New Look Patterns Fall 2019

The next major fall pattern release is here, and it’s New Look!

New Look is usually one of the brands I’m less excited by, but this release actually has quite a few cute styles for fall. Let’s take a look:

N6631 – Kids dress and cape. The dress is pretty cute and the cape could actually be a really useful pattern for kids costumes too!

N6632 – Easy Knits dress. The dress is pretty basic, but does look like the perfect sort of dress to wear over tights when the weather gets cold.

N6633 – This dress is interesting; I really like the waist tie detail, but I don’t really like the overall silhouette of the dress. Perhaps this could be a frankenpatterned into a slightly more interesting design.

N6635 – I’m pretty sure Tim Gunn would call this mumsy, so I’m going to leave it at that.

N6636 – This coat has some nice details; the slanted pockets are and especially sharp detail, and the shawl collar looks great as well.

N6637 – This shirt should look like so many of the other tunic tops, but it actually has some interesting details, like the center front pleat. The high-low hem option is also nice, as are the different sleeve cuffs. It’s cute and could easily be worn with work trousers or a pair of jeans for some really versatile styling.

N6638 – I know I’ve got several similar patterns like this in the stash, but I still really like it! I think the subtle gathers along the under-bust seam, and the different sleeve length options. I also think this could look great in prints or solids.

N6639 – This coat isn’t too unique. The attached scarf collar is a cool feature, but aside from that it’s a pretty basic looking coat. Also, I’m unconvinced by the shape of the bell sleeves here; they aren’t defined enough to be a cool design feature, yet the look so wide that it seems they would be cold? I know we’ve been complaining that we don’t have jackets to accommodate all the fancy big sleeved tops, but I don’t quite think this is it.

N6640 – I like this skirt! The gathering creates a really interesting shape that could be really cute for fall. I also really like the way they’ve styled it on the cover here.

N6642 – Another cute skirt. The waistband treatment is a really interesting shape; this is definitely a case where you’d want to tuck your top in!

N6643 – These trousers aren’t too exciting, but I do like the overall silhouette. And the pocket placement should prevent them from bagging out of shape as well.

N6644 – Cute! I really like the waistband on the top, and the pocket details on the trousers. It creates a nice, relaxed style.

N6645 – I’m less excited by this pattern; the trouser hem looks a bit crazy, the top is pretty boring and basic, and even the jacket is sort of boxy and uninteresting.

N6646 – I like this pattern for knits much better; the overlapping shapes on the t-shirt are a very interesting detail, and it works nicely on the skirt as well! It’s also nice that a basic t-shirt pattern is included as well.

N6647 – The kids dress is ok. I think the idea of a jellyfish poodle-skirt inspired dress is pretty hilarious though!

N6649 – Interesting to see a pattern marketed directly to tweens! I can’t say it is super exciting, but it’s nice to see a kids pattern for the slightly older crowd.

And that’s it! Overall I think this is actually a pretty good release for New Look – there are lots of options with interesting details, but nothing too over the top or crazy. Most of these styles have a casual, relaxed vibe that would be great for a less formal fall wardrobe. What do you all think – is this release full of surprising additions to your upcoming sewing plans? Or is it something you won’t have any problem passing by? Feel free to discuss in the comments!

16 thoughts on “New Look Patterns Fall 2019

  1. I have a lot of New Look patterns and find they often turn out to be TNTs once I’ve fiddled the fit slightly. Perhaps a lot of their patterns are good for Natural/Flamboyant Natural. The simple lines appeal to me and mean they can be made in different fabrics without it being obvious its the same pattern. I like 7 of the patterns above, though whether I’d buy or make them all is an interesting question!

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  2. I really like the pants in NL6644, they would make perfect scrub pants, which I wear Every.Single.Day., but without being too baggy. NL6646 is likely to be a must buy when I finally cross the border to do some pattern shopping.

    I so hope that eventually Simplicity and New Look will be available in Canada again, now that there is only NewSimpleMcButtVogue.

