Burda Update and Dirndl News!

So after reviewing the comments from my November Burda post, I realize I’m probably in the minority, and that most people seem pretty excited by this issue.  I’m still not overwhelmingly excited about it, but I am sort of warming up to it.  Working on my Kibbe pattern posts really is giving me something like pattern fatigue – I’m realizing just how many patterns I have, and just how similar so many of them are.  (On the flip side, I’m also really loving how unique some of my patterns are as well.)  On top of that, all of my favorite patterns were part of the October sneak peak, so the lack of other great styles really felt like a let down.  Regardless, I feel I may have come off as a bit grumpy in that review, and I’m feeling considerably less so as I write this.  I’m still of the opinion that the October issue was much better, and I’m holding out hopes for December to blow me away, but, I’m not as thoroughly  disappointed by November as I was at first glance.

In other Burda news, they are making a Burda Baby special edition:

I never have much to say about kids clothes, so I’m going to be skipping a review on this issue, but if you are a Burda fanatic and in need of baby patterns, you may wish to check this one out.  It looks like the patterns will have quite detailed instructions as well.

And, finally, I wanted to share this article from the New York Times.  I have to admit, I find it a bit ironic that the year Burda chooses not to do a full dirndl feature is the year that it has become such a part of mainstream fashion culture the New York Times is reporting on it.  I really want Burda to feature a goth dirndl next year now.

10 thoughts on “Burda Update and Dirndl News!

  1. Yes, I missed the dirndls this year which as you say is really surprising as Oktoberfest seems to be becoming more mainstream everywhere and we’ll soon all have an excuse to sew and wear one 😊

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  2. Dirndl in the disco! 🤣 Interesting how it went from being associated with a shameful history to being part of cultural pride in just a couple of generations.

    Pattern fatigue is the perfect word for it. I’m moving my pattern inventory onto Trello so I’m looking at each and every one – it’s a real eye opener to see how many patterns have the EXACT same styles. Add to that the cyclical nature of fashion and you start to feel like no one has come up with a new idea since the 1940s. I will probably give away or sell more than half of my patterns after this exercise.

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      1. Hit the reply by accident too soon… was saying I’m still using computer folders, but I could see how Trello might be a faster method. Could also be more overwhelming depending on how many patterns you have. I’m thinking it might be a nice alternative to Pinterest for Wardrobe Planning since you can move items from wishlist to in progress to completed with the way boards are set up. I don’t think I’ll migrate everything, but I might use it to catalog patterns I’ve used, and ones I really want to use to have more of a curated wishlist.


    1. I feel like kids would grow out of thing between cutting them out and stitching them together! Plus I feel like there are so many kids patterns in the regular Burdas that I’m good. I really should organize my file system though. By like gender and size range/age. Or something. I just feel like I can’t be bothered, but I know everyone is going to be having kids in the next 2-3 years, so… baby gifts?


  3. I did sew for my kids when they were small and yes they grow SO fast the first couple of years. After that they get bored with their clothes faster than they grow… lol

    The Drindle article is interesting! I’ve no wish to sew any of those, although they could be adapted for steampunk stuff, maybe? But anyway, I’ve more fun seeing other people sew them. 🙂

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  4. hmm, I almost made a goth dirndl last week (not low cut, but black plaid seersucker with a brocade corset belt and petticoat, it was supposed to be a westwood inspired ensemble and I had fish nets and punky/new romantic make up – I’ll tag you on IG ;o)

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