McCall’s Patterns Summer 2019

Hot on the heels of yesterday’s post about the New Look summer collection, McCall’s has also announced their summer patterns. While I feel like McCall’s has focused on many of the same trends as New Look (twist details, woven tops, and relaxed silhouettes), I’m not sure I find this collection quite as compelling. But there’s still a lot to look at, so let’s get started:

M7942 – Learn to Sew. These are some pretty basic styles, which makes sense for the Learn to Sew line. The lack of shaping makes me skeptical that this style of trouser could work for me, but this could be a good introductory sewing pattern.

M7943 – Learn to Sew. This could be a really quick pattern if you like this very relaxed shape. It’s not something I feel the need to add to my stash, as it is quite basic, but I do think it could be pretty cute belted, and it would definitely be comfortable to wear.

M7944 – Learn to Sew. This looks like one of the more complicated Learn to Sew patterns, as it has a lot of buttons and some interesting seaming at the top. Again, it’s a pretty simple silhouette, and one I’m sure I could replicate with my current stash, but it is nice to see some more complex techniques and closer fitting styles in the Learn to Sew line.

M7945 – This is a dress I would have totally skipped by, except for McCall’s clever use of stripes on the sample version. The silhouette is pretty simple, but there are clearly some fun things that can be done with clever fabric usage.

M7946 – Learn to Sew. It seems like McCall’s has released a lot of Learn to Sew patterns in this collection. I feel like it’s been a bit since these sorts of shirred dress styles have been popular, but maybe this is an indication that they are coming back into fashion.

M7947 – It seems that if New Look chose to run with the fabric tie trend, McCall’s went with button details as their major trend for the release. If you aren’t into this boxy shape of a dress, don’t worry – this detail shows up on a lot of other patterns.

M7948 – This dress has some nice variations with the different sleeve and skirt options. The relaxed fit looks like it would be very comfortable to wear as well.

M7949 – Here McCall’s has combined the button trend with a twist top/cut out style. Again, there is some interest being created with the utilization of striped fabrics, and the many seam lines look like they’d be great for adjusting fit.

M7950 – Another options with the button detail, and a twist top option, but with a different silhouette. I like the fullness of the skirt on the line drawing, but the model garment doesn’t look like it would achieve that level of fullness without some petticoats to help with shaping.

M7951 – This dress has some interesting back options. Definitely not bra-friendly, but it is a cute dress.

M7952 – In case you are already tired of the button front trend McCall’s is utilizing in this release, here’s an option with it in the back! I think the bodice of this dress is super cute (despite also being not very bra-friendly), but I feel like the button detail would be super uncomfortable to sit on. It seems cute, but not practical.

M7953 – I like this faux-wrap jumpsuit/dress pattern. It’s interesting without being too wild, and it looks like it would be pretty comfortable to wear. Plus, it looks like it would work well for prints and solids, which is nice.

M7954 – No buttons, but there is a twist/cutout top on this Create It! pattern. I do think the dress options are cute, but I also feel like I’ve got better styles already in my stash. This is one that could be fun to make for a summer party event though.

M7955 – I like this top pattern. The gathered side and cut-on sleeve add to a casual summery aesthetic that I’m really enjoying. Personally I think the ruffle options take it a bit into the “too much” territory, but I do like the various hem length options.

M7956 – A top with the button theme. I feel like there have been a lot of similar styles released lately, and I’m not as impressed with the way this version looks on the model.

M7957 – I like this twist top, but I’m not really excited by the bare midriff prospects. I think I’ll look in my stash for a similar style with a longer hem length. I do think it could look cute as a layering piece though.

M7958 – This bra-top/crop top feels very much like a callback to styles that were popular in the 90s among the younger set. It’s not a style I’d be excited to wear, but I think this pattern could be really popular with the younger crowd.

M7959 – A long tunic. This looks like it has a really slim fit – possibly not the best tunic option for someone who has wider hips. I do like the gathered yoke detail though. The fit on the model looks a bit awkward – it might be better in a slightly softer or drapier fabric perhaps.

M7960 – Learn to Sew. This rap skirt has some nice options. I don’t think there is a lot here to interest more advanced sewists who already have fairly deep pattern stashes, but it might appeal as a first project to someone new to sewing.

