Burda Plus Magazine Spring/Summer 2017

I had received a notice earlier this year that my Burda Plus subscription was to be cancelled, and I had thought it was the end of the magazine.  However, it seems as though that only the English version of this magazine (along with the English Burda Easy) were discontinued, as the new Spring/Summer edition of Burda Plus Magazine can be seen on the Russian site.  There are a few snazzy designs in this release, so let’s take a look:


Love the cover dress!  The twist detail is interesting but not overwhelming, and it looks great in a solid and in a print.

This ruched ruffle dress is very on trend.  The proportions are nice and it looks like it would be great for the warm summer days.

While I’m finding this dress somewhat bland, I think it is just the muted colors in the photo.  The v-neck, tie-waist, and slit sides are flattering variations on a maxi dress.  I really think I just want to see it in a different color.

Ok, so the giant print ruffle dress is very much not my style, but I really love the combinations of fabric and lace on the navy version.  The belting helps a lot too.  So, maybe I can get on board with this style.

The shirt version is actually pretty nice too.  The tassels seem to be the next major trend for this summer, so those are pretty on trend as well.

A dress-coat?  I think I like it better as a shirtdress.  It’s another style that is pretty simple, but the v-neck and tie waist are still really flattering.

The blouse is fine.  Nothing really exciting, but the style is nice.

Secret Jedi jacket?  I actually really love the contrast binding around the edges of this soft jacket, and the shaped hem in the front.  Perfect lightweight jacket for summer.

I seem to be on something of a jumpsuit kick lately, because I really like the style of this.  It’s got pockets, and it looks really sharp with heels.

Ok, so these pants are pretty much basic as far as pants go, but I’m a bit obsessed with the print on the orange pair.  A little crazy?  Maybe.  But they also look really cool.

I know there are a million pencil skirt patterns out there, but I love the shape, styling, and fabric choices for this pattern, so I’m a bit obsessed here.

Not my favorite style of skirt, but I can appreciate the styling Burda has done here.

And that’s it!  On the whole, a pretty good Burda Plus Magazine.  If this issue were in English I think it would be a no brainer to grab this for the very on-trend patterns in Burda’s larger sizes.  Now that it is only available in other languages (German being the subscription that is available through GLP), I’m a bit more hesitant, as I know I could likely find similar patterns that wouldn’t require use of a translator.  I’m not opposed to using foreign language patterns (I’ve used Patrones, I’m playing with Manequim, and I’ve even used a German Burda in the past), but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit it is much easier to efficiently figure out critical information in English.  Ordering this subscription is something I’ll have to ponder, especially since there are already lots of great Burda Plus patterns included in the regular monthly BurdaStyle Magazines (and I’ve seen the early preview for May – the Plus section is fantastic), and there isn’t anything here that I’m absolutely obsessed with.  What do you all think?  Are the new Burda Plus patterns worth the minor inconvenience of a language barrier?  Or is this issue completely passable?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Burda Plus Magazine Spring/Summer 2017

  1. The dresses, especially that twisty cover one are fantastic. I’m not officially a plus size, but I’d willingly have a go at grading that one down. I wonder if these will ever be available as pdfs on the english language website?


    1. Hmmm, that would be interesting if they were. I’m not really into PDF patterns much, but I’d probably order the magazine and then get the PDF just for the instructions, at least for something complicated looking like the twist dress.


  2. It is now my new aim to make clothes that blend into my surroundings… unless they are green as that looks terrible on me.

    Now that’s out of my system – I love the twisty pink dress at the beginning.

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  3. Love the orange/blue fabric on those pants…. totally my style (lol)! Really like that extra wide waist band on the bottom skirt, wonder why we don’t see that so often. The peasant blouse up top is my fav here, but without the tassels. BTW has anyone here ever purchased fabric from “Stoff and Stil”? Heard about them on a podcast and I could easily see some Burda patterns in their fabrics…. 🙂

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  4. I agree with you on the purchasing of Burda Plus in another language. I am very disappointed that my subscription has been cancelled. The Burda Style magazine just doesn’t carry enough plus size patterns to warrant that subscription instead. I also have been debating the idea of ordering the German language version or seeing if there is a Spanish version.

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  5. I like these too. I hadn’t realised they were still doing Russian and German Burda Plus. I do miss it – so much more value for my $16 to buy a magazine full of plus patterns!

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