Burda Plus Magazine Spring/Summer 2019

The crazy month of travel has started, so I’ve gotten a bit behind on new pattern releases, but I did want to review the new Burda Plus magazine for Spring/Summer 2019. It seems that most of the recent Burda Plus issues have reprints from some of the more popular photo shoots in recent years, but with a few new patterns thrown in the mix. I’m only going to look at what seem to be the new patterns in this issue, as the older patterns have already been reviewed in the regular issue reviews I’ve posted in the past.

First off, must say that the cover is quite striking – I really love the pop of leopard against that blue background!

First is this “new” dress pattern. It’s pretty basic. Not a lot going on here, but Burda does make nice use of a wild print, so, I guess the designs get points for that.

This top is also pretty basic, but I like it for summer. It makes me think of sun and warmth… which I’m sort of looking forward to after all of the cold and rain we’ve been having lately.

This jacket is also pretty basic. It seems like Burda has focused on easy to sew patterns for this issue.

Shorter version of the same jacket. I do like the trim around the neckline.

Sleeve ruffles everywhere! I like this one a bit more though because it is mirrored in the peplum, and the whole thing has a more cohesive look.

Even more ruffles! At least this one is pretty unapologetic – go big or go home!

I love this lace dress! So pretty! Interesting that the lace is actually a separate dress over the under sheath.

I find the sleeve cuffs to be a bit wide, but, otherwise I really like this dress. It looks super comfortable to wear too!

Another dress I really like! I’m pretty sure this is a scaled up pattern from ye olde day (as in, like, 2009), because I feel like I’ve seen it before. But it looks fantastic in the leopard. Burda has me totally sold on this one.

Another pattern I’m obsessed with in this issue!

I’ve stopped buying Burda Plus because I already have most of the pattern that come in the issue, but this is one where I might consider purchasing it separately. I really love the dresses in this issue, and I’m kind of obsessed with that jumpsuit! It’s totally something I’d like to wear. This is probably the most excited I’ve been for a Burda Plus issue in quite some time though, and I really hope that we’ll be seeing more patterns like this making their way into the regular issues as well. What do you all think? Does this issue make you want to consider picking up a copy of Burda Plus Magazine? Or do the number of overlap patterns make you shy away from purchasing this version of the magazine? Feel free to discuss in the comments!

15 thoughts on “Burda Plus Magazine Spring/Summer 2019

  1. IMO this is a GREAT issue. That lace dress…drool.

    I love the red dress!! I like the orange top with ruffle…I feel like that large but sort of asymmetric ruffle is less obtrusive. The peplum top is GORGEOUS and the sleeve ruffles could easily be discarded. Finally, that jumpsuit is so interesting!! I could see some fun color/print blocking with that.

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  2. This is a brilliant issue! Although I won’t be buying because I am just slightly off the size range and useless at grading there is lots of style inspiration here. Also I think you are exactly right about the leopard dress pattern being a redraft of a magazine pattern from back in the day and I’m going to have to search it out, the cover look is really stunning.

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  3. I don’t wear jumpsuits. I’ve never been attracted to them. I LOVE the jumpsuit in this issue. I don’t remember ever seeing a jumpsuit with an overlay wrap like that. It’s so attractive.

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  4. I bought this issue based on the preview. Love the leopard dress, the ruffle top and the red jumpsuit. Also think the lace dress and red dress are great! Now comes the work of grading down a couple sizes, sigh!

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