May 2017 BurdaStyle Magazine

After last month’s issue arrived and I saw the preview, I expected the May issue to be a bit disappointing.   However, Burda has won me over again this month with bright prints, fun styling, and an AMAZING collection of Plus patterns.  I want to wear all of the Plus looks.  Seriously.  ALL of them.  There is quite a bit to see this month, so let’s take a look:


May is traditionally full of fun summer dresses, but that doesn’t seem to be as much the case this year.  There are a few new dress patterns this month though.

Love this maxi dress.  The drape in the back makes me think of ancient Greece or possibly a secret superhero cape.  Love the look belted, as it really highlights that feature.  The print on the other version is gorgeous as well.

Ok, so I probably don’t really want a giant hole in my dress at that particular region, but otherwise I totally love this dress.  It looks casual and comfortable, total secret pajamas happening here.  Might have to come up with a fun way of hiding the hole…

The ubiquitous strapless ruffle dress.  It wouldn’t be summer if we didn’t get this style in at least one issue this year.

The giant ruffles are the trend this year, so this dress shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.  I’m not really much of a ruffle girl, but I bet this dress would have amazing movement with all the flounces.

In a complete departure from all the loose, draping styles above, this structured sheath dress has some nice visual interest with the overlapping bodice.  It is an interesting nod to the proportions seen in the crop top plus skirt craze that has been going on, while still making it business appropriate.  I sort of really love this dress.  It is interesting, but subtle and sophisticated.  It definitely makes it to my to-sew list.

Also love this beautiful wrap dress.  The skirt is cut on the bias and has lovely drape.  Not sure I’m liking the wearing it over pants look exactly, but I think with a slightly higher hem it could be a great top as well.

This issue doesn’t have a lot of jackets, but the one it does have is really nice:

I think this is a great mix of classic tailoring with the collar, but also a flowy hem that is evocative of summer.  I didn’t like this jacket at first, but it is growing on me.

I was not as impressed by the selection of tops this month:

Pretty sure we already have many similar styles from Burda.  It’s nice, but not exciting.

I…. might actually wear this.  It’s a nice way to jump on the ruffle trend without going totally overboard.

This top reminds me of the shirts everyone tried to wear when they hit 13, and everyone else’s parents criticized them for being “too sexy.”  I’m actually rather liking it here, though I know the lack of straps would drive me totally nuts.

Conceptually, I like this shirt, but practically it looks not so great.  The stuff fabric just makes it look sloppy and bunchy – like The Great British Sewing Bee has a scrubs refashion challenge.

Ok, so I can see how this crop top has a certain editorial appeal, but I’m not sure how practical it would be for the real world.  How well would those tie straps hold?

Despite the disappointing tops, there are lots of really nice bottoms in this issue though:

Love these!  Obviously very simple straight leg pants and culottes, but I like the idea of sewing them in a wild print.

I’m still totally on a jumpsuit kick, I really like the line drawing for these.  None of the photos show the model standing up straight, so it is a bit difficult to judge, but the dress form garment photos look nice.  Also, LOVE how they used the boarder print on the one romper, absolutely gorgeous effect.

Skort?  Skirt?  But it has pockets, and stripe matching, so that’s a win.

I know it is just a pencil skirt with a tie band, but I love it!  Especially in the wax print pattern.


I know this is also another pencil skirt with giant pockets, and I’m a bit torn.  The print looks really nice and fitted, but the solid looks like a total mess.  This might be a pass for me.

I’m also aware that there are five million pattens for skirts just like this, and that this has got to be one of the easiest things to sew, but I’m still loving this skirt.  Definitely a fun way to use a slightly crazy print.  I also really like the way it has been styled with the off the shoulder top.  Very cute for summer.

We also get a great guy’s sweatshirt pattern this month:

Love this fitted men’s sweatshirt too – a nice casual piece that would definitely get a lot of wear.

The kids section is also geared for boys, and it totally on point this month:

What kid wouldn’t wear this zip-up hoodie to death?

The other kids clothes are all things that would be definite hits with boy.

And this backpack is pretty cute too!  I love the way it folds over and latches – it’s a nice detail.  It also looks fairly simple to sew, which is perfect for a quick summer bag to accessorize your other makes.

And, finally, the amazing Burda Plus section:

This trench coat!  Swooning over here!  I love it!  The lines are subtle but very flattering, and it has lovely gun flap details on the front and the back.  Beautiful.

I love this dress too!  The style is simple, flattering, and has just enough interest with the built-in belt wraps to keep it from being totally boring.

This jumpsuit is pretty cute too.  The wide v-neckline and belted waist create a lovely shape on the body.

I’m also pretty obsessed with this tunic top.  I mean, yes, it is just a tunic top, but I really love the length on the sleeve, and the overall drape and flow of the the shirt.  It would be lovely to wear in a nice rayon or a crepe fabric I think.

Also love this maxi dress.  The v-neck with cords is very on trend, and I love the mix of prints between the top and the skirt portion.  Another style that is fairly simple, but would make a great piece for the summer months.

