My Body Model/Sew Your Kibbe Guest Post!

I’ve been using My Body Model to sketch out design ideas for a while now, and I’m a big fan of how helpful this simple tool can be in the sewing process. It’s easy to see how great clothes can look on a stretched, exaggerated fashion drawing or on a lithe supermodel, but it can be a lot harder to envision the same garments on your own body. I was really excited when Erica, the owner and creator of My Body Model, asked me to do a guest post for their blog. I’ve really enjoy using My Body Model, especially to work on plans for my personal Sew Your Kibbe Challenge. If you want to see what I’ve contributed to the My Body Model blog you can check out my guest post here!

7 thoughts on “My Body Model/Sew Your Kibbe Guest Post!

  1. Saw your post over there, and I love the way you’ve used the digital version! I am still struggling in analog world. The body model is great but my drawings of garments not so much.


    1. Hmmm… can you try tracing over the line drawings, but sort of adjusting them to fit the model form? It might be a good way to avoid drawing it all from scratch and still having relative proportions of fit.


      1. I haven’t tried that! It’s a good idea. I actually had a couple pages of lumpy but okay-ish sketches, thanks to Erica’s tutorials, but then I made the mistake of colorizing them with pens that were too dark. That totally obliterated all my detailed lines! So I have to settle down and try again, this time no stupid pens! 😒


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