Winter Holiday 2018 Simplicity Patterns

The Simplicity Winter Holiday patterns are here!  As is typical with this release, we are getting a lot of PJs, holiday crafts, and kids clothes.  However, we are also getting a decent number of winter styles and subdued holiday party looks.  There are a lot of patterns in this release, so let’s take a look:

8786 – This dress could be quite fun with the color blocking, but I think it would also look very elegant in a solid color.  It could be a nice look for a family holiday, or it could be winter work appropriate depending on fabric choice.

8787 – This Learn to Sew Knits pattern is really simple, BUT I predict it will become a very popular pattern.  Minimal numbers of pattern pieces, easy sewing, and instructions that are presumably geared towards actually sewing with knits in a modern, practical sense, and I think it could be a real winner.  Plus, it is pretty cute, and velvet seems to still be having something of a moment this year.

8788 – The square top looks so weird in the line drawing, but drapes very interestingly on the model.  Personally, I’d be more interested in wearing one of the other variations, but props to Simplicity for making a basic rectangle more interesting.  Also, more velvet.

8789 – I haven’t made a bodysuit blouse before, but this pattern really makes sense as one.  It allows you to tuck in a shirt and keep it in place without bunchy fabrics or pulling.  I really like the cross over top variations.

8790 – Sew House Seven knit top pattern.  So cute!  It is very simple, but I think the styling really sells it here.  The cowl neck and curved hem add just enough detail to keep it from being really boring.  Plus, we actually had weather here for once so I’m totally feeling the lazy knit vibe right now.

8791 – It seems wrap styles are really popular this fall/holiday season as well.  This pattern has a lot of interesting options, including the double peplum and sleeve variations.  I like how it nods to the sleeve trend without going so over the top.

8792 – A nice pencil skirt in various lengths.  The diagonal button detail is a cool design feature.

8793 – I’m less enamored with this top; something about the proportions of the sleeves feels off to me.  The faux-leather jeggings are cute and would be fun as a styling piece.

8794 – This is a decent wardrobe pattern.  The wide-legged trouser also seems to be making something of a come back lately; note again we have some velvet here.  I like the line drawing of the sweater/jacket, but I think on the model it doesn’t quite suit the whole look.  I think perhaps in a different fabric it would really sell the holiday party feel.

8795 – Another pattern where I feel as though the fabric looks a bit cheap?  I don’t think it is, but is just sort of looks bathrobe-ish.  I do actually like the style lines of the jacket though, it isn’t often we see dolman sleeves of late.  Also, props for using a model who doesn’t fit the typically youthful profile, it’s exciting to see more representation on pattern envelopes.

8796 – Am I getting this coat?  Yes, yes I am.  It is my weakness!  But, to be fair, I really do like the asymmetric front and tie detail.  I have an older Burda with a similar feature, but the shape of the coat is quite different.  This coat is quite streamlined, and it really showcases the minimal details very well.

8797 – If you want an even more unconstructed coat, this one would be fabulous.  I like the tab detail at the back – just enough to highlight the waist without emphasizing it.  I have to admit, the model looks pretty fabulous in this style.

8798 – Easy to Sew coat.  I really like View D, as shown on the model.  The asymmetric hem is a cool design feature, and the simple overlapping top would make this quite an easy coat to sew.  Could be a good first coat project for someone who is worried about constructing something with too much detail.  I am actually enjoying the sleeves on View B as well – enough to satisfy the trend, but not so much as to overwhelm the wearer of the coat.

8799 – 1950s vintage pajama reprint.  Seriously though, how fabulous would you feel swanning about your home in this nightgown?

8800 – This PJ setup is much more my style.  Perhaps not the silk bralette, but certainly the PJ pants and bathrobe.  Plus, it has pockets!  All PJ pants really should have pockets.

8802 – PJs for the boys.  The man’s shirt is so oversized it looks ridiculous.  And, I honestly have to ask.  Does any man really sleep in PJs like this?  I mean, honestly?  I feel like most guys would consider the buttons too much effort to deal with before bed.  Tell me truly sewing community – inquiring minds want to know.

