Early Fall 2018 McCall’s Patterns

Hot on the heels of Simplicity, Butterick, and the latest Burda magazine, we have the new McCall’s patterns for early fall.  I’m a bit slow getting to this release, but there wasn’t a whole lot I’m excited to talk about (except perhaps the cosplay patterns).  So, with that lackluster introduction, let’s jump into it:

M7818 – Melissa Watson for Palmer/Pletsch.  I think the boyfriend blazer has been a fairly popular trend, but I don’t really think that translates well into a unisex blazer pattern.  I do like a lot of the details here, but I just don’t know that it results in a polished look on either of the models.

M7801 – Custom cup sizes.  I’ve seen these sort of ruffly wrap/faux wrap dresses and skirts everywhere on the sewing social media sphere this summer.  On the one hand I think that makes this pattern a bit late to the party, but I also think that a lot of people might be inspired to pick this one up because it’s new and on trend.  I like views C and D; the shoulder ruffles on views A and B are a bit much.

M7804 – Laura Ashley.  This really isn’t my favorite style of dress, but this one at least has some interesting seaming and collar features.

M7802 – A pretty straight forward dress pattern; I like it, but I’m pretty sure I’ve also got several patterns that are very similar.  Aside from the super deep V-neck, I think these could be pretty easy to wear; the short sleeved dress would be fun for layering, and could be incredibly versatile.  Any of these dresses could be a great addition to a wardrobe.  Not sure any of us could get away with rocking the socks and sandals styling, but the bones of a good pattern are definitely there in the line drawing.

M7805 – Custom Cup Sizes.  It’s a pretty cute shirt dress if you are looking for the open shoulders style, and the cup sizing will be really helpful for such a fitted design.  It’s another one that I like, but not enough to add to the stash.

M7812 – I typically like these ruched tops, but something is just off for me here.  Maybe it’s the ties on view A or the proportion of the top to the skirt in view D?  Either way, I’m starting to see more of these styles crop up; perhaps this will be the next major trend from the pattern companies.

M7806 – The Archive Collection circa 1958.  I always love to see the vintage reprints; the detail of clothing from the 30s, 40s, and 50s never ceases to amaze.  The back of this dress has some lovely details, and the style is quintessential late 50s.  It’s still not going on my wishlist; realistically I’d choose another of my vintage/vintage reprint patterns if I wanted a period look, but I still enjoy seeing these reprints in the collection.

M7800 – This is one of those styles that is so not me, but I could see other sewing bloggers rocking this.  Personally, I’m a bit bored, but I’ll be interested to see if this becomes a popular fall look, as it looks pretty simple to sew and it has just enough detail to be trendy.

M7809 – Square tops with ruffle sleeves.  Ah, but now we’ve got a keyhole back!  Totally different.

M7817 – Khaliah Ali.  I just bought the Jalie Melanie kimono, otherwise I’d be very interested in view D here.  I’m not as interested in the puff sleeve tops, but view A does have a certain Jedi vibe that would be great for Disneybounding once the new Star Wars land opens.

M7816 – Can’t complain about a solid hoodie and sweats pattern.  Even the dog gets a hoodie!

M7815 – I feel like…we already have… this pattern?  Except this new one has more ruffles on the sleeve.

M7803 – I actually really like the line drawings, but I’m less impressed by the garment photo on the model.  Reality is much more voluminous than the drawings would have you believe.  The tie waist is a cute detail though.

M7811 – I’m really not into the ruffle wings or puff sleeve embellishments, but view A is a nice basic princess seamed top, which could be good if you are looking for one of those.

M7810 – I do like the line drawings for a lot of these patterns.  With such a low V-neck I don’t know why you’d put a zipper in the back (especially if you made this in a knit), but this is a pretty cute pattern.  Props to McCall’s for showing this off on a not-size-zero model as well.

M7814 – Just when you thought they couldn’t find another place to put a ruffle… You win McCall’s, you win.


M7807 – I like an asymmetric top, but I feel like McCall’s has had a LOT of these styles lately.  This top is pretty boxy, and aside from the neckline doesn’t have a lot to distinguish it.

M7808 – More boxy tops with ruffles.

M7813 – Ok, so this skirt looks really fun and twirly on the model.  I’m digging it.

M7798 – Learn to Sew for fun.  Pretty simple kids dresses.  Cold shoulder trend scaled down here.

M7799 – Kids tops with ruffles.  Looks very much like the adult varieties, but, you know, smaller.

