Summer 2019 New Look Patterns

With Memorial Weekend just around the corner, it seems that Summer Sewing time is here! And New Look has released their summer pattern collection just in time to kick it off! There is a nice mix of summery styles, so let’s take a look:

N6614 – New Look has done a fantastic job of styling this dress; I’m pretty sure it is the fabric choice that has taken me from “meh” to “want.” I really like both styles that have the waist ties, and I love how the stripes are utilized in the sample garment.

N6615 – Really like this dress pattern too! It’s another basic style, but the many darts will really allow for easier fit adjustments, which is always a win, and I love the neckline options. It would be so pretty in lace to wear to a summer wedding party! Or any other special occasion, really. Super cute!

N6616 – New Look is really focusing on waist tie details in this release, and I am here for it! Personally, I’d probably extend the trousers of the jumpsuit to full length, but I do like that this pattern has dress and jumpsuit options. Super cute!

N6617 – Another dress style that has some cute detail options. The gathered shoulders are a nice detail, as are the options to turn this into a cold shoulder style, and the hem ruffle options. The plainer style (view A) has a much more casual look than the version that has all of the details (view C), which actually makes this pattern pretty versatile.

N6618 – Another dress with waist tie details. I like how loose and flowy this dress is, but also how the attached belt adds just a hint of shape. It looks like just the sort of thing one would want to wear on a day that is just too hot and gross for pants. It also looks like it would be pretty quick to sew.

N6619 – This dress is another option that looks super simple to sew. Personally, it’s not one I’d wear myself, but I do think it’d be fun to play around with color blocking on this style. Also, it has pockets!

N6620 – I like this top! Clearly, I’m into the whole twisty/tie theme that New Look is running with in this collection. I also like that there are options with higher and lower necklines. Personally, I’d want to lengthen this shirt, but I think this style might looks great with the wide legged trousers that seem to be coming back into fashion lately.

N6621 – Not much to say about this top. It sort of looks like a lot of other tunic/top options out there. The thicker obi-inspired belt is a nice addition to an otherwise pretty generic tunic style.

N6622 – This top is interesting – I feel like having a basic woven shirt would be popular, but the cross over back adds an interesting bit of detail. Personally, I feel like the ruffle detail is a bit much, volume-wise, but it at least it a bit more interesting than a really basic woven top pattern.

N6623 – This skirt is pretty basic, but it is a nice shape. Again, I’m really liking the waist tie detail. New Look has convinced me I need more dangly tied bits of fabric in my life…

N6624 – This is a nice mix of patterns. The top and the skirt are both pretty basic, but that does make them pretty versatile. The top works with the skirt, but could also look great with jeans or even shorts. I think the skirt could look great with a button down shirt for a more professional style, or a t-shirt and denim jacket for a really casual everyday look.

N6625 – I do like the way this pattern looks on the model; I was a bit less convinced by the line drawings. And I do miss the days when pants actually reached the floor.

N6626 – Super simple looking knit dress, top, and skirt pattern. This is definitely one of those patterns that would be great for instant gratification sewing – you don’t even have to set in sleeves! I’m also really into the idea of sewing tops and bottoms out of the same fabric lately – cute way to get a “dress” look but also have a lot of versatility from the individual pieces.

N6627 – Cute! This isn’t really the sort of thing I’d want to wear, but I appreciate a more fitted pattern option, and the button detail on the top is pretty cute.

N6628 – Baby clothes. I never have much to say about baby clothes, but the separate tops and bottoms look fairly practical for baby dressing, I guess?

N6629 – More kids clothes – not much to say about this except it looks like a lot of the stuff I wore as a toddler, except in more comfortable fabrics.

N6630 – This dress for older kids looks like a pretty easy sew, which, for the rapidly growing crowd could be an efficient use of sewing time.

And that’s it! Honestly, there was a lot more in this collection I found myself liking than I expected. The silhouettes are all pretty simple, but I like the fabric tie details that are popping up on so many of these patterns. And I’m definitely inspired to sew some simple, quick makes for summer. What do you all think? Is there enough of interest here to get you moving into summer sewing? Or is this a pretty basic collection that gets a total pass? Feel free to discuss in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Summer 2019 New Look Patterns

  1. I’m a fan of NL and while I am not always super excited immediately, I still end up with 1-2 patterns per release. I think part of it is the relative ease of acquiring them!

    I LOVE 6617. No, it isn’t an entirely new silhouette, but it combines some really nice features for me – gathered shoulders, the tie shoulders (I was considering ‘hacking’ a different sundress pattern to do this!), fitted but with the cute flounce. It works!

    6614 is also very nicely done.

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  2. I agree – there are a bunch of nice patterns here. On Saturday I tried to buy 6615 and 6626 and both were sold out at my local store! I really have nowhere to wear 6615 but that neckline is just beautiful and I thought I could hack it into a top.

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  3. Lots of nice things that look great for summer. I love summer dresses. My 20something daughters are really into jumpsuits right now 6616 would be great. I want 6616, 6620, and I think I need the instant gratification of 6626. Liking the waist tie trend!

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  4. There’s nothing in this offering that I will need to own. The wrap version of 6614 is super cute. I could see it being a very popular pattern.

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  5. A few nice patterns! Nothing that makes me drool but at the same time, well I kind of want to try one or two. The top dress and 6620 are two patterns I might get… Thanks for posting this! I might not have looked at their new season.

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