September 2019 BurdaStyle Magazine

The year feels like it is flying by too fast, but the September Burda is already here! Personally, I don’t think I’m quite as excited as I was for August, but, this is a pretty great issue too! It’s an especially good selection of Burda Plus patterns this month, which is really exciting. There’s lots to see, so let’s get started!

We are heading into fall, so that means we should be getting some good jacket patterns this month:

Ok, so I feel like I should find the longer coat a bit bathrobe-ish, but I really like the way Burda styled it! So chic! The shorter version is quite interesting with the different fabrics on the front and back. I’m not sure I’d want to make it with different fabrics in that way, but it does create a very high fashion image.

I don’t think this is my favorite Burda pattern in this old flight jacket vein, but I do think it’s an ok looking jacket. It definitely looks like it could be very warm with the fleece trim!

This casual jacket looks like it could be a good layering piece for the transitional weather in fall. I also really like how it is shown in a very casual style and a more sophisticated look.

It’s hard to see the details of this in the black, but I think this is ok. I think the details get lost a bit, and the overall shape is not anything particularly noteworthy.

This vest isn’t really too different from other vests Burda has shown in the past, but I will say the styling is great! I love the monochromatic look, which just a slight color emphasis on the vest. So stylish!

I think we get a vintage reprint this month – the jacket has such interesting shapes!

It looks like we might also get a designer pattern. I’m excited to see how this looks on the model, but I do like the way this trench looks in the garment photo.

We also have a few new dresses for fall:

I really like this wrap dress. The style is super sleek and I like the options for the sleeves to be rolled or fastened at the cuff. I also really like how the pocket details are smaller and a bit streamlined. I think some people may not like how much the skirt can open up (see the first model image), but overall I think this is a really cute dress.

When I first saw this dress image I wasn’t too excited, but I have to say the line drawing has changed my mind. There is quite a bit of shaping on this dress, and I think this could be a really good option for someone who really likes this 60s-ish mod style of dress but has problems with them fitting poorly.

Even though there isn’t a lot going on with this dress I have to admit the model images have won me over. The belted grey dress especially looks super stylish. I love the way the sleeves look and the extra wide belt is a nice feature.

The tops this month are all feel somewhat basic, but would be good for mixing with assorted bottoms:

The model images are really selling me on this top. The fitted sleeves are an interesting detail, and the sleeve seems are a really interesting shape. I also like the slit at the neckline – it keeps it from being too covered up, but is really a very modest cut out.

I think we’ve been over the ruffled sleeve hems for a while, but these are actually quite subtle. For some reason the proportions of the longer tunic aren’t really doing it for me, but I do like the shorter top quite a bit.

Love this top! My sister has already put in a request too. I think the way the sleeves are pattered is super interesting. Combining that dropped shoulder with the extra long gathered cuff gives it a really cool shape that has an almost fairytale look.

This might be my favorite – it looks super relaxed, comfortable, but it has just enough detail to avoid being completely boring. Fabric choice and styling could make this top super versatile too.

Maybe having another model image to reference would change my opinion, but I’m getting an oddly straight-jacket-like vibe here. Or, at least the back sort of looks like an apron? I’m not really convinced about this design. Maybe my opinion will change when I get the magazine?

The bottoms this month seem to continue a lot of the trends we’ve been seeing this year:

The cropped trouser length continues to be Burda’s favorite. I don’t mind it so much here; these trousers all look super stylish, and I really love the way they’ve paired them with the extra long blazer in the first look. It has a polished but relaxed vibe that I’d really love to emulate in my own wardrobe at the moment.

Now this is a pair of pants I really wish wasn’t cropped. I love the waistline, but I’d want them to be full length. Yes, yes, I know I can (and will) add that myself, but I’m just being greedy and wishing I could see what it looked like on the model first.

Cute! I like the twisty waistband detail on this skirt.

This skirt is a bit less exciting, but it’s always nice to have these sorts of basics in the stash.

The Burda Plus section is actually really great this month!

Love! This is soooo elegant! The collar detail is so pretty, and the darts give such a streamlined fit. Stunning.

Love this too! It’s such a solid coat pattern for the fall and winter. The collar and pocket details are super cute, but the style overall looks quite sleek. Such a good looking pattern!

A nice blouse pattern for the Burda Plus size range. The collar detail is nice, as are the gathered shoulder details.

Love this dress! The diagonal seam sleeve detail is really interesting, and the overall style is very elegant.

Love this top too! It has some nice drape and looks great on the model. It might be a bit low if you like your tops to be super covered, but if you don’t mind a bit of a deeper neckline this top isn’t so bad.

And Burda couldn’t resist the dirndls for the September issue… but they did confine their excitement to the kids section:

I mean, you have to admit, this is pretty adorable.

And, with that we are finally ready to pick the Best of BS for the September issue:

The green Burda Plus blazer! The collar is sooooo pretty! It’s always nice to see these sorts of fun details on the garments in the Burda Plus section; I’m always excited when we have something other than a bunch of overly large tunics.

And, lastly, we are at the BWTF pattern for the month which goes to:

The straight jacket tunic! This top just looks complicated to put on and sort of awkward to wear. Plus, it really does look like some mix of a straight jacket and apron.

