Butterick Patterns Early Fall 2018

Hot on the heels of this week’s Simplicity release, we have the Early Fall Butterick designs!  As with Simplicity, I’m not overly excited with many of these styles, but there are a few gems hidden in the release. Let’s take a look:


B6587 – I like the way Butterick has styled this dress.  The shaping looks pretty subtle, but there is enough to prevent it from looking like a total box.  I’m going to predict that this will be a popular pattern for them this fall.


B6589 – Lisette.  This waist-gathered faux-wrap look isn’t new, but I do like the back princess seams and the godet skirt variations.


B6598 – Lisette.  I like the gathered skirt, but I know I’ve got some in the stash that are similar.  The tops are ok; those sleeves have a really interesting shape.  I don’t know that I like it, but I am intrigued by the shape on the line drawing.


B6585 – This dress looks to have less shaping than the first one, but drapy fabrics hide that.  The cape sleeves are sort of clever, but I think I prefer the Vogue variation on this trend that came out earlier this year.


B6586 – On the one hand I think this neckline is nice – not something we usually see.  On the other hand, all I can visualize is Tim Gunn looking perturbed and throwing out the word “mumsy.”  Perhaps in a different fabric the version with the short skirt and long sleeves is salvageable, but otherwise I’m having bad 90s flashbacks.


B6590 – Patterns by Gertie.  I like the Gertie patterns, but I think this one might be a skip from me.  The neckline strap is cute, but I worry that I’d feel super exposed with such a large open v-neck on the front.  The style is really cute though.  I just don’t know if I like it enough to have the patience to modify the fit on this neckline for myself.


B6588 – Nothing remarkable here, but it is a nice dress.  Love that it has lots of lines for fit.


B6605 – Connie Crawford.  I’m a bit bored with this.  Not much detail here, but I cannot reconcile the idea of the one feature being a waist tie on a skirt made in something as fancy as a silk dupioni.


B6591 – Ruffle wings!  Fly my pretties!  Fly, fly!


B6593 – Boring.  And mumsy.  Boring and mumsy.


B6592 – Variation 1,354,285,782 of the boxy ruffle sleeve top.


B6595 – I feel like the draped fabric placement is so awkward.  I mean, I doesn’t look bad on the model.  But the line drawing looks awkward.  Like, the ballroom/dance/skate costumer in me doesn’t mind an asymmetric boob ruffle.  But the ballroom/dance/skate costumer in me very much cares about the placement of an asymmetric boob ruffle.  And this isn’t cutting it.


B6594 – View D: stealth Jedi.  To be fair, I do actually like how drapey this pattern is.  I don’t know if I’d wear it, but I like it.


B6596 – Kathrine Tilton.  I think Katherine Tilton outdid herself in this pattern release.  I love this jacket!  It skirts the line between casual and more formal quite nicely, and zipper side pockets are great!  I could see this made up in fabrics for exercise, or nicer fabrics for a more casual work environment.  Super cool.


B6597 – Katherine Tilton.  Also love her skirt!  I know it’s just a skirt, but it looks like a super flattering skirt, with subtle visual interest.  Fantastic.


B6570 – I want to like this jacket, but I just can’t.  The ruffles are just so big and the jacket is just so open.  It’s like one of those things where the idea has potential but I feel like the execution just isn’t quite right.


B6602 – I like this jacket, but I don’t know if I need to add it to the collection, as I’ve got similar patterns already.  The view on the model is fabulous though – simple, but made up in gorgeous fabric.


B6604 – The best!  I’m a sucker for coats, and I LOVE this one.  Ignore the fact that I’ve already got 2 similar patterns.  I like this because it has a nice wrap collar, and the pleats in the bottom of the coat won’t take up as much fabric as a full circle, but still add a nice flare to the silhouette.  It is similar to the Gertie coat pattern of yore, but, dare I say, I think I might like this one a bit better.


B6603 – The coat/cape had better variations last fall.


B6599 – Lifestyle Wardrobe.  I’m… not a fan.  I normally love a wide-legged pant, but this is a bit much.  Nothing else really singing out to me here either, and that ruffle top is pure 80s rehash.


B6600 – Lifestyle Wardrobe.  This wardrobe, however, I’m much more intrigued by.  I don’t really love these pieces together, but I’d totally wear that top with jeans, that jacket to work out, and the pants for a lazy lounge day.  Together it reads as sloppy, but I think if you picked this up on a sale you could get quite a bang for your pattern buck.


B6610 – Making History.  Love this dress!  So pretty, and so summery.


B6608 – Making History.  Another great pattern.  I’m getting a very Mary Poppins vibe for all those cosplayers out there.  (Historical costumers will, of course, have a more educated opinion, I’m sure.)


B6609 – Making History.  Love this man’s coat pattern too.  But then, I’m a sucker for a man’s coat pattern.  Well, all coat patterns really.


B6606 –  Cute Retro 60s doll clothes.


B6607 – Ribbons by Offray.  I really love how they wove ribbons together to get the patterns for these bags.  So pretty!  Could be a fun project.  Or perhaps a total pain. But in either case the resulting effect is quite nice.


