March 2019 BurdaStyle Magazine

The March Burda is here and I’m so excited! This is one of those issues that, while it isn’t really giving us anything too new, I still want to make all of the things! I am really excited by so many of the styles they are including this month, but I’m also kind of surprised because it isn’t the typical wedding issue that I think we’ve all come to expect from March. Maybe that is why it feels so refreshing? Regardless, there is plenty to look at so let’s get started.

First up are the jackets. There aren’t a lot this month, but what we do get is phenomenal.

I love it! It’s like the ultimate classic moto jacket, but in bright green bouclé! This pattern could be fantastic in a traditional leather, but I’m really loving it in this bright, textured fabric. The angled front zip, sleeve zips, and metal rivets (or snaps?) are all such perfect classic details that it is really fun to see it mixed with such a fun fabric. And the seam lines are a thing of beauty. I’m pretty sure I need, like, at least 3 of these in my life.

This is so cool! I love the mix of hard and soft elements, and the unexpected lightness that the chiffon sleeves add to this jacket. It’s cool to see the flaps as an added detail in this version of the design as well. It feels very unique and original, especially after scouring the internet looking at indie patterns the past few weeks.

I am probably least excited by this jacket, but only because the other two are so good! The seam lines and angled pockets are a nice way to introduce subtle shaping into this design, while still having it be simple enough to use with a wild print (as shown). I feel like this jacket could be a bit boring in a solid, but I bet it would look fantastic in a tweed or bouclé, or something else with a lot of texture.

The dresses this month are great for a casual spring/summer wardrobe.

I really like this dress, even though I’m sure we’ve had very similar styles from Burda in the past. I’m game for an angled hemline, and I like the waist emphasis and the soft gathers at the neckline. I’m not sure how I feel about the styling of the black version of this dress, but the line drawing has me sold.

Another style I love! I’m always excited by the cool twisty patterns Burda has. I’m not sure how I feel about either of the images on the model, but the garment photo of the gold dress is really speaking to me. Perhaps in a less reflective fabric it wouldn’t look so messy in the model photo. Hmmmm.

This is not a style I would wear personally, but I do actually really like this design. The use of the sequin fabric and hem ruffles creates a really spectacular dress, even though the design itself is quite simple.

This should be called the tops issue! We get so many shirts this month it is a bit crazy…

I’m oddly intrigued by this fairly simple button up blouse. I love a 3/4 sleeve, and this give that without the bulk of having to roll them up. It’s also got a nice relaxed fit without being too boxy. I love the way the simple white shirt is styled with the leopard skirt too.

This top is a bit less exciting to me. I think it’s great if you want a nice simple woven blouse, but overall it is pretty basic and nothing we haven’t seen before.

This is another top that I want to dismiss as being a bit boring, but I am obsessed with the fringe fabric in the first example, so I’m giving it a pass. I don’t know why I think looking like a Muppet is so cool, but, I can’t help it! It just looks so fun!

I really like this top. It is very pretty and would be a great use of flowy stash fabric. The neckline looks a bit low on the model, so that might be something to consider, but overall the style has a really pretty effect. I even like the cuff bows here! They feel cohesive with the whole look, and not like something that was added on just to be part of a trend.

This is the third top pattern that is pretty basic, and yet I still like it! I feel like the length might be a bit short for me, but that is easily adjustable. And I know adding sequins to things is a cheap trick to get me excited about the shiny and ignoring the boring, but, hey, it’s working. Also, it looks really comfortable. Also, also, I actually really do like the sleeves on the green top – they are a very cool detail!

I think this cross over top looks really cool, especially as a layering piece to go over a fancy bralette or tank top.

The twist top from the dress pattern above. I think I prefer it as a dress, but I still find it interesting. I still think Burda hasn’t found good fabrics to showcase the pattern though… none of these fabrics looks like they photograph well.

Long time Burda lovers know that very popular magazine patterns can become envelope patterns, but I don’t often remember envelope patterns becoming magazine patterns. I thought I recognized this top and I did:

I liked this pattern so much when it came out I bought it! So, I’m on board. At the time I thought I was “taking a risk” but now that I’ve come to realize the brilliance of loose-fitting knit tops, I think it was a wise investment. I still really want to make this top.