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    1. Hi Elle C–I assume you’re stuck with Fabricland’s monopoly on patterns, like I am. I’ve complained to them numerous times, and was told: “We discontinued Simplicity patterns years ago when their headquarters moved to the US. The Company wasn’t willing to shoulder the shipping and any additional cost which Fabricland didn’t agree to.” It is puzzling because they do carry Burda which is sold on the Simplicity website, but I guess Burda has a Canadian distributor. I’m not sure why Fabricland doesn’t just pass on the extra cost for the Simplicity patterns, because their other patterns are so expensive anyway.

      Anyway, thanks for making time for all the pattern reviews amidst your busy summer, Dr. T!

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  3. I was in JA last night and was hoping that I’d get lucky and find these. No luck!

    6644 is awesome! I love the top and the pants!! I really like the silhouette of the pants and skirt in 6643 and will be buying that one too!

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  4. I like the pants in 6643. They are similar to most of the pant patterns I have, but what the heck, I’ll probably buy it. I am definitely getting 6644. That has me written all over it. And I will probably get 6646 because it’s a knit top and I apparently must have all the knit top patterns. I saw somewhere that they called 6639 a cape? Doesn’t look like a cape to me.

    My local Joann’s did not have these yesterday. They did not have the Fall Simplicity patterns either. Those Simplicity patterns have been in Hobby Lobby for about a month. I’m not sure I understand how this is working. Is it a marketing decision on Simplicity Group’s (McCall’s) part, or is Hobby Lobby lobbying (see what I did there?) for advance delivery for sales purposes?

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  5. The other day I went to one of the nicer malls in Bkk, and I had not realized the depth of my hatred for leggings. (basically, the top worn with it ought to cover the butt) Young ladies who could afford to keep up with fashion were almost all wearing dresses, a few still had jumpsuits and rompers, there were still quite a few variations on the cold shoulder trend, and some are starting to wear wide, fluid trousers… usually patterned, some with a single stripe. BUT oh, the dresses were a treat for the eyes! They wore things like b6320, 6678, 6586,6450, and m7998 short sleeved versions, m7894, and v9328. The pop-up shops were everywhere, and they had many dresses, mostly floral, a lot of them were really nice.
    Agree about those New Look cargoes, and I think I’ll dig out an old Burda mag, or simplicity from stash to copy them. The dresses will happen too.
    Tim Gunn fails to note that almost any style, seen on someone with an enviable figure, will create a trend. It isn’t Momsy, when it is on some slender young thing. It may not suit everyone, but this does happen. Also, it is no coincidence that styles requiring a more extravagant amount of fabric follow trends that require less fabric. We can’t easily refashion things to make them trendy again, and it is the shops who benefit.

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  6. There are four possible purchases for me in there: 6632 for a comfy winter dress, 6638 even though I have sworn off dolman sleeves, and the pants 6642 and 6644. Still working on fitting pants in general but I like the looks of both of these. I have easy access to both Jo’s and HobLob so the sales and inventory will match up eventually. I can wait!

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  7. I have so many patterns I can probably find similar ones in my stash for lots of these. Love both skirts. 6642 was already sold out at my Joanns. Sadly Walmart has stopped carrying New Look. It was always a dollar cheaper. I think I’m going to buy the girl’s cape. It would be perfect for going to church for my granddaughter. The wrap waist dress is interesting. I have to laugh about the mumsy dress. I guess I am mumsy. I rather liked it. It would be great for church. Of course my 24 year old daughter says I’m just a gray- haired grandma now.! And why does Tim Gunn have to put down moms and older women any way? Why mumsy and old lady instead of just saying frumpy? As a 56 year old mom of 7 and gma of 5 I’m only going to get older and grayer if I’m lucky. LOL

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      1. Please don’t think I’m offended. I just think maybe things like outdated, frumpy or boring might be more sutable on Tim’s show since it’s so influential. I joke with my kods about being old lady or a dinosaur all the time, especially whem I jave to have them showe how to do something AGAIN on the computer even though I’ve jad one for 20 years…😉

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