doubtful I’d do the top, Burda has me covered on that.

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    1. I don’t think anyone will laugh at you! I think the line drawings look good for that pattern – and I think the jacket could look super cool in a lightweight brown wool! I think that’s what makes sewing and fashion so interesting; we all have unique tastes and it’s a fun way to express individuality.

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  7. Sadly, I don’t like any of the women’s patterns. To me, most are either too boxy and shapeless looking or just too plain and boring.

    However, I do appreciate your review and comments about the patterns.

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  8. PLATYPUS!!!!

    I got very excited and showed my 18 year old son. He asked why it had opposable thumbs? Sigh.

    I will buy this pattern eventually. And said son will get one as a gift and he will be forced to treasure it forever (evil cackling).

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  9. I might pick up 8998 to make knit dresses for my nieces — I’m not good at sewing knits and these would be good practice! Not seeing anything else that’s a must-have though.

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