Burda Fall/Winter 2018 Pattern Collection

Even though we get new Burda patterns every month through the magazines, the Fall/Winter pattern collection is still one of my sewing highlights every year.  And this year my wallet is already crying, because these patterns are so good!  I’ve been less than impressed with the fall releases we’ve had so far, but I can enthusiastically say I’m ready for fall sewing if it means making some of these patterns.  Burda hasn’t officially announced the new catalog as far as I can tell, but these patterns did make it to their product page, so by my standards, that means they’re out.  There’s a lot of yummy Burda pattern goodness, so let’s take a look:

First, let’s look at the coats and jackets, which are pretty great for the fall:

6372 – I’m not a huge fan of this style of swing coat for myself, but I do think the high collar is super practical for cold, windy days, and the exaggerated size would make it easy to fit a nice thick sweater or second jacket underneath.   Raglan sleeves and welt pockets are nice design features.

6361 – I’m much more excited by this coat, especially the one with the hood!  It does a nice job of skirting the line between formal and causal, and I think that would make it super versatile.  I’m not really into the ruffle trend, but at least it is fairly proportional to the overall style of the jacket.  Plus, I might prefer the pocket placement on that version, so perhaps a little of column A and a little of column B could result in a perfect quasi-casual winter coat.

6376 – Love!  I’m obsessed with this blazer pattern.  OBSESSED.  I need bother versions, like, ASAP.  The collar detail is fabulous, and I love both of the length options.  This pattern will definitely be joining the stash.

6359 – Ok, so I think we can all admit that the Muppet bomber jacket is a little nuts, but, there’s something about it that I’m kind of loving.  Maybe it’s just the styling, or the model giving it life, but, she’s totally rocking it.  I know in my heart of hearts I wouldn’t wear this on the regular, but I’m really considering it, if only to make this dream a reality:


(Comic by Sarah Anderson Comics)

6387 – Speaking of things that are going to make me spend all the money, I love this coat too!  The long version has got to be a fabric hog, but I need it in my wardrobe.  Ignore the fact that I live in a super warm, super dry climate where 50 is the equivalent of freezing.  I still need it.  Need.  Burda, you’re killing me here!

6378 – Gah, I love this one too!  I often feel like these sorts of coats can feel “bathrobe” but I think the proportions and fabric choices are really selling me on the style.  They look so chic!

6380 – And this looks like a great option for a more casual jacket.  I’d totally wear something like this on a regular basis, especially the version with the hood. This could be a really great pattern for those of us who live in warmer climates, but still need a little something for the winter.  Of course, I love the styles of the other winter coats more, but this is actually probably the most practical jacket for my lifestyle.  Plus I super want to nerd it up with fun patches now too.  Also, check out the print fabric Burda used for the longer version – cats!  So fun.

6379 – I don’t like this jacket as much as the previous style; the lack of detail is a bit dull.  It doesn’t even have pockets.  I could see the appeal of it being an easy pattern to put together, but, I think this is one I can safely leave at the store.

6380 – The trench dress style is getting a Meghan Markle bump at the moment, so I think these trench vests could be a chic nod to that fashion moment.

There are also lots of great dresses in this release:

6388 – Burda didn’t release many new fancy party dresses (typically they have more of those in the spring/summer release), but I do think this gown/cocktail dress pattern has some interesting features.  Personally, I’d make the gown just a tad longer, but the cocktail dress is pretty fun.  I don’t know if I need this one in the collection (I do have patterns I like more than this dress), but I still think it’s a fun addition to the collection.

6363 – These loose fitting dresses have never been my style, and they still aren’t.  Burda always adds a bit of shaping and interesting design features (like pockets) that make them more appealing than just a loose fitting sack dress, but it’s still not really my style.

6365 – This dress is much more my style!  Especially the red version – I love everything about it!  The length, the front darts, the deep v-neck.  Perfection!  Plus, the longer version is a great way to do a fall maxi – not too much volume, and it looks super cute paired with the boots, as Burda has it styled here.

6384 – Another pattern that will definitely be joining the stash.  The blue version is a great party dress, but the longer version is a nice dress for work or less formal functions.  I really love the draped fabric the the pleating on the faux wrap top.  Beautiful.

