Fall 2019 Burda Easy Magazine

This year Burda has announced that they will be moving to four issues of Burda Easy per year, and the fall issue is here! Honestly, I had been hoping that splitting the magazine into more issues would result into slightly more seasonal styling, but these styles are all pretty generic and almost summery. As with all Burda Easy Magazines, there are a few base patterns, with three variations each. Let’s take a look:

#1A, B, C: Vest/Jacket

The basic view of the jacket (version B) is pretty cute. The vest seems a bit plain, and the ruffles are a bit much, but the olive jacket has lots of classics details that would be great to learn to sew with Burda Easy’s more in-depth instructions.

#2A, B, C: Blouse/Dress

I feel like there have been a lot of these ruffle tops from Burda in the past few years. Cute, but nothing super special or original here.

#3A, B, C: Top

I really like how Burda has modified this top. The base is the same, but the details make all of these styles seem very different, which really helps make this a much more versatile top pattern. I also really like how this can be elevated with the second style, or be more casual with the A or C versions.

#4A, B, C: Top/Sweater

The hoodie is cute! I’m not as excited by the ruffle details of views A and B, but the layered styling of the top is a cute idea for fall weather.

#5A, B, C: Skirt

Nothing too exciting here; the button front detail has been pretty popular this year. The ruffle detail seems to be Burda’s version modifier of choice in this issue; it doesn’t look as over the top as the jacket, but I wouldn’t wear them together.

#6A, B, C: Leggings

I don’t really want to get into the whole are leggings pants debate, so I’ll just say that these at least look comfortable! I’m even sort of ok with the ruffle detail on the middle style here, and I really like the pockets on the back of the grey version.

And that’s it! I can’t really say there is anything here that is making me overly excited to get this issue of Burda Easy, but I won’t say I wouldn’t make any of these patterns either. It’s an ok issue. What do you all think? See anything here that you wish was part of the regular monthly magazine? Or is this special edition totally skippable for the Burda regulars? Is the loss of GLP and the fact that it is even harder to get ahold of this magazine more of a deterrent now? And are you happy they split the issues into four per year, or does seeing this make you wish we had only two issues with more interesting patterns? Feel free to discuss it all in the comments!

13 thoughts on “Fall 2019 Burda Easy Magazine

  1. I have found the Burda easy too basic of late with usually only one pattern I quite like. I am currently exploring the new(ish) Fibre mood magazine which seems to be a new competitor to Burda easy.

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  2. Definitely a pass for me. Too many ruffles and way too 90s! I do find the trousers/leggings with the vertical ankle
    ruffle interesting; it’s a bit different. I think going to four issues a year is a good thing.

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  3. I like how they incorporated the new Alb-Stoffe Ribbing, which is all the rage in the German speaking sewing world, makes a simple pattern look kind of cool. I somehow also love the idea of the last legging, it actually looks like a very fitted pair of pants and the kind of thing I do wear as pants. I would like to see that fabric up close.
    But yeah, I feel like I am too advanced in my sewing and pattern stashing to be excited about adding ruffles.

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  4. The models look really young and I think these clothes would be really cute for my teenage daughter. But not for me. So yes, maybe I will buy this issue. I usually do not sew clothes for my daughter as she has been growing a lot lately. But these patterns are easy to sew and will not take up too much of my sewing time. Ok the more I think about it, the more I want to buy this magazine.

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  5. The vest / jacket variants are nice, and I’d actually try the pants/leggings pattern. It might give me the courage and experience to try some of the pants patterns in the regular magazine. But I can’t find it anywhere.

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  6. For some reason, I thought they stopped publishing in English? I Feel like these are great for beginners, but have seen more interesting issues overall.

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  7. Maybe it’s just the mood I’m in, but when I saw those ruffles at the ankles of those pants I immediately thought “Aquaman.” LOL

    This issue has a lot of basics and apparently I already own them all.

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