Boob curtains. With pearls! Really though, I don’t hate this shirt. It’s just… did they need to add the pearls?

Now this is a top I think I need to add to my wardrobe. I love the waist tie and the relaxed silhouette. Such a great layering piece for spring!

There aren’t a lot of bottoms in this issue, and they are all pretty basic…

Ok, so the pockets are kind of cool on this trouser. But the basic style is pretty simple. It’s also sort of fascinating how Burda is slowing preparing us for the onslaught of wide-legged trouser those who follow fashion trends tell us are coming. Honestly, I don’t like the bottom of the trouser, but I’m definitely considering franken-patterning the top of this style onto a full length, wide-legged pattern to create a really cool option for a casual trouser.

Ankle length pants seem to be the thing Burda can’t let go of this year. It’s been… what? Six months since we’ve covered our ankles?

I can’t decide how I feel about this skirt. It’s sort of boring but sort of practical but sort of styled weird so I’m not really that into it either. It’s sort of just there.

Interestingly, Burda is not having their traditional wedding section this month, but we do get a Vintage Wedding Dress pattern to tide us over:

Burda seems to trot this gown pattern out on the regular; it was available as an envelope pattern a while ago (I did buy it when it came out). The dress is very pretty, and captures that Grace Kelly vibe that Kate Middleton revived a few years ago. There are a lot of components to this dress, and I’m amazed that they are able to fit it all into the magazine sheets. Aside from that though, it is very pretty. I’ve always loved the bodice and the silhouette of the skirt. The bows on the back maybe not so much, but on the whole it is a really lovely gown.

The Burda Plus section leaves a bit to be desired this month.

I do like this relaxed trench coat-ish style jacket. I’ve been very into the idea of a lightweight unlined cover up style jacket lately.

The line drawing if the dress does nothing for me, but I do love the second model photo. This looks like a really great casual dress for an easy spring wardrobe.

I’m not sure how I feel about the bow at the back of the neck, but I do like the layered effect of this top (though, from the line drawing, it is hard to tell if the whole thing is included? But is is in the garment photo, so…maybe?).

I love this skirt! It looks simple, but really sleek and stylish.

This top didn’t seem to have model images on the main Burda page, but it looks like an elongated tunic style for the Plus section, so I’m including it here.

The kids section is all part of the “ballet” feature this month:

Not a lot of kids options this month, although there are a bit more interesting than the usual basic kids clothes. There also seems to be a tulle skirt tutorial for adults and kids in this issue – probably gathering a bunch of tulle onto a waistband – that they are considering to be an extra “pattern.”

There are lots of patterns that I’m excited about in this issue, but I think the Best of BS March 2019 should go to:

The white moto jacket! Stunning! The juxtaposition of the “moto” jacket styling with the softness of the chiffon sleeves and curves on the collar creates a really unique jacket option that is unlike so many of the other patterns on the market. Personally, I’m more interested in the “traditional” version of this jacket with the zippered sleeves, but I have to admit that the white version really is the stand-out pattern for the month.

And the BWTF for March goes to:

Boob curtains! To be fair, I don’t even really hate this look that much. It was just the only look out of the bunch that I could really find anything to giggle at, other than some of the more plain tops (which I still think are valid options for showcasing more spectacular fabrics). So, here we are. With boob curtains.

And that’s it! It’s really weird because I can point to a lot of very similar patterns in my Burda stash (I even already own at least two of these patterns in my envelope Burda pattern stash) that have very similar elements and details and styles, yet I’m still so excited for this issue! Maybe it is just the presentation, or maybe it is because almost all of these patterns are things I could see myself sewing at some point, but I can’t wait for this issue to arrive. What do you all think? Am I way too excited for a lot of basic and repetitive patterns? Or is this one of those issues that has lots of simple goodness that we will want to sew for years to come? Feel free to discuss in the comments!