M7961 – Oddly, I find myself drawn to the plain shorts but ruffle hemmed culottes in this pattern. I’m trying to convince myself that I don’t need another shorts/culottes pattern in the stash, but this one is pretty cute. I’m not sure how I feel about the split hem detail on the model version – I think I’d probably enjoy it more if I saw it in motion and not just posed on the model. Aside from the opportunity to print block, the front and back seams would allow for some pretty easy fit adjustments too, which is a nice feature of this pattern.

M7962 – This pattern has some options for a cropped top/culotte/short outfit. I feel like I’m getting some Gidget-level vintage vibes happening here, but I’m not sure I really like this outfit as a whole. Something about the super deep back yoke on the pants/shorts is really bothering my sense of proportion… Maybe in a different fabric I’d have a more positive impression? I’ll just wait for all the cute internet versions to surface before I pass judgement on this one.

M7963 – Laura Ashley. I think this is pretty cute! I like that there are two versions of the top – one that’s a bit more covered, and one that is a bit more open. Personally, my favorite view is the one that’s on the model, but I think it strikes a nice balance between being overly ruffly and too plain. Well, that and I think it would look amazing in sequins for a rather spectacular evening look.

M7964 – Swimsuit pattern! I don’t know how practical view A would be for actually swimming… there just doesn’t look like a lot of support there, but view B looks great! I love the neckline, and the hips are cut a bit lower. Super cute. The cover up isn’t too bad either, and the twist detail is really pretty.

M7965 – Love this! I realize it is another non-brand name Outlander knock off pattern (which Simplicity already gave to us a while ago), but a pretty costume is a pretty costume, regardless of how many times we get a version from the pattern companies. And, as a random tangent, Outlander is supposed to be coming to Netflix soon, which means I can finally watch all the pretty costume goodness! I’m a bit excited about it.

And that’s it! Honestly, there isn’t much here I’m interested in on a personal level. It’s all just a tad too ruffly, too simple, too boxy, or too revealing. There are a few I’m excited by (especially the swimsuit pattern!), but I’m also trying to convince myself that I don’t need another jumpsuit pattern or another culotte pattern. I’ll have to see how I’m feeling when sale time roles around I guess. What do you all think? Is this the summer release you’ve all been waiting for? Or are these styles totally passable in the greater scheme of the other options out there? Feel free to discuss in the comments!

18 thoughts on “McCall’s Patterns Summer 2019

  1. Once again I don’t see anything that I NEED, but I will probably buy 7959 (the long tunic) because I like the gathering at the front and for some reason I think the fabric they used is just perfect. So now I want THAT top. LOL Otherwise, I think most of these are a little too revealing for me. I do think many would look adorable on the right person.

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  2. I like this faux-wrap jumpsuit/dress pattern M7953, but McCall’s patterns are about £10 each here (in the UK) so I probably won’t bother.
    I’m having a very strong 90s vibe on a lot of the patterns, some of the ones I’ve kept might be back in fashion now, the problem is if a person is close to 50 and wore them last time does it still work?


  3. Well, it’s a good thing that the recent Big 4 pattern releases have been a little lackluster, because I haven’t bought new patterns since July of last year and I figure since I already own about 500 patterns that I’ve only sewn about 10 of, I need to hone my sewing skills and sew the ones I have.


  4. If I was still 17 or 18 I’d jump on these patterns but nothing really much suitable for me now with all the exposed midriffs! I agree with the comment that the Big4 are missing a whole demographic out there.

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      1. 🤣🤣 Could you please? And make some ankle-baring pants so the fashion gods can move on from those as well. 😂

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  5. If I had a teen or one of the petite, girlish types to sew for, I’d be delighted with this group. As an older woman built like a giraffe, I’m passing on all these gathers, frills, flounces and bows. (Not to mention revealing necklines!)

    I will be interested to hear from the community how good these Learn to Sew patterns actually are. One of the biggest complaints from new sewers in recent years is that Big 4 pattern instructions are outdated, vague and confusing.

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  6. M7960 – the learn to sew skirt. Nothing wrong with it but why is gathering often viewed as ”easy”? Give me a pleat every day, but gathering can be a pain. It is still one of the things that make me consider another pattern due to early sewing mishaps. Newbie me was stiff fabric, wrong needle and too short stitches = crying


  7. Love yh3 costume. Yhe rest is eiyher too much skin for me,not my style(too boxy), or I still have patterns from the 90s that are nearly identical! Haha…Time to recycle!😉

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