And that’s it! I don’t think this month is quite as good as August, but there are still a lot of good things here. I’m really excited about the Burda fall pattern options so far, and I can’t wait for my magazine to arrive. What do you all think? Are you as excited for fall sewing as I am? Or are you unimpressed with the collection of slightly more basic patterns we are getting this month? Is anyone else obsessed with the Burda Plus offerings for September? Feel free to discuss it all in the comments!

20 thoughts on “September 2019 BurdaStyle Magazine

  1. Really loving some of the sleeve treatments in this issue, and would love to try them. The belted V-neck jacket is absolutely on my to-sew list – love that pattern and haven’t seen a similar one. The designer trench coat is gorgeous, but way out of my skill set! But it’ll go on to-sew-eventually list.

    There are sew many patterns (tee hee) in front of me that I don’t mind if this isn’t as exciting an issue. Thanks for this!

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  2. I was looking forward to this! And I agree, there are lots of interesting details in this issue. I especially love the draping gathered sleeves – feels like a fairy tale or a beautiful fantasy series! And I’m glad we see these details in the plus section, too.
    But I’m not sorry I cancelled my subscription. While I love to look at these designs and daydream, the patterns simply wouldn’t fit me very well. I’m just so over the boxy, drop shouldered look that’s tamed only by a belt. On me, this looks simply sloppy (and am I the only one who finds it uncomfortable, as well, when clothes drape everywhere?!). Your posts on Kibbe have helped me realize I’m a classic and need (not must symmetry and less detail, which most bloggers focus on, but also) some structure in my garments. Nothing too stiff, but shoulders that sit on my shoulders, darts to form to bust and waist… I’ve found so many more good patterns in Burdas from around 2011!
    Have you noticed this shift? Or is it just fashion in general? Anyway, these natural lines seem to fit you great! And I’ll just read the magazines in the library and sew from older patterns 😉

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  3. The plus patterns this month are really beautiful, IMO.

    There is a modeled pic of the denim jacket on one of the other sites – can’t remember where I screengrabbed from! 🙂 I LOVE the sweater with the dropped shoulder and gathered sleeves. Reminds me of the Vogue and a Simplicity that were released but the design is a bit tighter IMO. I plan to make it with a matching skirt (NL6530 knit skirt – swoon) in a sweater knit. So excited! LOL!

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  4. Oh I love so many of these!

    That weird tunic screams “maternity” to me. And has me running – screaming – far away. I’m also running away from the kiddy leiderhosen.

    These posts are so much fun.

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  5. I think this is a great issue! The blue mod dress is so appealing to me, even though I look really bad in dresses without waist definition. (It looks more A-line than other styles I’ve seen, which is promising.) The banded collar/slit-neck blouse is super-cute, but my shoulders are way too narrow (like 3.5 inches narrow) for extended-shoulder patterns; I may try to adapt the style to another basic blouse pattern though. The twist-waistband skirt is so cute. The red plus-size coat is fantastic, although I have Burda 6772 which is basically the same pattern in ladies’ sizing.

    I’m more bummed than I should be that I don’t know anyone I could make the little dirndl for. 😦

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  6. I love your posts – and can’t believe what a phenomenal amount of work you put into the Sew Your Kibbe series! The Russian Burda site for some reason gets the previews of issues much earlier, and there’s a model pic for the trench coat on there –

    If you haven’t seen it already, it’s also a really great site for checking out Burda makes, as there are always so many reviews!

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  7. I’m loving the dressing gown coat too. Would I wear it though – I think fabric choice will play a big part in how it looks. It will be months before this issue arrives in New Zealand, so now I’m going peruse previous issues for spring/summer styles. Happy weekending to you.

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  8. Well, I love this issue so much more than any of the last few months. I don’t really have time for sewing, but that first coat is exactly what I was lusting after last autumn when a lady on the bus wore one in camel. It looked like the perfect mixture of blanket and elegance.
    I also love the Burda Plus Blazer, though the coat seems to be an easier make.

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  9. Oh my. That trench coat! I have absolutely no need for a trench coat, but I am obsessed with patterns for them, and this one is a winner. The Burda Plus jacket (again, I have no need) is gorgeous. There are a lot of amazing patterns in this issue, I may have to download a few. The straight jacket top reminds me of a OOP Burda envelope pattern. which had better proportions, thought it was worth mentioning.

    As always, a great review, thank you.

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  10. Lusting the vintage suit. So gorgeous. I like the pink bomber type jacket too. I probably don’t have time but the boys lederhosen would be so cute for Christmas for my little grandsons. I was the dorky mom who made matching family outfits for Christmas 😉

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  11. As always I’ve waited to comment until I have the magazine in my hands. The only immediate must-sew in here for me is the long dressing gown coat because I don’t care for cardigans and have been looking for something like this to use as an alternative coverup for a while. But I think there’s some really interesting stuff that I might come back to later, or just enjoy looking at the pattern pieces and instructions for. The designer trench, the vintage suit, and the white waistcoat are all very cool. The pleated trousers are great too. Very happy with this issue!

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