54 thoughts on “March 2019 BurdaStyle Magazine

  1. Boob curtains? hahahaha……

    I LOVE the jacket (of course)! Do you think it’s possible to lengthen this pattern some? Even with angular zips?

    Love the shirt, will definitely sew that, and the top with the tie – really, really like that pattern. It could go with so many things either in winter or in summer. And the top with the knotted sleeves is an interesting take on a simple sweatshirt-type top – also on my to-sew list.

    Looking forward to this issue!

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    1. Lengthening the jacket should totally be possible – it’s just a lot of pieces to adjust. I’d buy an extra-long metal zip and shorten it to the desired length, so I don’t think that would be a problem either.

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  2. The grey skirt looks like it has been added in PhotoShop as an afterthought. But I kind of like it and will probably make it, looks like a simple model but with great drape. You really made me smile with the comment about the ankles 😂 so true!

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  3. aaaaaand OF COURSE I love the boob curtain top! Except I have no plans to use pearls or other adornment. LOL! I do plan, when the time comes, to use something with a little more drape (maybe a rayon shirting or heavy challis?) and do the boob curtains in a tonal color in a silk chiffon. I had a WHOLE VISION when I saw this pattern!!! Of course black or white seems the easiest way out but we’ll see!

    I *love* the moto. I have made a couple and they haven’t lasted in my wardrobe. I think I’m going to make this one. Sigh. I can’t let go of the idea of them.

    I love the knit twisty dress (less so on the top). Love the other woven dress but not really into the asymmetric hem. I liked the twist sleeves on the tee but they look super huge on the model so I’m not sure now. The sweatshirting with mermaid sequins is SO cute.

    I like the sleeves of the wrap top but otherwise it’s just too much and seems cumbersome to wear. And that neckline! When Burda shows a plunge, you’d better be ready!

    Those pants were in the plus section last month with a slightly narrower leg. I put them on my to-sew list! The plus pants in a 44 fit me just a little better than the straight.

    I like the ankle pants with the little bit of pleating but MAN am I over ankle pants!! Not to mention it’ll be another 2 months before I can wear ankle pants!! :-p

    I actually liked the plus section this month! I think the dress that requires(!) a belt/tie at the waist also requires a *very* softly draping fabric. NO body or it’ll become a tent.

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    1. I agree with so many of these points! I think having a more draped fabric on the ruffle shirt will really transform it to something special. You have explained the vision and I can see it now! I have like 5 motos in my closet and I wear them, like, all of the time. But they keep being too big/small because I keep shifting sizes. It’s a bit infuriating.


  4. I really do like your BurdaStyle reviews – it takes me months to get my copy…so I turn to you for the latest BurdaStyle magazine updates.


  5. The top with the bow and the layered look in the photo? I think the bottom layer is the skirt from the model photo. Same colour, at least.
    A lot to love here, I need this issue! Because, you know … moto top. Even a hybrid with chiffon sleeves. *swoon* I have some silk tweed in stash and several pieces of silk chiffon that I’ve never really known what to do with. I might just have found the solution. Best dressed up summer jacket ever! And thank goodness we’re done with frozen shoulders…I hope! 😄

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    1. The layered top in the plus section actually are two tops, both included! The upper one is a boxy sweatshirt type with the back bow, and the lower one is longer (not a skirt), like a spaghetti top but with ribbon as straps.

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  6. I love the green moto jacket, but not the version with poofy chiffon sleeves. Maybe the wedding dresses will be in the April issue. The January issue had all sorts of party dresses that were usually seen in the December and November issues in the past.

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  7. OM Gosh! “Boob curtains” had me choking on my tea and lmao! The tie waist top is my top pick – super cute. The moto jacket is cute, but I have a similar pattern from another pattern company (Janet Pray) and I’m a sucker for a slim skirt, so I do like that one too.

