Sew Your Kibbe Challenge: Final Capsule Plans

So a few weeks ago I posted several examples of how you could plan a capsule for the Sew Your Kibbe Challenge, using Soft Natural as an example. You may have noticed that many of these plans had quite a bit of overlap, not because Soft Natural options are limited (they aren’t), but because I’d already tried to narrow my options down to a few patterns I was really excited about, and to create capsules from there. I’ve been assessing my wardrobe and, as many people deduced in the comments on that post, I really need more versatile Level 2 options of dress. As part of my 2018 round up, I noted that I feel I am moving on towards a transitional phase of life, and as such I think I need to project a more professional appearance. Focusing on Level 2 Kibbe options will help with that quite a bit I think, as my current “professional” clothes are all a bit ragged, since I only have a few go-to options that I’ve been wearing quite a bit for well over a half decade at this point.

I feel like the single Level of Dress option will work the best for me because it will allow me to create a continuum of clothing in my closet – I’ve got casual pieces, and a few very fancy party dresses, but I’m severely lacking in the in-between. Plus, I feel like I could wear any of the Level 2 tops with a pair of jeans and have a suitable Level 1 style as well, which will increase the versatility quite a bit.

As a reminder, here is a list of what I decided I would need in a single level capsule:

  • Heavy coat
  • Lightweight coat
  • Jacket
  • Sweater
  • Top 1
  • Top 2
  • Top 3
  • Bottom 1
  • Bottom 2
  • Bottom 3
  • Dress 1
  • Dress 2

And here are the patterns I’ve decided to use in my Level 2 Sew Your Kibbe capsule:

Heavy Coat: BurdaStyle 04-2018-103

Lightweight Coat: BurdaStyle 02-2017-103

Jacket: BurdaStyle 07-2011-119A

Sweater: New Look 6330

Top 1: Butterick 5526

Top 2: Simplicity 3436

Top 3: Burda 6632

Bottom 1: Simplicity 1560

Bottom 2: Vogue 8751

Bottom 3: BurdaStyle 08-2011-136

Dress 1: Burda 6941

Dress 2: McCall’s 7430

I’ve even made a few sketches using my personalized My Body Model croquis:

Because I’m the sort of person who gets bored with sewing plans about halfway through sewing them, I may have also pulled out all the patterns for a Level 1 capsule as well… I mean, I was already digging through my pattern stash!

I’m still playing around with these styles….

They patterns won’t be a priority, but they will be easily at hand if I should decided I need to make something else that isn’t already on this list! I’m already seeing a need to perhaps have some newer/nicer casual clothes for my summer travels, so don’t be too surprised if these patterns find their way into the mix…

And that’s it! I’m pretty excited with these plans for the year. The Level 2 capsule is probably not the most exciting option I put together in my first post, but since this challenge is all about being mindful of what you need, I think these options best suit that goal, especially if I allow myself a foray into a few Level 1 garments when needed. On a side note, I clearly didn’t meet the 1 garment per month goal in January because I spent so much time traveling (it’s also why I was not able to participate in the Bee this year), and I know I also won’t be making a garment in July for the same reason (I will also be traveling quite a bit). But hopefully now that I’ve got my plans solidified I can pick up the slack a bit over the next few months and I will have something fun to post during the remainder of the month of February!

21 thoughts on “Sew Your Kibbe Challenge: Final Capsule Plans

  1. I love both of those coats so much! I have to say that with your colors this is the most exciting level 2 wardrobe ever. Definitely not the black and white of my days in finance.

    I hope that your travels this year are interesting and enjoyable, not just work stuff.

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  2. Enjoy your sewing. There seems to be a lot to do, so hope you find a balance between getting the pieces you want to wear and enjoying sewing them.

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  3. Very nice! Your croquis is a great tool . Look forward to seeing your outcome. I’m knee deep in costume for performing March 1 and trying to figure out a mother of the bride dress that doesn’t feel matronly for June. I’ve had some capsule ideas spinning in my head but don’t know.when I’ll get to them.

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  4. This looks like a great plan; as they say, if you write it down it is more likely to happen. I like to make lists as well, now to take it to the next level and work on some of the items in more details like you do. Thanks for sharing to help me get motivated to move to the next stage I always love reading your posts and seeing your photos/illustrations!!

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  5. Apologies if this is the wrong place to ask this. I’m a Natural and I want to sew myself a waistcoat/vest. I’m guessing that the classic fitted, princess seam style wouldn’t be great (might explain why I didn’t wear them much even when I made them), would I just take one of the jacket patterns and leave the sleeves off?


    1. Yeah I would totally do that if there is a style you want as a vest! It’s possible you may need to adjust the shape of the arm opening a bit, but the majority of the pattern should be the same for a vest or jacket. You’ll also have to finish off the arm opening differently than a coat with sleeves, but otherwise it should be the same for the most part. Burda also has some good vest options in their older magazines that might be worth checking out too.


  6. Love those coats, and the pants with the rollups – can’t wait to see those. Looks like a great wardrobe! Functional but cool. I love the sketches – what a great way way to visualize, and get a feel for the design before you sew!

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  7. I’ve been formulating my plans and pattern ideas for sewing Kibbe classic here:

    I’ve not quite decided on the final 12 patterns yet (I think it’s going to be fluid) but I’m getting there. Most of the garments will be sewn in the second half of the year as I’m busy slaving over a hot sewing machine for shows and events at the moment which is really frustrating as I’m dying to get stuck into the Kibbe Challenge proper!


    1. Great line up! Love your blogpost on your 70s patterns! I still have most of mine! Absolutely lived in those pinafore dresses. I had some 70s gauze too! Then moved into Gunne Saxxe..LOL

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      1. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading the blog on my 70s patterns. I enjoyed writing it and reliving happy sewing memories. I hadn’t heard of Gunne Saxxe but looked them up and they appear to be the US equivalent of Laura Ashley would you say with all those peasant/Edwardian style dresses?? I had a few of those as well! 🙂


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