Simplicity Update and Possible Summer 2018 New Look Patterns

Since my post on the new Simplicity patterns, there has been one critically important update:


8723 – Harry Potter officially licensed robes!  This pattern contains the patterns of the robe, sweater, and ties, in both child and adult sizes.  I will be getting this.  As someone who has been lucky enough to visit the Harry Potter lands at Universal, I have to admit that, if you want a really swaggy Hogwarts uniform, the $80+ sweaters from Universal are pretty legit.  Like, wool from Scotland legit.  My sister even wears hers to work.  The $100+ cheap poly robes…not so much.  But now you can feel free to whip up your silk-lined wool robes knowing you have the official stamp of approval, because you are a hard core HP fan and that’s how you roll.  I mean, yes, there are plenty of robe patterns on the market that could have easily gotten you through making your own robe in the past.  But, this has the official Harry Potter logo branding, and for that I will happily hand over my $1.99 to Simplicity at the next pattern sale.  You know, assuming I can find one.  There could be a blood bath at the pattern cabinets over this release.

In other news, I think New Look has some new summer patterns.  Or a whole bunch of patterns I missed from the spring release.  Hard to tell.  With the Simplicity website’s method of filtering “New Patterns” it can be challenging to tell the actual order of releases sometimes. These are already up on Pattern Review, and the new Simplicity patterns aren’t there yet, so I expect these have been out for at least a little bit and I just missed them, or they’ve been out a long time and they just never showed up on the Simplicity site.  Either way, we haven’t discussed these patterns on the blog yet, so let’s take a look:

6550 – This is one of those patterns that I think is really cute, but a little late to the party.  I do like the proportions of this pattern quite a bit though, the looser fit would be nice to wear in the summer months, and the sleeve options are nice.

6551 – Love this maxi!  Formal enough to wear to a nice summer event, but casual enough not to be overdressed.  Of course, fabric choice would have a lot to do with how fancy or casual this dress would be, but overall I really like this silhouette and design lines.  The lace-up back is a fun feature, but could probably be replaced with a zipper if you wanted to adjust the pattern a bit.

6552 – Also loving this halter dress for a summer event.  I mean, who doesn’t love a Marylin halter dress?  Simple, but very cute.

6553 – I’m less in love with this dress.  Something about the proportions of the straps to the shape of the neckline just makes it feel chunky and awkward.

6554 – This jumpsuit/dress pattern looks super comfortable for summer, but the line drawing makes the neckline look super low.  Like, lower than Burda low.  This is one I’d muslin before doing

6555 – This looks like a certain Simplicity top that got released a few years back.  I’m pretty sure I bought it at that point, so I don’t think I need this.  I think it’s cute for a relaxed summer look though.

6556 – I would be really into this pattern had I not just bought the Jalie Mimosa, and know that I’ve got a Burda top with that same hem detail in the stash.  So, another one that I like, but really don’t need.

6560 – I’ve been seeing wrap tops all over the internet this summer.  They’ve been pretty cute!  This looks like a nice pattern to jump on that trend if you are so inclined.  If you’ve got the 2011 October Burda, you might have a really similar style to view A though, if that’s what has piqued your interest.

6561 – Not my favorite button front shirt pattern, but it’s not bad if you really like that style of shirt.  The pockets are a pretty unique feature on view A.

6562 – Really basic top and bottoms combo, but effective.  Could be a very nice learn to sew type pattern, and the model photo is really selling me on the look of the styles.

6563 – I’m also fairly sure this top is pretty similar to a Simplicity pattern that came out a few years back (because I also bought this one).  The skirt and trousers are sort of boring.

6564 – I’ve got the McCall’s one-shoulder top, and the pants aren’t anything I don’t have in the stash, but I do think this pattern is cute.  The basic t-shirt could be really nice if you like a more open scoop neck, and the whole look is really nicely casual for summer.

6565 – I feel like we’ve also seen these wrap trousers before?  The styling here continues to leave me unconvinced.  I think Burda almost swayed my opinion on this type of trouser at one point, but I’m not as intrigued here.  Just a lot of volume going on.

6566 – This is another really simple style, but it is pretty effective at making me think “vacation wardrobe.”  I don’t think I need this in my stash, but I do think it could be a very comfortable, stylish wardrobe for a relaxing beach vacation.

6568 – Baby clothes, of which I never really have much of an opinion.  I suppose button up backs could make them easier to put on?  But then perhaps also more uncomfortable for baby to lay down on?  Hard to say.

6569 – Ruffly kids looks.  Fairly cute.

6570 – This is a really nice dress for girls who have to attend a fancier summer event.

And that’s it!  Tell me – does anyone know when these patterns came out?  What do you think of the styles?  Anyone see anything they need to add to the summer sewing list?  How many of you are going to be ready for the Battle Royale that is going to be finding that Harry Potter costume pattern?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

11 thoughts on “Simplicity Update and Possible Summer 2018 New Look Patterns

  1. omg an actual Harry Potter pattern! I’ll be getting one for sure! Actually… that cape could work for a jedi robe too. But this has a real logo, does it not? Too cool not to have.

    There are a couple of New Look patterns here I might get… I actually like some of New Look! Some of them resemble quite closely the kinds of stuff you can buy in name stores.

    Thanks for the update! You should have a “news flash” alert when proper nerd patterns show up… 😄

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    1. I used to title all my pattern release posts with “Newsflash,” but then I got really behind for a while and stopped 😆. Not having 6 posts titled “Newsflash: New Simplicity Patterns” is also more helpful for the search function as well 😅. But perhaps it is more warranted in this instance, because this is some legit nerd patterning coveting going on over here.

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  2. Thank you for your review! I’ve got excited by 6562 look, not nesessarily have to buy the pattern or may be I do have to? I can pull of the”dress” look without wearing one, it has a lot of movement, lightness and nice proportions. 6556 I consider already as well as 6555. I would say there is nice set of options in this release. Happy sewing!

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  3. Check out the old simplicity 4192. NL 6565 has been ported over from that old pattern and has lost the bikini top and the knit top that were included with the original. This sort of thing has been done a bunch in the past so you can never really trust NL patterns to actually be new designs. They might be or they might not.

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  4. I bet simplicity are going to make a killing on the Harry Potter pattern!

    Button up backs on baby clothes? I’d never have got my kid into those when he was that size. How people managed before poppers (snaps) I don’t know. The

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  5. The folks at Simplicity have been re-releasing old Simplicity patterns as new New Look patterns for a few years now. =| When someone challenged them on this, their response was something like, ‘we had no idea!’ Yeah, ok.

    NL6555 is S1280.
    NL6556 has remnants of S1198.
    NL6561 also looks familiar.

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  6. OMG. Harry Potter Robes. I need this pattern. I have to have this pattern. Enough to pay the ridiculous shipping costs to Canada, 9.79 for shipping ONE pattern, and of course a non-sale price of 13.17, for a total of $22.96 US which means $31 Canadian. That’s how much I want this pattern. Of course, the pattern is on backorder already. You really would have expected Simplicity or McButtVogue or whoever is running the company now to print 1 gazillion copies of this pattern, isn’t everyone going to want this?

    I also noticed that the pattern is only available in United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand, I guess Europe, Africa, South America and Asia will be out of luck.

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