Sew Your Kibbe Challenge – March Round Up

March has been a really slow month for me as far as Kibbe/personal sewing related things go. I did manage to finish the cardigan I started in February, New Look 6330, which was good. I feel like I at least haven’t been totally slacking as far as the whole “sewing challenge” thing goes, though my sewing time and efforts have been decidedly distracted and geared towards sewing for others this month. As far as blogging/Kibbe things go, I did manage to read and review the original source material, Kibbe’s Metamorphosis. On the whole I’d say I’m even more inspired to move forward with my sewing plans, but a bit frustrated with the lack of time I’ve had to work on such things. Hopefully next month, where I’ll only be traveling one weekend instead of three weekends in a row, will afford me that extra time.

In the meantime, here’s what’s been going on around the sewing blogosphere…

If I’ve missed your posts or you would like to be included in my future Kibbe round up posts, please feel free to leave a link in the comments!

And, as has become tradition, I thought it might be fun to do my top picks of new patterns for each Kibbe type from this month’s releases. Here are my picks for March:


Butterick 6661, Butterick 6663, and Butterick 6655. All of these styles have a long vertical line, and details that add a sharpness consistent with Dramatic lines. As a bonus, these are all more casual styles, which can be difficult to find for Dramatics.

Soft Dramatic

BurdaStyle 04/2019 #118, Burda Plus Magazine S/S 2019 #407 and #404. All of these styles have the large, oversized details that are the hallmark of Soft Dramatic styles.

Flamboyant Natural

New Look 6597, BurdaStyle 04/2019 #104B, and Simplicity 8888. All of these are great unconstructed styles that would look great on a Flamboyant Natural.


BurdaStyle Magazine 04/2019 #105B, #125A, and #119. Lots of great unconstructed pieces in the April BurdaStyle; it’s a great issue for Natural types!

Soft Natural

Burda Plus S/S 2019 #405, BurdaStyle Magazine 04/2019 #117 and #106. Lots of fun, unconstructed details with soft waist emphasis in these designs. Plus, they look like fun spring wardrobe additions!

Dramatic Classic

New Look 6595, BurdaStyle Magazine 04/2019 #109B, and Simplicity 8883. Primarily classic lines, with just a hint of added sharpness.


Simplicity 8874, New Look 6594, and New Look 6600. There are lots of great spring dresses for Classics that have come out this month.

Soft Classic

Simplicity 8880, Simplicity 8873, and Butterick 6657. Again, lots of cute dresses, but the top pattern could a great for a casual spring Soft Classic wardrobe.

Flamboyant Gamine

BurdaStyle Magazine 04/2019 #103A and #107, and Simplicity 8889. I was having some difficulty finding Gamine looks this month, but I think the boxy jackets from BurdaStyle and the cropped shirt from Mimi G’s Simplicity line would be great pieces for a Flamboyant Gamine wardrobe.


BurdaStyle Magazine 04/2019 #109C, Simplicity 8872, and Butterick 6656. The trousers have a great close fit, the dress has a close fit at the collar and cuffs, and the Butterick design has a vague 1920s feel.

Soft Gamine

BurdaStyle Magazine 04/2019 #115 and #120, and Butterick 6672. Lots of soft detail, and a close fit at the collars and cuffs to really define the body shape. As with most of the Gamine types, I struggled to find styles that were really perfect, but these designs aren’t bad. The best is definitely the top from the Burda magazine though.

Theatrical Romantic

Burda Plus S/S 2019 #410, Simplicity 8890, and Simplicity 8882. There are lots of great options for Romantics and Theatrical Romantics this month! I really love the leopard dress from the Burda Plus line, but the Mimi G. jacket and Gertie top are also really cute options for a casual look.


Burda Plus S/S 2019 #409, BurdaStyle Magazine #122, and Simplicity 8884. These were only a few of the Romantic styles this month. I think the jacket and Simplicity top are particularly great designs because they could be more casual or more formal depending on fabric choice.

And that’s it! If you’ve found any other great Kibbe related content to share or have any updates on your own Sew Your Kibbe challenges please feel free to drop a line in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Sew Your Kibbe Challenge – March Round Up

  1. I love this post. I am a Soft Classic and I would like to make the jacket that you put under romantic in a plain colour and the frilly dress that you put in the soft Natural section. I feel that I can get away with using these other kibbe styles but tone them down a little bit. With the dress I may change the neck to a v neck.

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    1. That sounds awesome! For these round ups, I’m just highlighting new styles that I think would be very well suited to the different types, but I think that many of them would have a lot of cross over between the different Kibbe IDs.


  2. I can’t believe it’s the end of March! The only sewing I did for the month was hem a shirt I started in January. I can relate to your time problem. Thanks for the roundup, I’ve completely fallen behind on all these interesting things and it will be fun to catch up.

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  3. The Burda jacket in the Flamboyant Gamine is actually on my next-to-sew list (just FINALLY finished sewing a Burda 2016 blouse!)… It’s not a Dramatic piece, but… I don’t know why that pattern fascinates me so much, especially the way the model is wearing it – with a hoodie underneath. That is totally me, and have decided to try sewing a detachable hood for it (probably with snaps, likely the easiest way).

    I think most of us can relate to the time issues you are having… ♥ REALLY appreciate these posts, and love the patterns you pick for the Kibbe types…!

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  4. I really love these round-up! You said there was a lot of new patterns good for romantics. I’d love if you could list pattern numbers. I’m having a hard time seeing what makes it good for romantics. Several patterns I picked for romantics end up in other categories although I did pick the ones on your romantic list also.

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    1. Ah! Well, I *do* think a lot of things I listed for the other Soft categories would also be great for Romantics this month. I just tried to find the best 3 examples for each style ID. As Kibbe has said, clothes don’t have a specific ID – it depends on how you combine them in an outfit. And I think many of the Soft categories have a lot of overlap because of the Romantic undercurrents, so I’m sure other things you’ve picked out would work really well too! I’ve tried to focus on things with silhouettes that fit the body, would look good in softer, more delicate fabrics, or have interesting or intricate detail, but with a slightly smaller scale.


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