B6560 – Kids dresses.  Pretty cute and summery.


B6549 – Baby clothes.  Not much to say here.

For the See & Sew Patterns I’ll list the pattern number in case you are interested, but I’ve stopped leaving reviews for these because they are re-releases of patterns from the past, and it felt redundant to have the same opinion I had several years ago:































And that’s it!  Not the most exciting fall release, but I’ll definitely be picking up that coat pattern.  What do you all think?  Did you find any diamonds in the rough?  Or are you with Mr. Gunn on this one, just staring perplexed at the mumsy styles, trying to figure out how anyone could make it work?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

20 thoughts on “Butterick Patterns Early Fall 2018

  1. I feel like this release made me so sad and confused…but also realize I like a few so maybe I can’t diss the entire collection. Sign. So conflicted.

    I actually LOVE that drapey top – 6594. I could see the caped version for weekend/evening semi-fancy-pants wear. Especially since I am an empty nester now and I actually do things! :-p

    The wardrobe in 6600 is cute if you look past their horrific styling. It is not cute on the envelope but the pieces have a nice vibe. I’d love a casual knit jumpsuit like that…and I like the whole tracksuit vibe that’s returning. (I liked Mimi’s but I am so averse to patterns with all those pieces for colorblocking).

    I like how fitted that cape is and that you have full coverage but free arms. Just my type of thing for those in-between weather days we have in the tundra for the morning commute.

    When I first looked the Tilton skirt had the wrong tech drawing. I love this. I liked the shape on the model but seeing the seam lines, I’ll probably get this one. I know it isn’t groundbreaking but it’s cute and Tilton is very thoughtful with her design. I like the jacket too but won’t be adding that one.

    I feel like I haven’t liked any Lisette designs since…I don’t know when. I went and looked…since 6464 was released Jan 2017. Wah. Shame too because I’ve liked every Lisette pattern I’ve sewn a ton!!

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    1. It is most definitely Missy from Doctor Who. And I have been checking and other than the jacket being a few inches short it is really pretty accurate. I bought it and then went checking. I’m a sucker for Doctor Who stuff!

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  2. I didn’t like anything except for the 6600 leisure wardrobe, which I really loved, styling included, but as usual enjoyed your humorous review A LOT. Thanks! (how on earth you find the time to do all this amazes me)

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  3. 6594 is nice, and some of the others are in the ‘ok if you haven’t already got similar’ category. I’m a bit bored with the 50s rerun we see in the Gertie patterns.

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  4. The collection does make you wonder if everything that’s possible in a garment pattern has already been done! I wonder if that’s a serious possibility? It’s like all these superhero movies returning to the big screen – can’t they think up anything original and fresh? Or maybe they don’t want to take the risk?

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  5. I only liked a few pieces and basically skipped over the collection. Thanks for providing a more detailed look – cause I found a found a few patterns that I missed. However, I don’t know if I’m going to rush right out and buy any of these patterns. There’s nothing that makes me feel like I NEED to own them…like I couldn’t hack it from a pattern that I already own. I’m starting to think that I’m moving into that class of sewists that the sewing companies don’t care about anymore. Sad!

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    1. I sort of feel that way too. Burda still excites me on the regular, but I find I either want to buy all the patterns or none of them more often these days. I suppose the “buy everything” sensations happen when there is a major style shift, but otherwise there just isn’t a huge motivation.


  6. I see that Butterick is still into vomiting ruffles onto innocent patterns that never did anything to anyone. Why Butterick Why?

    I love Katherine Tilton’s two patterns, especially the skirt. Unfortunately that waistband is the absolute worst possible waist for my body type (fat and protruding abdomen) oh well.

    I feel like I should like B6595, but it looks to me like a new sewer made a mistake and sewed a peplum on the wrong place, and also brings to mind S1 E5 of The Cosby show when Denise sews a shirt for Theo. And here is a link, the pic of the shirt is near the bottom of the page.



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  7. I love when new patterns are released but I am not really excited about any of them. I think the Tilton jacket is growing on me. I really don’t like the 6598, however, I am sure there will be many that can make it work. 6608 is the one that inspires me and has the most attitude! But I don’t think I want to sew a costume…

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  8. That Kathleen Tilton skirt is so nice, it’s now in my wishlist! I’m a big fan of wide waist bands, and then the zipper pockets are pretty cool too. Really like it. The cape is nice too, especially with the belt, but I don’t think I could carry it off.

    Nice dog coat! But pretty similar to the one I have (and haven’t sewn yet 😦 )

    None of the dresses appeal to me at all, just not my style. I find myself revisiting my Burda back issues more and more, so many patterns that like appeal to me now more than at first, for some odd reason. My to sew list is very long, very healthy, and very late! lol…

    Thanks for these reviews! 🙂

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  9. Well, they found the one place I have never seen a ruffle before! Lol.
    I feel after buying a lot of Burdas, with my style in it I am quite saturated. I like the coat though, and I might get the Historical Dress because I love that era. Only if they sell it in Europe though.

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