New Jalie Patterns 2019

The annual release of new Jalie patterns is here! As usual, Jalie is offering us a nice mix of patterns for both every day wear and athletic wear, as well as a mix of patterns for men and women. I feel like Jalie has really focused on adding styles that will expand their line, so there is an interesting mix here. Let’s take a look!

3900 – Charlotte. This is a really cute cardigan with some fun details. I like the length options, as it looks great in a shorter length to pair with a fun dress, or in a longer length that looks great with trousers or jeans. I predict this will be a really popular pattern for Jalie.

3901 – Kate. Jalie always comes out with fun leotard options, and this one is no different. I love the simple neckline (no fussing with closures!), but the design still has some interesting options for mixing fabrics. Sleeve options are great too. Super cute!

3902 – Nikita. This is one of those patterns I initially skimmed over, but have really grown interested in with a second look. The racerback is a practical neckline for an activewear top. I also really like the options for color blocking, and the style is great for layering in summer, using as a beach cover up, or as part of a gym outfit. The fact that it can also be made in dress length is a great bonus. Another winner of a pattern!

3903 – Nicole. This is a pretty basic t-shirt/dress pattern, but sometimes you need a really basic t-shirt or dress pattern. It looks like there is a hint of shaping with bust darts, and the sleeve and neckline options are great.

3904 – Alice. I like this top pattern as well. Jalie has done a great job of showcasing this pattern in a lot of ways that make the color blocking options really exciting. This seems like a great style for a basic casual shirt pattern.

3905 – Gisèle. Another simple shirt design. It looks like this one is intended for woven fabrics.

3906 – Tania. I think this jacket is super cute! I really love the version with the blue and black in the garment photo, but I think the all brown version looks pretty snazzy as well. I really love the seaming for the pockets – such a great design detail!

3907 – Alex. I love how RTW this sweater looks! It has such a great mix of design details. And it looks like it would be super cozy in a really plush knit fabric.

3908 – Simone. I don’t really need drawstring waist trousers, but if I did I would be super intrigued by this pattern. Jalie is really embracing simplicity in their designs this release, and I think it is super effective on this pattern.

3909 – Henri. Cute pants for men/boys. Looks like they are meant to be a knit style trouser, which could make them really versatile and useful for a lot of places. I also think the cut of the legs looks super modern, and not easy to find in a man’s pattern.

3910 – Jade. Love this! The neckline options on this leotard are so classy! I also really like the overall silhouette of the more open back.

3911 – Michelle. Pretty basic tank top/dress pattern, but, again, sometimes you just need a really basic tank top pattern. I like the V-neck – this looks really practical for putting together a summer wardrobe.

And that’s it! Jalie typically only has one release per year, and while I don’t think I am as excited this year as I have been in years past, I will say that I do think there are some smart additions to the Jalie line. I really like both of the leotard options, though I realize that most people don’t have use for leotard patterns, except possibly as swimsuit options. I do think the Alex jacket is a really great casual sweater, with lots of details that give it a very RTW look, and the Charlotte cardigan would make a nice piece to mix into a wardrobe. There are lots of basic top options that look like they would be very quick and easy to sew, and I think the Simone trousers look like a great option for a casual summer wardrobe as well. What do you all think? Do you see anything that you want to add to your summer sewing (or even fall or winter sewing) lists? Or are these styles too basic to be of much interest? Feel free to discuss in the comments!

12 thoughts on “New Jalie Patterns 2019

  1. The Alex jacket is actually in my basket over on the website. As you say, it looks really great and like ready-to-wear. I’m trying to sew a Burda pattern at the moment, but next up is a pair of Jalie sport leggings – they seem reputed to be just the best company for sportswear. Eventually I want to sew one of the previous Jalie women’s sports jacket… it looks JUST like those jackets you buy for ridiculous prices at Sports Experts. I’m excited to see how they turn out!

    I’m a die-hard Burda fan (for me, good fit and I like the styles), but I must say that Jalie has some useful patterns too, and the great thing is that if you buy the PDF, the pattern sizes are layered so you can print only what you want. Thumbs up on that.

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  2. I don’t actually need any more pull-on pants or basic t-shirt patterns, but I think Jalie’s selection of leotards is amazing. I personally don’t know anyone who sews these items (except maybe you?), but if I needed a leotard Jalie would be my go-to place.

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  3. I like the Jade leotard because you get the look of a halter if you use sheer mesh for the back. I never thought of that–although I like halter styles, they’re hard to wear because they gape at the sides when moving. And it is so pretty in velvet!

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  4. Thank you for your review. I love Jalie for really useful basic patterns. I will be ordering the Henri running pants,Tania coatigan and Charlotte jacket. I can see myself sewing these patterns again and again. Thanks to your Kibbe series I will avoid the loose things that really don’t work for my soft gamine style. (I think the Tania could work because it is outerwear.)

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  5. I’m getting the Tania for my daughter, and I think the Alice would be great for using up scraps. And I think my daughter would like the Simone for shorts too. So a good release overall for non-selfish sewing. 😉

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  6. My son would definitely like the Henri pants. If I was sewing leotards Jalie would definitely be my choice. They make great activewear. The only thing I would probably wear would be the shrunken cardi.

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