6383 – I like this dress, but perhaps not as much as the previous two.  I’m not really into peplums, but this one has some cool tailoring details that are pretty unique.  I’d be much more likely to wear the plain dress, though it isn’t terribly unique from styles I likely have in the magazines.

6381 – I really like the subtle shaping on this dress (it even has sleeve darts!), and the trim at the shoulders give it a cool, sporty look.  I’d even consider cropping it down for a fun fall top.

6382 – Love the neckline detail here!  Plus, with Burda’s illustrated instructions, it should be much easier to figure out the construction on this dress than it would be if it were a normal magazine pattern.

6385 – Part of me feels like there really isn’t anything particularly special about this dress pattern (do I have dresses with bodice darts and necklines exactly like this one?  Yes, yes I do), yet I can’t help but love the purple version of this dress pattern.  I even like the sleeve ruffles!  This is some legit Burda witchcraft over here, because I really don’t need this pattern, but I still really want it.


6362 – Another winner in my book.  Love the skirt drape and relaxed fit of the bodice on this dress.  I’m particularly enjoying the turtle neck variation here as well.

6364 – This looks like a really simple knit dress, but I like the options Burda has provided.  The red is a fancier look without going full gown, but still rather fun.  We’ve seen a lot of these bell sleeved dresses lately, and this one isn’t particularly exciting, but it is a decent option for this design.

6352 – Another design I’m sort of intrigued by, but also sort of surprised that I’m excited.  I get a very 90s grunge vibe off the dress, which really isn’t me at all, yet I really like how this dress was made and styled.  I’m also surprised by how shaped it looks on the model, when the line drawing looks rather straight and loose.  I’d be excited to see this made up by a sewing blogger, but I’m definitely putting this on my maybe list.

The tops in this release are definitely focused on the sleeve trend, but not to the point of being boring or repetitive:

6354 – Based on the line drawings alone, I would have given this one a solid pass, but I’ve actually been rather enjoying wearing my looser fitting tops this year, and I really like the way this looks on the models.  Another pattern I’m shocked that I’m intrigued by, but, I’m still intrigued.

6355 – I actually really like how you get a super casual sweatshirt and a super fancy lace top from the same pattern.  Goes to show that fabric is definitely a large part of the style equation.  Anyway, this looks like a very basic pattern (Burda calls it “super easy”), but it could be good if you want a really plain, classic sweatshirt pattern, or a really simple top for a complex fabric.

6369 – Burda had quite a few wrap tops like these in their magazines a few years ago, so I don’t think I’ll need to add this to the stash, but I like the concept of it.  I feel like the model photos make the garments look a bit large and sort of sloppy, but the line drawings look really nice.

6363 – The ruffle on the blue top is a bit far on the oversized crazy large scale, but the plain top looks super classy.  I’d actually mix the curved hem from the ruffle top with the plain neckline from the plain top, and hopefully end up with something really fun to wear.

6353 – These extra long peplum-ish tunic tops aren’t for me, but I do think they are super cute on the models.  Really love the sneaky pockets in the peplum of the brown top too.

6356 – Another great sweater pattern, except this one has a hood!  I really like the way these look on the models; the dropped sleeves give a nice slouchy vibe to the look.

6367 – I really like this top too.  It’s pretty simple, but it looks fabulous on all the model photos.  The black version especially is making me love the sleeve trend, and I find the peplum on the gray version surprisingly subdued.

6374 – I’m going to sound like a broken record, but I also really like these tops.  They have a nice, loose fit, but don’t look overly voluminous.  The drape on the pink version is really pretty, and the tunic length top is a fun way to showcase a border print.

6373 – I like these wrap top/kimono style shirts, but, again, I’m pretty sure I’ve got similar in the stash.  They do look really chic on the models though, and the wraps look nice and long, so no worries about them coming untied.

6366 – Last but not least we have a nice sweater top.  I really like this pattern as well.  The gray sweater looks like the perfect lazy fall day piece, for when you are too lazy to put in effort and really need some secret pajamas in the wardrobe.  The white top is super cute – I really like the ties on the sleeves, surprisingly.  In practice they could be quite annoying, but in the photo it is a really lovely feminine detail.

There aren’t a lot of pants this time around, and they are all pretty similar:

6377 – Nice pair of skinny trousers; the welt pockets and stripes are lovely details, as is the ankle zip, which might be necessary to get these pants on since they are so slim.  If you like a skinny pant, this could be a really great pattern for the stash.

