McCall’s Winter Holiday Patterns 2018

The McCall’s Winter Holiday patterns have been announced!  While I don’t think McCall’s gets quite the love that Vogue does come holiday pattern release season, I McCall’s has really been stepping up their game recently, and I’m actually pretty impressed with several of the new patterns in this release.  I’m definitely picking up a few of these patterns for my stash, and there are several others I very much like, but really don’t need.  There’s lots of fun stuff, so let’s take a look:

M7865 – Ok, so this is a pretty simple mermaid gown, but it is SO PRETTY!  I love this silhouette, and I think the neckline variations and train option provide some interesting possibilities for adding embellishments to jazz up this dress.

M7866 – Can you say sexy?  Cuz this dress is HOT.  It is certainly not a normal bra friendly sort of a look, but I think it is a refreshing shift from the recent drowning in ruffles trend.  (I think this one patterns could spark further discussion about the cyclical nature of fashion, the ever changing “ideal” beauty, and trend fatigue, but I also feel I had a fair bit to say about that in the conclusion to my Kibbe Dramatic post.  Side note: Dramatics, this one’s for you!)

M7867 – Archive Collection circa 1933.  I’m a bit put off by the fabrication of the cropped jacket, but the gown is STUNNING.  The straps on the back?  Love it.  And who can resist a silky bias cut skirt like that?  I’m a sucker for vintage patterns (though I’ve yet to sew one), but this is absolutely going on the list.

M7864 – I’m less excited by this ruffle jumpsuit/dress.  Mostly because I’m just over the ruffles.  Could be good to whip up a quick holiday party look though.

M7861 – Learn to Sew for Fun.  A classic sheath dress.  I don’t need this in my collection at all, but I do like the neckline options and darts to help with fit.

M7863 – I feel like this could be an easy pattern to skip over, but I saw the sneak peak on Instagram stories, and it is gorgeous.  The juxtaposition of the tailored top and angles plackets with the ruching on the skirt is really intriguing.  Another pattern that is going on the list because it really would be unique in my collection.

M7862 – This style of dress really isn’t for me, but I do enjoy the model photo.  The sleeve options really could let you make versions for all seasons.

M7872 – I feel like I don’t need this jumpsuit pattern, but I really do like this jumpsuit pattern.  The top variations could easily change the feel from being more formal (View D) with being more of a party look (I’m imagining Views B and C in sequins… because I imagine everything in sequins…).

M7879 – I know I don’t need this pattern, because realistically I’d only use View A, and I have other patterns that look like View A.  I think the sleeve variations are a bit nuts, but I also think they could help you make a really unique coat, if you are going for that.  View D intrigues me because, while that isn’t a style I’d like for myself, I don’t think there’s been many styles with that shorter, tapered hem in the marketplace recently.  I think it is simple, but also somewhat unique at the moment.

M7873 – I’m enjoying the crazy diagonal asymmetry of this top – so fun!  It’s an interesting interpretation of the athleisure trend.  In seam pants pockets are also quite fun.

M7868 – Not much new here in this draped blouse.  If you need a draped blouse, this isn’t bad, as it has several collar and sleeve variations.

M7870 – Interesting corset/blouse style.  My first thought was that it seemed a bit dowdy in the velvet, and my second thought was that it would have been perfect for my Spring Sew Geeky capsule, and my third thought was “Dang it, now I have to buy it and make it so I can wear it with my amazing Burda trousers as an Esmeralda Disney bound.”  My fourth thought, clearly, was that I think too much.

M7869 – I feel like this sweater top could possibly be a bit boring without the ruffles, but also that it might be a bit much with the ruffles.  As far as ruffle placement goes, this isn’t the worst we’ve seen, but I’m just so over the ruffles.

M7874 – Cute workout gear for the cooler weather.

M7871 – Nancy Zieman. The pockets are pretty cool (great place to stick a cell phone), and the shorter version looks cute styled with the leggings and boots.

M7880 – Beaute’ J’Adore.  I’m not needing any PJs patterns at the moment, but in a different fabric the top could be a cute unconstructed blouse (I’m envisioning it in a plaid, worn over a tank top as a layer…), and the hoodie top could be a really cute variation if the buttons work (or even if they don’t, it’s a fun feature).  As PJs, it’s a pass, but as layering pieces, it’s worth considering.

M7860 – Kids coats.  The pink fur is so impractical, but so fun.  My inner 5-year-old is all about that pink coat.