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  8. Love the wrap top, both versions of the moto jacket and the waist tie top. Also love both of the first two regular sized dresses. I also purchased the gathered top from the regular Burda patterns so am a bit disappointed that those two patterns are in the magazine for March, but overall very happy with this issue. Burda does seem to hit a lot of home runs for me with their patterns. Always enjoy reading your take on the designs each month, as well as all your other pattern reviews. Perhaps you would consider top pick for a Kibbe group from Burda magazine for the month also? I think that would be fun.

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  9. This is the first issue that arrived as part of my testing subscription so I studied this one already – and then looked forward to your thoughts! I feel as a soft natural you have a different perspective – sadly almost no classic patterns in the latest issues.
    I loved the moto jackets, too, as well as the wrap tops and the twisty dress. On second glance, I’m not too sure anymore. That yellow wrap top looks kinda messy to me – and it uses a bajillion meters of fabric! Will probably try out the knot version that’s built on the same base, though. And the twisty dress seemed like it would need a lot of adjustments. The folds (horizontal folds?!) around the neckline and armscye just accentuate how much negative there is around the bust. If it looks this tight on the model it’ll need a large fba for me! 😀 and those folds just sort of… lay there over the bust. I’d eliminate those, I think, for a simple waterfall neckline.
    Oooh lastly on the wedding dress: it’s not just inspired by Kate Middleton’s take on Grace Kelly, it’s a vintage reissue from 1956, so a direct copy of Grace’s dress! In the snippet they show from the original description it even says it’s exclusive, so it might even be an authorized copy. They don’t repeat that in the modern text, though… It also has some design changes to the original, so who knows?

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    1. I do think this issue skews heavily Soft Natural; it’s probably why I’m so excited. And thanks for the info on the Vintage dress! I knew it was a vintage reprint (I’ve seen the original magazine it is in) but I meant that the re-issue is probably inspired by the royal wedding craze lately. But you are 100% correct that the pattern itself is vintage.


  10. I must be alone as I don’t like this issue at all. I think we’ve seen a lot of these styles before. It all feels like the same old designs being churned out. I’ll give them a nod to the utility pant trend coming through and I’d make the basic shirt but overall I feel sad as Burda used to be so exciting.


  11. Yep! For once completely agree with everything you say! I will be buying this issue myself. Love most of it though probably already own similar patterns. I am a sucker for ballet type clothing tho!
    Thats the way to sell magazines to me!

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  12. Great review! I look forward to receiving my Burda magazines. Now, for someone like me, who does not have blouses in her wardrobe, this magazine has me excited because I was (no longer) looking for blouse patterns and Voila! … they are. I can’t wait to get my magazine in the mail.

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  13. I like most of these but if I’m honest I’m more excited about the fabrics than the patterns. I do want to check out the sleeves on the green blouse when I get the magazine. Why are my magazines taking so #$%* long to get here??? I don’t have February yet. I think GLP is punishing me because I didn’t renew before my last one ran out. 😬


  14. This looks a bit more interesting than Jan & Feb issues. I love the moto jacket, the tie front topper and – naturally the twisty dress and top. Like you though I like the line drawings much more than the photos – not sure if it’s the fabric or the fit, but something looks off. No doubt I will give it a go anyway!

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  15. Great blog! I’ve been following your reviews (nice work!) for a few years now, ever since I got back into sewing more seriously. The only problem I now have with Burdastyle magazine is that it is impossible to find in Montreal, Canada. If anyone is experiencing the same difficulty and has managed to access the magazine some other way, may you please guide me? I used to make my own patterns from scratch, but obviously don’t have time for that anymore and so the idea of having a full collection of patterns to choose from, month after month, really made my wardrobe sparkle as this is a perfect way to have personalized clothes that fit well and are made with quality fabrics! Thanks!

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    1. You can find them in French and English at Club Tissus in Laval at the checkout counter. You can call ahead to see if they have the current issue. I don’t think they sell them through their on-line store though. Alternatively, you can buy most of the patterns individually that are in the magazine on the US Burdastyle website. They are PDF, print at home and they don’t include seam allowance, just the like traced patterns from the magazine. Although it gets pricey if you want more than a couple from each issue.