8803 – I see what you did there Simplicity.  Literally the exact same line drawing, except with the button placket reversed.  I do ponder if gendered sleep patterns sell better than their unisex patterns?  I also ponder how many people will buy both of these patterns…

8804 – Because of course we couldn’t not have a unisex pattern this release.  To be fair, I’ve made unisex bathrobes before, and they did work well for all participants.  I personally prefer the robe in 8800, but I can see how this pattern could provide more warmth with the overlapping collar.

8805 – Kids clothes.  The embellishment here is sort of cute for the holidays.

8806 – Simple kids sleepwear.  If you are into sleeping masks, this kitty one is pretty fun though.

8807 – Clothes for the older kids.  I’m going to say that these are actually pretty stylish.  I mean, you show up to first grade in that vest and it’s a pretty bold fashion statement.

8811 – Infinity scarf and cardigan pattern.  I actually think this is a pretty decent cardigan.  There is enough collar shaping to really give it some substance.

8812 – Winter hats and scarves.  I don’t really wear hats too often, but these look pretty cute.  The deer stalker is perhaps a bit much, bit the softer styles look very seasonal.

8813 – This tote patterns looks really practical.  I like the wallet pattern as well – it can hold so many cards!

8814 – 1950s vintage apron pattern.  The vintage styles are always so pretty, but they also seem so impractical – how do you avoid getting a mess on the top of your outfit?

8815 – These aprons are a bit less pretty, but much more practical.  Also, I think the overlapping pocket design is so cute!  It almost looks like a little cat face in the line drawing.

8816 – The most practical apron!  The pockets are so fantastic.

8817 – American Girl bottoms for kids and dolls.  They all look to be elastic waisted, so they should be very easy to sew.

8818 – American Girl doll clothes.  These are so cute!  Especially those little jeans.

8819 – More doll clothes.  These are for smaller dolls than the American Girl patterns.  The example dresses are so pretty.

8820 – Baby doll patterns.  I was never much for playing with baby dolls; I was always more interested in dressing up a Barbie.  Things haven’t changed much the past 30 years…

8821 – The sloth is so stinking adorable!  I love him!

8822 – Practical sewing accessories.  The machine cloth doubles as a cover, and the pressing station tool holder is an interesting idea.  The cactus pin cushions are adorable in an ironic sort of way.

8823 – This introduction to quilting pattern could be good for someone just learning to sew or someone who wants to transition from garment sewing to quilting.

8824 – Dog coats!  The bow tie suit is perhaps a bit much, but the other styles could be helpful for short hair dogs who need some help in the snow.

8825 – Wakanda Forever!  Why did it take so long for someone to come out with this pattern?  I predict this will sell like hot cakes.  The costuming in that film was beyond fabulous, and I think I can safely say that everyone wishes they could look that amazing all the time.  As a side note, this could be a really good starting point for a Legend of Korra cosplay as well; it shares a lot of similar elements with her costume.  (Elements!  Get it?  Avatar humor….)

8826 – A very basic apron pattern.  Another Learn to Sew option.

8827 – This patterns perhaps has the best of all worlds – View C has the protection, but the other views have the vintage-looking cuteness.

8828 – Holiday crafts.  Not sure why the line drawing was only of the stocking, as the ornament and tree skirt patterns are included as well.  The ornaments are cute in a South Park does the holidays sort of a way.

8829 – More traditional holiday sewing projects.

8809 – Really basic holiday projects, presumably to keep the kids entertained?

8810 – Kids would either go nuts for that crazy fringe hat or they wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole.  Hard to predict.

8808 – Nothing says “winter vacation is temporary” like a pencil pouch project.

4677 – Vintage reprint hats pattern.  The range from gnome to Jackie Kennedy is a bit astounding.

6206 – Because we didn’t have enough aprons already.