M7857 – Malia Janveaux for Kathryn. A more practical (?) kids pattern.  The cardigan looks like something you’d see for an adult, it’s kind of unique to see it in a kids pattern.

M7858 – David Tutera. My inner 5-year-old is also dying to wear that pink dress and twirl.  A lot.

M7859 – Leggings always feel like a selling point on a kids pattern.

M7882 – I feel like we see these elf dolls every year…

M7881 – These dog coats seem really practical in comparison to many of the other patterns we’ve seen.  The wrap around velcro also feels like a really practical feature for actually getting it on a dog before a walk.

M7884 – Create It! bag pattern.  Dear pattern companies:  Can you please also include iconography from other major winter holidays so that I can make gifts for all my friends who have to shop in a state that’s banned plastic bags?  Thanks.  (Realistically though, I do think these bags are super cute and super practical for grocery shopping during the holidays, I just wish there were other decorative options.  And, yes, I could just make my own design templates and do what I want, I’m just saying I shouldn’t always have to.)

M7885 – Angela Clayton.  I love all of her costume patterns.  ALL OF THEM.  This gown is gorgeous and it shall be mine.

M7886 – Angela Clayton.  This cape pattern shall also be mine, because The Wheel of Time has been optioned and I need to prepare my stash with as many cloak styles as possible to make ALL OF THE COSPLAYS.  ALL OF THEM.

And that’s it!  Personally I think this is a pretty solid release.  There are plenty of standard basics, but also a fair number of holiday party stand-outs.  Even patterns I didn’t really appreciate the first time through (like that corset inspired top) have somehow made it onto my wishlist.  What do you all think?  Do you see anything you need to make your holiday sewing complete?  Or are you so over the holiday pattern releases at this point that nothing can interest you?  Who else has a weakness for vintage and gown and costume patterns and is dying to add some of these offering to the stash?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

13 thoughts on “McCall’s Winter Holiday Patterns 2018

    1. Yes, I thought it felt much smaller than, say, SImplicity’s release of 50,000,000 PJ patterns. And since the release is split between adults, kids, crafts, and costumes, it feels much smaller than Vogue, though I’m not sure that it actually is.

      Also, while I secretly love the white shiny fabric, I agree it can take it to costume pretty quick. I think it could have looked way more expensive in something like a black velvet or a bright red crepe? It was also the standout pattern for me, and I think it could look amazing in a really rich fabrication.


  1. Those dresses really are gorgeous! The M7866 seems to have an option for those of us who can’t go bra-less anymore so thumbs-up there 😄 (the short version actually appeals to me, I’d consider trying that one for the once or twice a year party…). Otherwise not so much really does it for me in this collection. Though the workout jacket is quite nice…!

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  2. Wow, mixed bag! I’m glad you pointed out M7863, as I would indeed have skipped over that. The line drawing looks like a mashup fail, but the dress in the model photo looks beautiful. Some of these are really cute but in general the few that are my style are already over-represented in my existing collection.

    I’m currently in a phase where I still get super-excited about seeing the new pattern releases but just don’t have the urge to buy all the pretties. I expect it’ll pass once I’m done with this massive inventory project. 😆

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  3. M7863–I can’t help but notice that the buttons are a much stronger diagonal on the drawings than on the finished samples, and it makes me wonder if the dress wants to pull back straight, or if the drawings are off. I’ve made a few dresses where a twist or off-centre cut on the top half was supposed to make up the lines of the dress, but they just want to pull back down to something straight and I end up tugging them back into the twist all day long.

    But here’s the thing that I noticed that put me off all of them:

    All of the patterns I checked except for the baggy suit have no finished garment measurements on the yardage page. And I’ve had enough bad experiences with fit in the big 4 that I no longer buy patterns from them if I don’t know what the finished measurements are (I can be anywhere from a size 10-14, and the envelopes split between those sizes, so I’ve had several experiences where I’ve bought the wrong size envelope and didn’t know until I got it home and opened it up).

    Bad enough they took the finished measurements off the envelopes. If they’re taking them off the website too, that is a definite step in the wrong direction.

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  4. I like the first gown, 7865. It might make a good concert black without the train and maybe tealength. I need a new covert black for an upcoming Christmas performance. I’ll probably make a skirt though, quicker and I have top. I actually love the corset top( so practice in your 50s. No? And Angela Clayton! She’s an angelic goddess.
    In reality I’m probably buying the elf doll. What can I say I have kids and grandkids…

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