6371 – I’m not at all intrigued by the floral pant, but the velvet trouser could be fairly practical if you want to avoid having pants dragging on the wet/snowy/muddy ground.  Not sure I’d make them in velvet, but the shape and details are intriguing.  Plus, if fly fronts terrify you, this has a side zip option.

6358 – Dropped crotch trousers.  No.  Just no.

The selection of skirts is similarly small, but a little more varied:

6357 – Really simple gathered skirt.  To be fair, I probably wouldn’t even need a pattern to make this, but, I am inspired by Burda’s use of the really pretty embroidered mesh here.

6370 – I really love the long pencil skirt.  The high waist is so chic!  I’m not in love with the ruffled shorter version, but the ruffle is easy enough to leave off to get a more classic, timeless pencil skirt.

6386 – I’ve tried pleated skirts, but I never love wearing them.  I do like the lines and pocket options here though.  This is one of those styles that isn’t for me, but is a nice design.

6375 – I do love the way Burda styled this in the leather, especially with all that yummy, yummy topstitching.  Super fun look for fall.

The Burda Plus selections are also pretty great for this release:

6393 – Love this blazer!  The waist definition is fantastic, and I’m always a sucker for a single button design.  Very classic and nicely tailored.

6389 – I love when Burda uses these curved darts – something magical happens whenever I sew a pattern that has one.  The sleeve options also make this a very trendy pattern; I don’t think it’s something that people will pull out five years down the line, but it is very cute and of the moment.

6391 – Love these tops!  Love them!  I’m totally going to have to grade them down a few sizes, because I need these in my wardrobe.

6394 – Ah, I also love this coat!  It always makes me happy when Burda makes a Plus pattern that is similar to a pattern in the regular sizes.  I mean, yes, it would be nice if Burda offered all the patterns in all the sizes, but, as someone who can wear the Plus sizes on the bottom and the straight sizes on the top, I have to say I actually appreciate that this coat doesn’t have a tapered silhouette like 6378, because my thighs are definitely not the most tapered part of my body.  Plus, the pocket details here are possibly even better than the other coat, so maybe I really just need to grade this pattern down a bit?  Hmmmm, hmmmm.

6390 – Super cute dress; I think this would be really fun for holiday parties later in the year.

6392 – I’m pretty sure I’ve got similar styles from the magazine, but, I do think this is a nice top that could be a good wardrobe piece for the fall.

We don’t get any new men’s patterns, but there are a few unisex options:

2351 – Yaaaaaaas!  You know you’ve been missing the Burda Crazy, admit it.  You also know you want a unicorn onesie, you know, just because.  Also, if you made the rabbit in gray, you’d have a pretty slick Donnie Darko Halloween costume, just sayin’.

6397 – Possibly the more practical onesie, but, let’s be real.  If I’m making a onesie it’s gonna have a unicorn tail.

Also, just to clarify, there’s only one night of the year when I want a onesie, and it’s at my friend’s New Year’s party because it’s always so darned cold that the only way to not die of hypothermia is to trap as much of your own body heat as humanly possible.  Also, my friend would totally wear the heck out of that second onesie pattern.  Wait.  Did I just talk myself into buying 2 onesie patterns?  What is wrong with me today?

6396 – Not a onesie, but these belts are a fun accessory that could spice up some of the more bland styles pretty effectively.

As per usual, I’m not really that interested in the kids clothes, but I’ll share for skate of completeness:

9328 – So the kids can also have a onesie.  Just, you know, not as cool as a unicorn one or anything.

6395 – Ok, these are pretty cute.  I mean, that penguin?  Adorable!

9336 – A skirt that is definitely meant to be won over tights or leggings.

9331 – This hoodie and sweatshirt pattern looks really practical.  Also loving the stars on the sleeves.  Super cute.

9329 – The perfect Family holiday picture winter coats.

9330 – Burda’s really into adding animal faces to kids clothes lately, and I’m sort of secretly loving it.

9334 – How cute are those rain cloud pockets!?!?!  So cute.

9333 – Fuzzy vests.  Possibly more practical in places that actually have weather.

9332 – I think my mom had a dress like this growing up.

9335 – I’m sort of enjoying the high fashion kids clothes that could have a very “mommy and me” look if the adult patterns were also used.

