Kwik Sew Patterns Spring/Summer 2019

The latest patterns from Kwik Sew have been released. Aside from the one swimsuit pattern, which is actually really cute, the whole release is so boring I really don’t have much commentary to add. But, regardless, here is the latest from Kwik Sew:

K4263 – The swimsuit is pretty cute! Love the top. The cover up is pretty meh… I’d pull something from a Burda before using this, but the cut of the suit itself looks great.

K4259 – I do like the racerback on this maxi dress. And the seam lines add some nice shaping through the body without too much fuss.

K4260 – I’m not as excited by this boxy dress, but it could be nice to wear on a really warm day, and it could be a fun way to use up scraps too.

K4264 – I do really like this dress, though I don’t think it is particularly unique or original. It has a nice shape to the bodice and skirt though, and it looks really pretty in the floral prints.

K4264 – I’m pretty over the puffly sleeves at this point. Nothing wrong with this design, it’s just… not exciting.

The remainder are all Ellie Mae Designs kids and crafts patterns which I will present without comment because I really have nothing to say…

And that’s it! What do you all think? See anything here that makes you want to sew for spring? Anyone else think the swimsuit pattern is super cute? Or are you all as bored with this release as I am? Feel free to discuss in the comments!

15 thoughts on “Kwik Sew Patterns Spring/Summer 2019

  1. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz……………….

    lol… I agree the swim suit is pretty cute, especially the top of it – I’d totally wear that. The wine totes are nice, if the pattern goes on a sale, maybe I’d get that pattern. Wine is my thing. One MUST be able to bring wine places. Bringing it nicely dressed would be neat.

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  2. I never expect much from this line of patterns. I will say that the baby dress with pinafore is nice. I made those back in the 90’s for my daughters, a classic look. I have a 10 year old daughter and I wouldn’t buy any of these designs for her. Redundant basic shapes. Great if you are starting your pattern collection for your kids but if you have them already, just copy the placement of the bows and trims.

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  3. I have very few KS patterns and have feared they would edge toward a more crafty theme. This release is TINY! Eesh.

    I like 4263 – but I have McCalls 5890 (old wardrobe pattern) that is similar and happened to try it on yesterday. It was in the donate pile but it fits SO nicely with all those seam lines!

    4264 reminds me of a Burda (6/2012??) that I sewed and have meant to get back to. The back ‘v’ is beautiful.

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  4. I wonder why McButtVogue bought Kwik Sew if they were going to destroy it by turning it into the most boring pattern companies ever. I never bought a lot of Kwik Sew patterns before, but they had such great basics with great instructions. Such a shame to see what they have come to. How much of a need is there for patterns for stuffed animals?

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  5. I recently made some sleeved bibs – got a freebie pattern. Much more useful than the sleeveless smock things here. Baby Bundling pattern. The rest of these patterns are YAWN.

    I usually love the dog patterns. Even my sleep loving whippet wouldn’t be seen dead in that tent thing!

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  6. These patterns need a designer touch , otherwise, ho hum. The stuffed rabbits cute for Easter or anyone that collects stuffed animals. The top with sleeves I’d wear.


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