BurdaStyle Magazine Distribution Update

At the beginning of the month I wrote about the demise of GLP News and posted about several options for the Burda desperate to check out if a lapse in the subscription service was simply not optional. It’s been a bit less than a month, yet I felt that an update was warranted.

First, I’d really like to thank all of the lovely readers of this blog who have offered so much advice and sympathy for what we are all going through. The sewing community really is the best community! There were some great tips, lots of thoughtful options, and even several people who offered to search for magazines for me and ship them to me! I am so humbled by everyone’s thoughtfulness and generosity. While I am happy to report that I just got my shipping confirmation for the June issue of BurdaStyle, I do have to thank everyone for their willingness to help out a sewing blogger who was going to suffer Burda withdrawal if an alternative solution hadn’t been found.

Secondly, I’d like to give a status update on some of the resources I’ve tried.

  • So I went with the UK Newsstand option for Burda acquisition, and I am happy to report I have received a shipment notification for the June issue! (Update 6/4/19: It has arrived!) While this will obviously arrive several weeks later than I would have gotten with the GLP delivery, better late than never! This isn’t really much of an inconvenience anyway, and I’m just happy knowing I will get my June issue! At least, if the postal service does its job. I’m turning to UK Newsstand for a longer-term subscription until the US distribution is fully sorted out (see more on this below).
  • Amazon has proven to be an unwise choice, and I do NOT recommend this option, as I’ve had no communication from them about the start date of the subscription, yet haven’t been allowed to cancel it. If we get past the start date of the delivery I’ll go on a Customer Service phone call adventure and see what I can do, but until then I’m willing to wait.
  • I’ve tried an order with the French site to put in an order for the Fall Burda Easy magazine. I will report back if this works out.
  • I was able to dispute my charges for the GLP subscription to BurdaEasy magazine with my credit card company, as I placed the order just days before GLP folded. I did have to provide documentation (I took a screenshot of the GLP website), but it was a mostly painless process.
  • One reader reported that Around the World bookstore in NYC has closed. Their website appears to be still functioning, but I am not sure I would trust that site as a means of ordering the magazine if the store is closed.

Thirdly, I’m happy to say that Lynn from You sew, girl!, who’s Instagram post first alerted me to this issue, messaged me to let me know that she has been poking about and discovered that Roltek will be the new distributor in the place of GLP. So it looks like we will be getting magazines from the same source as our Canadian friends! Apparently there will be notifications sent out in a few weeks, and the subscriptions will hopefully resume at that time. It likely means that there will be a few months of interruption (so if you really want the June issue I’d recommend ordering it from another source), but hopefully things will return to normal sooner rather than later. (Update: The Twilight Stitcher has reached out and informed me that Roltek stated they would be up and running in a few weeks. Remains to be seen if that will be in time for the July issue to get sent out, but hopefully this means normal subscription services will resume in time for the August issue…)

For now, that’s where things are. I’m happy I ordered the June issue from UK Newsstand, but I think I perhaps over-reacted when I decided I wanted to explore other sources like Amazon and France. But, I’m chalking this up to being an experiment, so that you, my lovely readers, can know what the best option is for acquiring Burda in this challenging time. Of course, by the time I get more information it is possible Roltek will start up operations and it will have been much ado about nothing. Only time will tell, but I will report back with future status updates are more information becomes available. In the meantime, I’ll be eagerly awaiting the July Burda sneak peaks that should start popping up in the next week!

27 thoughts on “BurdaStyle Magazine Distribution Update

  1. Noooo about Around the World! That’s where I’d been buying issues (aside from buying German issues when I was in Germany). I’m going to find another store in NYC that sells them and I’ll let you know so you can share with your readers, if you like!

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  2. Thanks for the update. I recently sent a check to GLP, just before I saw your notice they were folding. They did send my check back. I was thinking of Amazon but now I will wait.

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  3. Just got my first issue from Roltek a few days ago. So far so good with them! UK Newsstand will be my backup, though, should it be needed. Getting a Burda Easy is next to impossible for me though…

    And once again, I have an extra May issue that I’m happy to give away just for the price of shipping if anybody wants it.

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    1. Hi Ingrid, I think you mentioned you were in Quebec? I’m in Quebec City and just picked up the latest copy of BurdaEasy from Lecto magazines on Chemin des Quatres-Bourgeois (their storefront is nestled in on the rear side of the Videotron store). If that’s an option for you I suggest calling first (mine was the second-to-last copy a few days ago).

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  4. Good to hear about Roltek! My sub was supposed to end WITH the June issue but thus far, it hasn’t shown up so I am going to assume it isn’t coming. I will buy this issue from a local shop but hopefully I’ll have a sub before long. That was a stressful month! :-p

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  5. It’s so nice of you to post your findings about this situation. I don’t subscribe to Burda Magazine but I do occasionally purchase an issue. GLP was usually my source. An Etsy shop being my other source. Your information will certainly help lots of people. I hope you get your subscription quickly. I’m still curious about the Burda Easy Magazine, so will look forward to hearing how that works out.


  6. Dang it. I finally just renewed my subscription through Amazon. Didn’t even really know their were other options BUT as it expired in May, I don’t think there’s even a chance of me getting the June edition. Hopefully the July one. It would be amazing if they did tell you what month it’d start with at least 😦

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    1. I didn’t know about that resource to get single copies (I just usually order them from Etsy) but that seems to be the less expensive route to go at least for the current versions – thanks!

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  7. Thank you so much for the update! I have so far kept calm and carried on without taking any drastic action like buying another subscription. Fortunately there was only one pattern in the June issue that I felt I could not live without and I will probably just download it. But if there’s more of a delay, missed issues, or anything else goes wrong, I can’t be held responsible for my actions! 😂

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  8. I’m in the UK and always order from UK Newstand after reading your Burda reviews and deciding I can’t live without the particular issue (most months!). I must comment that they are an excellent company to deal with.

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  9. I have subscribed through Amazon since 2015 and have only missed one issue..June 2019! Just staring to investigate the process for reporting a missed issue. Is this a coincidence?


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