9328 – Is it bad if I want to make the hat in a red stripe for when my friends have kids?  And also possibly start calling said theoretical future kid Toby?

Screen Shot 2018-07-19 at 7.49.19 PM

2367 – Pretty cute witch costume; the black tooth is really selling me on it.

And that’s it!  The Burda releases are always large since they only come out twice a year, but, like I said, it is definitely a highlight for me.  I always find something I like, but this year I want to take home nearly everything in the whole collection!  I’m definitely more excited by the tailored jackets, fitted dresses, and cozy looking tops that Burda’s offering than I’ve been by the boxy ruffle-fest going on at the Big 4/1.  Plus, I really love that the Burda pattern envelopes tend to have really solid instructions (with pictures), they include the lining pieces, and they have seam allowances.  While we can debate the merits of seam allowances for fit and pattern alterations another day, I think we can all agree that not having to trace from the Burda pattern sheets (which I think I enjoy more than most) does make the process much easier.  I think the Burda envelope patterns are a perfect place for a Burda newbie to start, but also a great way for a more experienced Burda lover to get the same great fit with less hassle and effort.  What do you all think?  Does this release make you ready for fall sewing?  Are you as excited as I am?  Have I drunk too much of the Burda Kool-Aid, or does it just look fabulous only in comparison to the other releases we’ve had so far?  Can you justify buying single patterns (even on sale) when you get get a full magazine of them so much more cost-effectively?  Feel free to discuss the highs, lows, and onesies of this release in the comments!

21 thoughts on “Burda Fall/Winter 2018 Pattern Collection

  1. Those coats are so gorgeous they make me want to move to Melbourne (from subtropical Brisbane where a “cold” winter’s day still gets to 20 degrees Celsius). Great review, thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. There are a lot that I would wear. A great balance between detailed basic and trends. Yes for the unicorn onesie. The drawings are now exactly the same as in the magazine, (that super easy circle), none of these patterns are duplicates from the magazine? the 6352 looks familiar


    1. Usually 2-5 of the patterns are duplicates, but the rest are new. Now that you say that, the circle does look little or a reprint, but I think the short version is a new fabrication? I’ll have to go check.


  3. Soooooo much goodness here!! I have 11 (le sigh) added to the wishlist. =)

    6378 (robe coat) looks really familiar. I will check the Burda magazine stash and see if this is a reprint.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love the coats! I’d also really like that blazer if it had a proper closure – what is this edge to edge thing Burda so often does? It’s drafty and looks untidy in my opinion. I’m way too lazy to alter it though.

    The kids clothes have got some nice details.

    And you have to love the unicorn onesie.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Also loving the coats. I am in Melbourne and a week ago I bought a new RTW coat. Now I’ve seen these patterns and am thinking “WHY??”

    There is a lot to love in this edition. I agree with diaryofasewingfanatic – waiting for your reviews is the best!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. The dresses! 6352 & 6364. The flared hem works for me and thus I seriouly want them both. This is very good release without any exaduration, but I noticed a tendency (in a plus section) to waist disguise, which does not work for me, not that it would not look good on others. The trends in this release are featured in tastefull and rather subtle way, which is nice. Thank you for your review and happy sewing!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I think this is the best pattern release I’ve seen recently, but as you point out I rarely buy any Burda envelope patterns since I have so many great patterns in my magazines. That said, I love that blazer (6376) and the long sleeved, faux wrap knit dress (6362) and will put both on the list. Thanks for a great review!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Blazer, bomber (but not in fur), long coat, casual jacket, the blazer with waist definition, several tops….. love them! I really like the way some of these have several options. My poor wallet, and right after vacation too… lol!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Thank you so much for the round-up. It must be a lot of work for you. I check your website to browse rather than trying to negotiate the less-than-user-friendly pattern sites. A few of these new releases have jumped into my shopping cart – I’ve discovered a strange anomaly whereby I can order Burda envelope patterns from the Simplicity/New Look UK website and have them posted to me for a low postage cost *from Australia* even though the patterns aren’t available in the big chains here yet. The postage is at letter rates, not the single rate the big chains charge (which usually makes buying one or two patterns not worthwhile). I ordered when there was a percent reduction on, and snapped up some Burdas from the last release a few weeks ago for a very reasonable price. Weird, right?

    Liked by 1 person

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