Possibly a Pattern Review Contest?

I wasn’t planning on doing any more Pattern Review contests this year.  I was sad when they announced that they’d be moving the Sewing Bee to January, but I was a little relieved too.  And I was pretty much set against doing any more contests; I wanted to just do things for me at my own pace.  But then I saw this post at Dressmaking Debacles, and I thought, weeeeeeeeeeelllllll, I do already have my Fall Wardrobe plans set out, and it wouldn’t be so terribly difficult to pick 5 things to sew next month, so maaaaaaayyyybe.  I’m still sort of sitting at maybe, but I am definitely thinking that I could do 2 pairs of pants, or pants and a skirt, 2 knit tops, and the blazer I’ve been wanting to make since 2011.  Or I could throw a knit cardigan into the mix if I lack time.  I did the 6-in-6 contest at the start of the year, which is basically why any of my spring sewing plans got made, so entering this Mini Wardrobe contest might not be the worst thing for me.  I’m still not totally committed to this plan, but right now I’m thinking that if I do go for it, I’ll work on making the following pieces:

I’m not exactly sure how the blazer fits into the whole “work” wardrobe thing, but, I figure I “work” as a skating judge sometimes (and by work I mean volunteer), so it’s ok if I’m a little flashy.  A little.  Slightly.  Like, 1 out of 5 pieces.  Or I could just make a cardigan, and save the jacket for later.  Or I could make an outer-wear coat that’s also been on my list since forever:


Clearly, I’ve totally planned things out.  Yeah.  Anyway, I’m also thinking that I could use one of the tops and the wide-legged pants to cheat a bit multitask and have the basis for the Librarian cosplay I want to make:

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 9.13.19 PM.png

So, does this mean I’m officially joining the competition?  Not yet.  But I’m thinking about it.  Right now I’m on a massive fabric organization kick, so I think if I can wrangle the mess into some semblance of order that I can live with until October, I’ll jump in.  If we get 1-2 weeks into the month and I’ve still got nothing cut out, I’ll let it pass and enjoy watching the others prep their mini wardrobes.  Either way, September is National Sewing Month, so I’ll be sewing something.  In the meantime, I’m going to get back to folding.  Well, folding, and pulling out fabrics for my fall sewing plans.

16 thoughts on “Possibly a Pattern Review Contest?

  1. Folding fabrics and formulating for fall ?

    I looked at the PR mini wardrobe contest too. Also because of Dressmaking Debacles. I like the idea but am unlikely to enter the contest. By the time I determine fabrics/patterns it will be December.

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  2. Love all your choices! They look both very wearable and chic, if that is what’s needed. Hope you find the time to do a couple – would love to see them!! Funny, I came across a youtuber (was too tired to read before bed, so… youtube…) from Paris who was speaking about basic French fashion for women. Strangely, she was enjoyable to listen to, very logical, and her advice went along with what we’d seen when we visited in 2016. Several of your choices here go right with what she was mentioning. Tu sera parfait à Paris! Ahhh, la belle ville.

    My subscription with Burda is in the air – I got a letter from GCNews saying they were “closing and sorry for any inconvenience”. 😮😨 Life without Burda?? Besides my hundred bucks I just paid….

    Annyhoo can’t wait to see your makes! The top and skirt combo look really nice too. And the coat…..

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    1. Wait what! 😱 I just resubscribed as well. And I don’t know if it is possible to order different languages direct from Germany 🤔🤔🤔. This will require investigation, because NOT having a Burda subscription is NOT an option.

      Also, what was the name of the YouTuber? I’d love to watch!

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  3. No kidding… even though I’m only a casual sewist (and enjoy other patterns) there are none quite like Burda. Hopefully it’s just the 3rd party delivery or something? I did get an email back from F + W Customer service and they said my questions had forwarded to management and they’d get back to me. I don’t see anything about Burda closing… 😭 They’d better not! This is the letter I got: https://photos.app.goo.gl/BMsRMr7fmvSA7abg8

    And this is the link to the Youtuber… I’ve only watched a couple of her videos, so don’t take my word for it, but the ones I watched were interesting and easily translatable into sewing… burda patterns of course….


    1. Yeah, GLP is just a US/North American (?) distributor of German publications, so Burda should be ok. I’ll wait for my letter, fume over my wasting of $120 (I also subscribe to Burda Easy) and look into establishing subscriptions elsewhere. The sewing community is savvy- I’m sure we will figure it out. Thanks for sharing the YouTube link – I’m totally going to check it out!


    2. And now that I’ve actually read the letter, I wonder if it is just the Canadian branch shutting down? GLP does offer international shipping options. I’ll be watching the mail like a hawk the next two weeks and I’ll report any information on the blog.

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      1. Could very well be that it’s just the Canadian branch. Hopefully anyway. I’ve no idea where else to get my subscription – I hope they will get back to me, because I JUST paid the next six months. I think you have other Canadian readers here…? I wonder if they have had a letter.

        Oh and sorry about the video embed, I thought it would just post the link. My baddest. (on the 6th episode of The Magicians season 1… whole lotta bangin’ goin’ on…lol!)

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