Fall 2018 Vogue Patterns

I stop paying attention to the internet for a few weeks and of course that’s when all the fall patterns drop.  Fall is typically my favorite season for new pattern releases, but I must admit that with the exception of the recent Burda release, I’m a bit disappointed across the board this year.  There isn’t really anything terrible, but there also isn’t anything really exciting in the newest Vogue release either.  At least, not if you weren’t waiting for the 80s revival moment that’s apparently going on this season.  Regardless, I know the Vogue release is one of the most anticipated of the Big 4/1 brands, so let’s get to it:

V1597 – Anne Klein.  I love the color of the jacket, and the lapels are pretty interesting, but I don’t think this is something I need to add to the collection.  The trousers are pretty standard, and overall I don’t think this is unique enough to justify adding it to the collection.  I think it could be a nice pattern set if you are looking for a classy fall jacket, but I have such a large backlog of Burdas that I know I could make something similar.

V1593 – Paco Peralta.  The zipper is a nice feature on this dress, and the seam lines on the back are also quite flattering.

V1595 – Badgley Mischka.  I know this is a simple dolman sleeve dress, but the strategic darts make it really appealing.  This is one of those dress patterns I really don’t need, but also really want.  I think this pattern can really be dressed up or dressed down, which would make it a really versatile wardrobe piece.

V1594 – Badgley Mischka.  I’m not as excited about this dress, but I think it has more to do with the fact that we’ve all been over saturated with the fluffy sleeve trend than any actual criticisms of the dress.

V1596 – Tracy Reese.  I really like the pleating detail on this top, and it looks like it would be super comfortable to wear on those days when you just aren’t feeling like dealing with restrictive clothing.

V9341 – Julio Cesar.  This is one of those wearable art type jackets that isn’t really my style, but I do appreciate the classy 60s vibe I’m getting from the overall silhouette.

V1592 – Today’s Fit by Sandra Betzina.  I was intrigued by the line drawing, because I think the color blocking feature and high collar looked pretty cool, but the model photo is a bit less exciting.  My “coats to make” wishlist is already super long, so this is a pass for me.

V1598 – Today’s Fit by Sandra Betzina.  Another pass; the trousers aren’t really anything special, and the coats aren’t too exciting either.

V9335 – The line drawings make this top look super bulky, but I do think the drape is much more appealing in the model photo.  Probably still a bit too much going on for my taste, but I would be curious to see this made up by other sewing bloggers because I think it could be beautiful in a fun print.

V9328 – Vogue Easy Options Custom Fit.  This dress isn’t really anything we haven’t seen before, but I still really like this pattern.  Views D and E are really catching my eye, and the princess seams and custom cup sizes are a nice feature to have on a basic bodice pattern.

V9326 – Very Easy Vogue.  I like the look of this coat dress, especially styled with the belt.  It seems that Burda has also been featuring a lot of coat/dress dual purpose patterns in the past year or so, so this seems very on-trend.

V9325 – Very Easy Vogue.  Without the bow sleeves, this is a pretty basic sheath dress, so not of much interest as I’ve already got a sizable pattern stash.  It could be nice if you don’t have a decent sheath pattern though; it has decent shaping and you could have fun with the sleeves while the flounce is still in style, but have a nice, basic TNT type sheath that would be quite classic in shape for the future.

V9336 – I want to like the style lines of the jacket, but this pattern is so 80s in styling and cut I really can’t get too excited by it.

V9334 – Very Easy Vogue.  The kimono jacket trend is really having a moment, and this pattern has some interesting features (the collar and the tie) if you are into that sort of a thing.  Personally, I find the silhouette a bit too boxy, but it will be interesting to see if the “easy” label makes this pattern more popular.

V9338 – Vogue Easy Options.  I actually think the tie sleeves on this cardigan jacket are pretty cute!  I’m pretty over the whole sleeve trend, but the model photo is really selling me on the detail here, plus, once again, you’d have a really solid TNT base pattern if you got the fit down on this one.

V9331 – Vogue Easy Options.  This pattern is pretty much the poster child for why I’m over the puffy sleeve trend.

V9330 – Very Easy Vogue.  Once again, the line drawings aren’t doing it for me, but I’m sold by the model photo.  I get a very mod chic vibe from the model, whereas I get boxy boringness from the drawings.  I feel like this would be a really cute sweater for my sister, so it’s going on the maybe list.

V9333 – Kathryn Brenne.  I feel like there is just too much going on with this top, from the asymmetrically placed buttons to the giant pointy collar to the pleated volume on the sleeves.  Just, too much.  Way too much.