      1. Thank you Sherry, I will call Club Tissus……I did e-mail them before the Holidays saying they were looking for a new supplier. I will contact them again. Take care.


  16. Love your reviews, as usual.

    I’m especially excited about that kimono-ish waist-tie top, and the green jacket. And the pink crossover top looks like it could be a fun project for workout wear.

    I’m on the fence about the blouse from the envelope pattern 6354. I’ll probably make it, but it’s definitely out of my comfort zone style-wise. I love strange, drapey knit tops, I just don’t always have the courage to wear them…

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  17. Tehehehe boob curtains ;D

    I like the twisty knit dress in theory more than execution. With such a close fit, it’s almost like some of the gathers look like unintentional wrinkles. The bandage-y fabric doesn’t help that impression.

    The simple white blouse is nice.

    I agree, the Plus patterns are a snooze, although the blue skirt is polished.

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  18. I don’t know. I like the twisty dress, it plays into my current (theoretical) love of unusual draping. I could even see myself in this in my (as yet theoretical) office job. But the question is, will I actually make it? Will it stretch weirdly over my lumps and pumps?
    I also like the top part of the asymmetric hem dress, though there is a very similar blouse in one of last year’s spring issues.
    As someone with big boobs, I usually like boob curtains, it makes the waist look tiny. But this is a bit much. Lol.
    I can see their point with the ankle pants though. All the fashionable young ‘uns here have been wearing them even in minus temperatures, and since I don’t live in Fashion Central exposed ankle seems to be a thing?


  19. There is a good stuff in this issue, the pieces you mentioned. And I know I DO NOT need it but I want it. And every time this dilemma occurs I look for pieces would justify purchasing. That three quarters sleeve shirt and sweatshirt. Is it me or it is Burda doing a really good job in selling basic pattern to someone who already have number of basic patterns? Happy sewing!

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  20. Love your reviews and love,love, love the white moto jacket with chiffon sleeves. It has a waist and curves! I have such trouble feeling comfortable in blazers and jackets but the sleeves look so airy. I might have to make this if I can get the time! I like several other things as well.

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  21. ‘d like to purchase Jan Feb and March issues 2019. Any idea how i can do that and perhaps get a 3 month subscription please? Sadly I can’t afford the annual subscription just now. Burda mag is really difficult to get as shops don’t stock and subscription takes up to 12 weeks to arrive. I want to look at an issue review first before purchase. Not everyone’s got the money, unfortunately.


  22. I am sure if we examined closely, Burda Style have been using envelope patterns more then just the one you found. For example Issue 9/2018 Top 121 is an envelope pattern 6838. I am sure I could find others with not much effort. I love Burda Style patterns I just will have to be careful not to double up.

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  23. Ah! I got the mag this week. That plain plus top has a cool pleated back that they did not show. So I think I will add some applique or embroidery to the front and let the back swing.
    I love your reviews and always take time to read them. Thanks!!

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  24. I love your reviews and the detail you go into, they help me decide whether or not I buy this months Burdastyle.
    Boob Curtains – I nearly choked on my G&T!
    Loving your work!! Looking forward to many more.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. I’m really liking this month too. There seems to be an excellent range of styles. Princess Grace and/or Kate Middleton’s dress isn’t my style thing at all but I can appreciate the wonderful details on that pattern. I really like the trousers with the big pockets and the twist dress, and even a couple of the blouses. The moto jacket is cute but there was one last year I liked more than this one…something about the lapels seems wrong on the new one to me.

    And it’s nice that the plus section has moved from the back of the magazine to being the second pattern story.

    One thing I wasn’t so keen on was the five pages of fashion trend reporting with ‘coming in your April/MayJune issue’. Just seemed like thinly disguised advertising to me. But better than the strange crafts they used to do so I’m not really complaining.

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  26. The boob curtains are actually quite practical for a breastfeeding hack haha. I’ve been breastfeeding for close to three years now and the RTW clothes are so meh I want to start sewing but don’t yet have the time to do it but collating suitable patterns for a good seamstress I know to make a few things before I learn the craft and get skilled enough myself.


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