M7797 – Ruffles and Lace Treasured Collection.  More ruffly kids clothes.

M7819 – Panda bear unicorn toys?

M7820 – These dolls have cuter accessories than I do.

M7826 – Angela Clayton costumes.  Ok, I LOVE this.  Stunning.  Hands down the best pattern of the release.

M7823 – Outlander costume.  Not my favorite from the Outlander collection, but I do love the button detail on the back of the jacket.

M7824 – Outlander costume.  I do enjoy seeing all the men’s costumes from this collection.  So much detail!

M7822 – I’m ashamed to say I’m not really sure what series they are hinting at here; I get a vague Scarlet Witch vibe, though I’m pretty sure that isn’t their intended goal.  Either way, I like it though.  It’s nice to see a sexy costume that also has a very powerful and strong vibe.

M7821 – More men’s costumes with yummy details.  I’m assuming this goes along with 7822, but I’m still not sure what the reference source is.

M7825 – Yaya Han cosplay with custom cup sizes.  It’s a legit mermaid costume!  Not a dress, a fin!  This costume takes commitment y’all, and I’m all about it.

And that’s it!  Personally, there isn’t much here I’m interested in aside from the costume patterns.  Fall is usually my favorite sewing season, but I’m just not feeling it this year with the releases we’ve seen so far.  I’m really hoping the Burda Fall/Winter collection will turn it around for me, or that some of the full Fall releases will be a bit more interesting.  Not that I need more patterns.  It’s actually sort of nice to have my stash growing at a slightly larger than reasonable rate, instead of a crazily unsustainable rate.  Regardless, I’m just not loving the designs in this release.  They aren’t bad, just boring.  Or I feel like I already have them in my collection.  What do you all think?  Are you ready to jump into fall sewing season, or are you yet to be swayed from your summer styles?  See anything in this release that is calling your name?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

12 thoughts on “Early Fall 2018 McCall’s Patterns

  1. 7810, the nice top with the pretty redhead modeling it…is actually for wovens and is LINED. I’m trying to remember if I have over owned a lined *top*. I think it would be awesome in a lighter weight ponte though. This one and 7805 (off shoulder shirtdress) are IN MY STASH already! 🙂 I also picked up 7790, a cute kimono pattern from the last release (the Khaliah Ali view you liked made me think of it).

    I ignored the skirt until I saw McCall’s post it on IG. It’s cute!

    That jumpsuit – 7815 is a bit, giant, NO!

    I am and have been digging the sleeve trend; I’m with it. But there’s so much no. So. Much.No. That dress with the lantern(?) sleeves could be cute in the right fabric on the right person and then they add a flounce on top of the sleeve. Good grief Charlie Brown…


  2. I just want to see the non-costume adult patterns modeled by actual adults instead of cute teenagers. I’d be happy with a few more models so that a broader age range was covered.

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  3. I thought this one was more interesting than many of the recent Big Four releases. Still not buying anything though; there were no real must-haves. But lots of things I’d want if I didn’t already have a huge pattern collection. I was less keen on the costumes this time around though; I prefer sci-fi to historical!

    Those ruffled trousers remind me of a pattern Burda did a few years ago. Burda’s were made up in plain black and almost succeeded in looking Fashiony.

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  4. I like the wrap dress.. that’s it. The velvet top and dress patterns are both so badly fitted… look at the dart right across the chest of both models. If that’s how the pattern company fits it, what chance do mere sewers have. Also I want to tell pattern companies… a track suit option does not mean you have to have a matching dog coat, nor do uni-sex anything every work. Now I feel better!

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  5. One of the better pattern releases of late but as you say a lot of the styles already out there. Really like 7805 and the shirt style top on 7801 makes a change to ruffles.


  6. There is so much for me to hate in this release. So. Much. McButtVogue enough with the ruffles. Please.

    Am I the only one that sees the famous Seinfeld puffy shirt in 7811?

    On 7808, they ran out of a place to put a ruffle so they added a bib napkin. Of course.
    7814 reminds me of something Charo would wear back in the day, and McButtVogue they were ugly then, ugly now.

    I love the costumes, and I am intrigued by the mermaid costume. If you got a hold of a Broda style wheelchair, decorated it with faux seaweed, and had someone push you around you could look awesome at Comic Con.

    I love 7813, it is a great variation of a wrap skirt that I don’t think I’ve seen before.

    I could go on and on and on, but I won’t. I am so looking forward to a pattern release that interests me. Vogue, I’m looking at you.

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