V9332 – Marcy Tilton.  Marcy Tilton patterns always intrigue me in construction, but I’m usually not as excited by the silhouette.  Such is the case here.  However, I do like the sporty vibe from the gray version.  It’s a different direction for this line, and I like the look.

V9329 – Marcy Tilton.  The styling on these dresses really makes me far more interested in the pattern than I would be if I’d just seen the line drawing.  This is another versatile looking pattern, and it’s always a plus when a dress has pockets.

V9337 – Kathryn Brenne.  I like the turtleneck, but I don’t think it’s enough of a reason to get this pattern.  I’m not really excited by the jumper or the elastic waist trousers.

V9339 – This is the sort of jacket I’m usually a fan of, but for some reason this pattern really isn’t doing it for me.  It feels super dated; perhaps because of the massive buttons?  I’m normally all for an asymmetric collar and princess seaming, but something about this pattern just isn’t calling to me.

V9327 – Custom Fit.  The dart placement on this pattern is really interesting, but yet again the drawings really aren’t selling me on this pattern.  The version with the slim sleeves and cuffs looks pretty nice, but with giant poofy sleeves just look ridiculous.

V9340 – Very Easy Vogue.  Can I say this makes me think of 60s maternity wear?  I’m not even old enough to remember it, but I’m getting a real Rosemary’s Baby feel off this look.  Can’t really complain about a coat with a hood though.

V1599 – Koos van den Akker.  It’s nice to see a designer line have a men’s pattern.  It looks a bit wild with the color-blocked presentation, but I think it would be a really lovely fitted shirt if it were made in one fabric.

And that’s it!  I’m a bit sad to say that, on the whole, I’m rather disappointed.  There are a few things I like, but nothing I couldn’t live without in this release.  I feel like all of the styles have a really dated quality to them.  I know it’s a fall release, but everything feels so heavy and drab it’s hard to find something to get excited about.  What do you all think?  Do you see anything that’s making it onto your fall sewing list?  Or is this release a total miss for you?  Feel free to discuss your thoughts in the comments!

15 thoughts on “Fall 2018 Vogue Patterns

  1. I really like the Paco Peralta and the Badgley Mischka dolman dress, (although I think I already have similar patterns), otherwise it’s a bit of a snooze to be honest. I do love your review though, much easier to see all the pattern details in one place than clicking through the Vogue website.

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  2. The look of the coat dress sans the v-neck, V9326, is so reminiscent of the nun’s habit of my first grade teacher. It’s a wall of fabric. That said, the dress might look good in an interesting drapey fabric, just not something gray and forbidding.


    1. Honestly I think it’s more the drawings on the envelope than anything else. They look very oversized and boxy, but when I look at the line drawing it seems much less so. Perhaps the styling tipped me over the 80s edge; the pockets on the jacket are a really nice detail; I just wish they’d have showcased it better.


  3. Whenever I see another Marcy Tilton top I see line drawings replicated with a minor change. And I think why buy the pattern when I can alter an existing TNT top to match. I never do, so I guess the designs don’t move me enough!

    I like the dolman sleeved dress. Also won’t be buying it. They look terrible on me.

    As always – your review is detailed and much appreciated.

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  4. Thank you for your review! Despite V9325 being basic sheath dress, it looks exquisite and sophisticated. It might be because of it’s proportions, neck opening, darts’ placement, even model herself. My take on this dress might be completely off, but that is my impression. While there is endless number of sheath dresses out there, this might be the one. And I’m completely puzzled by coats V9340. I so don’t get it, putting it mildly. Paco Peralta and the Badgley Mischka are my fav designs in this pack too. Happy sewing!

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  5. Does anyone know what the “smile” line is on the front of the long sleeved top in Kathryn Brenne pattern line drawing, V9337? Is it some kind of tuck or just how the fabric falls? I can’t tell from the model’s photo.


    1. You are right, that is odd. Perhaps it is a mistake – left in there accidentally when the illustrator was drawing? Or mayde it is supposed to be the neckline seam, but is in the wrong place. Vogue should hire you as a visual proofreader!

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  6. The Vogue 9331 blouse pattern as shown suffers from poor fabric choice and illustrations. The exact same pattern listed and rebranded by LIBERTY FABRICS is called
    Thea Boho Sleeve Shirt Sewing Pattern
    do an online search and see if you can find this and the models made up. I love the version made in a liberty tana lawn pattern called ‘columbia road’ with yellow, blue and pink.
    –if made in tana lawn or charmeuse these blouses have a whole new life. Now I know the prices of these are exhorbitant but you can see what a difference it makes.


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