And that’s it!  There were a lot of craft patterns.  And PJs.  And aprons.  But the Black Panther costume is really exciting!  And the other winter fashions aren’t too bad.  While Vogue was giving us over the top opulence, Simplicity is really painting the picture of a more subdued holiday, which feels like a more realistic sense of this year.  There are a lot of patterns I really like, though nothing I’m too obsessed with.  I feel like there are a lot of elevated basics; the design lines are simple, but they all have a few interesting features to make them worth considering.  What do you all think?  See anything here of interest?  Or is this release too full of crafty projects to be of note?  Do you prefer these toned down winter holiday looks, or are you more of an extravagant ballgown party sort of person?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

23 thoughts on “Winter Holiday 2018 Simplicity Patterns

  1. I like several of these! My must have would be the apron with the pockets, since it’s exactly what I pictured as a smock to protect my clothes when my kids are painting and stuff. But there’s quite a few things that would mesh well with the very casual gatherings that my family always has. I’m a little frustrated that all the boy clothes are pajamas again (come on, Big 4, we don’t all have girls), but I’ve come to expect that.

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  2. I live in a place where the temp rarely drops below 70, even in midwinter, but does that stop me from drooling over the coat patterns? Of course not! Although not sure about 8798 – I thought it was a bathrobe at first. Sometimes styling can be a problem with those wrap coats.

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  3. My faves are 8789, 8790, and 8791; nice and consecutive! I hope the body-suit shirt thing (8789) has snaps, otherwise it’s a no for me. I can’t be bothered with removing my whole top when I have to use the bathroom. =)

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  4. Oh my lord – a body suit with a blouse top! They dug that pattern out of the archives because I know I had some of those in the 70s. They seem odd but it’s a great way to have the tucked in blouse look and not have to fuss with it continually to keep it tucked in.

    I’m getting 8816. It’s the type of apron I wear all. day. long. when I’m cleaning. I know it’s essentially just rectangles and there are probably many online tutorials but if I don’t have to measure and do math, I won’t!

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  5. I made my husband a pair of PJs from a 1950’s Simplicity pattern and they turned out huge! I have to say though he loves them and can get them on and off without undoing the buttons. I also made a 1960’s pair that were more reasonably sized with narrower legs and he loves them too because they were made from brushed cotton and are cosy. He wears both of them all the time and has asked for some more…!

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  6. The several of the dolls on the cover of Simplicity 8819 are called Hearts for Hearts girls. They are 14inches. It looks like Simplicity airbrushed off the henna tattoos from Nahji (who is suppose to be from India).


    1. Interesting. It must be some company policy because they airbrush model tattoos as well. That or they don’t have the license to use the dolls and don’t want to get in trouble with something so identifiable.


  7. I think there will be a lot of us in S8796! I LOVE that tie front on the coat! Love. Love. Love.

    Also, I must have, like right now, the bodysuit blouse. And the criss-cross apron. So up my alley and I need a new one.

    I’ll likely get the Sew House Seven design too. I haven’t made any of her patterns but I like the aesthetic. Plus, this seems like something DD and I would like and bonus for all-sizes-included!

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    1. Yes, so many of the patterns have all sizes included, it’s great! The coats and costume patterns don’t, but otherwise is saves me having to buy both sizes on so many of the styles I want.


  8. Once again you’ve made me change my mind about some of this release. At first I was like meh they’re only a few that I was feeling but everytime I read your blog post I end up seeing the other possibilities and adding them to my Pinterest like list. I like the Black Panther inspired Dora Milaje and Shuri patterns but I wish they had a licensed Marvel ones like they’ve done in the past. I have the Deadpool pattern and it was spot on.

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  9. Well, trying to keep things down this year as I have enough patterns to last multiple lifetimes especially since I now have all my mother’s back to the 1950s. She retired from sewing this year because of health. So my curated picks are 8791. I want to try the short sleeves they have interesting seams and I like the double peplum. The nightgown for summer. The kitty nightmask for Christmas presents. 8815 I like it showing GMA and grand which is exactly what I want to use it for. I’ll use a different pattern for my son/grandson. 8822 for my daughter who loves cacti and the rest for my daughter who loves sewing. 8808 for my 12 yr old son who likes to sew and make Dopp bags for all the rest of the men in my life. So Simplicity here’s a novel concept: how about beginning sewing patterns for boys and boys and girls. Anyway, only 6 patterns and I promise I’m not looking at any of the coats. How’d I do ? 😉

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  10. These are so cute! I love the 8788 pattern where it’s a bodysuit but not really.. it’s really interesting with the top part draping!! I’ve never really seen anything like it at all!


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