And that’s it!  Which means it is time to pick the top and bottom patterns for the month.  And I think my pick for Best of BS will be a little bit shocking:

original (37)

The crop top dress!  I know, I know, I just finished waxing rhapsodic about the Burda Plus looks, but I think this dress is probably the most innovative style in the magazine, so it gets points there.  It also looks really flattering and really chic.  Of all the styles in the magazine I think it is also the most classic – I’m betting people will pull this pattern out 5-10 years down the line.  The giant ruffle dresses probably not so much.  I’m not sure I’d wear it over a shirt as Burda’s styled it (I’d probably wear it just as a dress), but amidst the other styles full of ruffles and bright prints, this simple dress is something of a stand-out.

As far as BWTF for May 2017, it was a really difficult choice because I don’t think there is anything really bad in this issue.  But after a glance through at the model photos I decided to give it to:

original (31)

Tie front blouse.  Honestly, I don’t think this is a bad pattern, but I also think that is doesn’t sit well in a woven fabric.  At least, not in a stiff woven as they’ve done here.  It just looks wrinkled and unhappy.  I can see how they were going for a sculptural effect, but I don’t think they quite achieved it.

On the whole, I’m pretty excited with this issue.  There are lots of things I’m liking, and lots of things I could see being a great use of my stash fabrics.  I also think Burda did a great job of coming up with styles that look great both in solids and in prints, which is not always the case.  The Plus section and the Kids section were both great, and we had a great men’s sweatshirt pattern as well.  When I first saw the preview in the back of the April Burda, I was prepared to be overwhelmingly disappointed, but I’m actually rather excited by this issue.  What do you all think?  Is it too much a stark contrast of simple silhouettes and over the top trends?  Or does it strike a proper balance of having something for everyone?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!


18 thoughts on “May 2017 BurdaStyle Magazine

  1. I was very meh when the preview came out and I think this is my favorite issue to date.

    I know that plus jumpsuit will be lose up top on me but I’m making it. And I’m making the crop-top overlay dress too.

    I want to like the tie front top but maybe in a ponte! I sub ponte for wovens a lot and this just does not work in the fabric shown unless you are very small up top. But I may give it a go in a ponte.

    I like the other top with the ruffle and tie neck but the rest of the tops were ho-hum. I like the tie skirt in a knit – not as much in a woven. The other giant-pocket skirt seems like it can go very wrong, very fast. I may make the pseudo-cape dress too. I don’t know. I LOVE THIS ISSUE! LOL!!!!

    Fantastic plus items too!!

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  2. Thought I wasn’t going to like anything but…. LOVE that skort/skirt/whatever it is, that is absolutely on to to try list. It’s different and doesn’t look too hard….

    That man’s sweatshirt is just what I’m looking for too. Forget the man, it’s for me… Finished my shirt! And once again it’s a size too big. 😦 Even though I measured ten million times. But, it is very very comfy and I love the fabric, so it’ll get a good deal of wear. It’s given me the confidence to try that skort thingamajig.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sizing is probably the trickiest thing about starting to sew. Took me a couple years to figure out how to deal with fit issues, but I still loved all the things I made in the meantime. Also, you should totally try the skirt/skirt/whatever thing! It would be a fun sew I think. Just a bit challenging but not terribly time consuming.

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  3. Yay for May! Finally, a men’s hoodie pattern. I’ve been stalking JoAnn for many months looking for Burda 6718 and can. not. find. it. ever. There are so many things I like in this issue!

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  4. Great review thanks! This looks like a great issue though goodness knows when we will get it – there seems to be a huge gap between seeing it online and getting a copy these days.

    I liked the burgundy dress till you pointed out the hole, I guess it could just be backed with a circle of fabric? Love both the crop top style dress (not over a shirt though) and that rust plus size dress is gorgeous. I’m wondering if your WTF pick would work better in a jersey, I’m intrigued by the design (sort of reminds me of the Named Kielo dress), but I agree it looks terrible in the photos.


  5. I think the top with the tie in front might be really cute made in a drapey fabric and tied in the back. Although if you want to hide your tummy while accentuating the sides of your waist, the front tie might work, too.


  6. My copy finally arrived! I agree, it’s another good issue. I mocked the romper jumpsuit thing at first but – horrors – it grew on me and I might actually make it. My favourite is the draped back maxi though. Once again there are relatively few patterns and lots of repeats, but if the quality stays this high I really don’t mind.

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  7. I finally got my copy. I have been wanting a raincoat and dreaded going to back issues to find something close to my desires and having to rework it, but the Plus coat is perfect. It does not show buttons down the front or a zipper, but that can be added easily. I am a Plus size and am drooling over all the Plus patterns, even though jumpsuits are not my style.
    Trying to figure out how to take that top with the zippered shoulders off the Plus jumpsuit and have it just as a top. it looks a bit fitted and I would have to add length. Suggestions??
    I will make the crop top dress in my size. It look like so much fun and makes the model look so curvy! That is one they could have shown in both sizes. Plus size business clothes are so hard to find.

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    1. If you want to do a less fitted version of the top I’d go up a size below the bust, maybe alter the side seams a bit to get a looser fit. Adding length to the hem should be pretty simple too – I think it’d look great as a top!


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