Simplicity and New Look Summer 2017

The latest looks from Simplicity and New Look have been posted to the Simplicity site.  On the whole there aren’t a lot of general clothing patterns I’m too excited about (they are mostly simple silhouettes that focus on the recent boxy ruffle trend), but for cosplayers and costumers this release is an absolute goldmine.  Let’s take a look:

8380 – Cynthia Rowley.  I actually really like this dress, even though it has a fairly simple style and asymmetric neckline.  Pockets are always great, though it may need some extra length if the model photo is any indication.  The peplum top is also catching my eye here as well.

8382 – Learn to Sew.  Pretty simple sack dress.  I can see it being very easy to wear for summer, and very easy to sew, though I don’t find it particularly interesting.

8375 – Pattern Hacking.  This is Simplicity’s latest line, where the envelope has one pattern and teaches you how to change it.  There seems to be accompanying tutorials on their YouTube channel.  Most of these seem to be fairly simple styles, though I will say that I could see this dress/top pattern being a popular choice because of it.

8376 – Pattern Hacking.  More simple looks.

8377 – Pattern Hacking.  I’d actually be tempted on this cardigan if I didn’t already have pattern in this style.

8378 – Pattern Hacking.  Possibly the mist interesting of the line, as this one adjusts not only the length but the shape of the trouser pattern as well.  Could be really interesting and informative.

8379 – Easy to Sew.  Interestingly draped potato sack dress.  It isn’t my style, but I could see this being a popular and easy summer sew.

8383 – Easy to Sew.  Another style that is pretty basic, but on trend with the open shoulder and ruffle sleeves.

8384 – I actually sort of like the lines on this shirtdress.  The deep-V neckline is pretty flattering.

8385 – More tops that are super on trend.  I don’t think I need them in my collection, but these styles are probably the most on-trend for summer.


8386 – Easy to Sew.  I actually really like this pattern collection.  The white top especially.  Definitely one that I need to add to my summer sewing list.

8387 – We’ve had similar styles in the past.

8388 – Moving the ruffle trend to the bottom half.  Personally I find the skirt looks a bit bulky and heavy.

8389 – Easy to Sew.  Nice simple elastic waist pants variations, should one need elastic waist pants.

8390 – Easy to Sew.  The front pants with dart shaping in the back.  Definitely has a “I’m so totally on vacation right now” vibe going on.

8391 – I’m sort of obsessed with the nautical inspired shorts in this pattern.  Even though I know I have Burda pants that are super similar.  But I think I need this pattern anyway, because I’d probably wear that simple t-shirt too.

8392 – Mimi G.  Mimi G. expands into the exercise realm.  I’m not sold on the skirt/leggings thing (it looks restrictive to motion) and the sports bra looks… unsubstantial.  The mini hoodie is cute, but I don’t know how absolutely practical it is.

8394 – Mimi G.  A vintage inspired look from Mimi G.  Not something I’d want to wear, but I can see it being popular with those who like to go for all the vintage inspired patterns.

8393 – A nice simple wardrobe pattern.  I could see all these pieces being completely practical, if not entirely exciting.  But, as many of us learned from the Wardrobe Sudoku contest, simple plays well with others.  So, I’m going to say this would be a great pattern to make a lazy days summer wardrobe with.

Assorted Kids styles.  The dress/romper (8395) is pretty cute.  Lots of American Girl branded stuff this time too.  I’m thinking the AG bag pattern (8400) could be a great way to get kids into sewing, and some of the bags do look large enough to use for school.

Crafty Stuff.  The giant cat pillows (8403) are more than a little adorable.  Like, a lot.  The American Girl doll clothes (8397) are pretty cute too, especially those shorts!

8396 – “Cosplay” Dress.  The description and styling are clearly meant to interest those in cosplay, but really, it’s just a dress.  I see what you did there Simplicity.  Trying to get the cosplay community buying your wider collection of sewing patterns.  Anyway, even if you aren’t a cosplayer, this could be a nice princess seamed dress.  Personally, I’ve got a lot of those in my collection already, but this one does have nice lines.

8404 – Disney Cosplay.  The New Belle costume for adults.  Looks like a great interpretation.  Love the attention to detail on the skirt.  I’m really loving the costume licensing, so that the companies can recreate looks, rather than skirting around the issue by changing one or two things.

8405 – New Belle for kids and dolls.  Adorable.

8406 – Classic Belle.  I love this, I want this, I need this.  Totally my child hood right here.  Looks like I’m going to be buying a lot of Belle at the next pattern sale.

8407 – Classic Belle for kids and dolls.  All the Belles.  I’m going to be getting all the Belles.

8411 – Obviously referential to the amazing Highlander costume, this American Duchess pattern also holds up to historical snuff.  The inclusion of some critical underpinnings is great too.  Definitely joining Belle in my basket.

8409 – An Arkivestry Steampunk pattern.  Half the time I love these, and half the time I leave them.  I think this in one I can leave.  Though there is plenty of great detailing on this pattern, it just isn’t something I need for my costuming in the near future.

8408 – Another Arkivestry steampunk pattern.  I do actually really love the vest details here, so this one might follow me home on my next pattern sale run.

8410 – MangoSirene.  A new partner with Simplicity, MangoSirene is a popular cosplayer.  They have teamed up to create their own version of the popular Pokemon Go! game design.  That cropped jacket is still totally adorable.  I still totally need one.

100501 – MangoSirene.  This is another MangoSirene cosplay pattern, those this one appears to be an online (and possibly convention) exclusive.  The blazer looks great though – nicely fitted with really classic lines.

The other summer release that came out simultaneously is New Look.  Like Simplicity, I find most of the lines and styles to be quite simple.

6507 – Popular shoulder ruffle looks.  I’ve gotten enough of these with Burda.  Could be a good option if you want a really simple ruffle dress look.

6506 – I really like the button back dress (the model version) but it looks like it would be a total pain to get on or off.  Hmmmm.  Probably a pass.

6509 – Interesting cut-out romper  Not sure it’s for me (I’ve got so many others I’d rather make), but ventilation could be fun on a hop summer day.  The great thing is that the rest of it is so covered it really won’t need a shirt or anything under it, though, presumably, you could do that and have an interesting peek-a-boo contrast at the waist.

6510 – Simple shift dress.  Nice a lightweight looking, but nothing really exciting style-wise.  Would look great under a jean jacket though.

6511 – Giant ruffle peplum top.  I’ve already got wide hips, so this inverted triangle look would be doing me no favors.

6512 – This is actually another fairly trendy looking pattern.  I’ve seen lots of this style of dress being promoted for summer this year.

6513 – Top with some interesting pin-tucks.  Could be nice for those who like this aesthetic.

6514 – Some long, lightweight cardigans.  These also seem to be quite popular this season, and there are some interesting options here that allow for color blocking and other creative additions.

6515 – Some variations on pants/culottes for summer.  Nothing wrong with them, but nothing overly exciting either.

6516 – A toned down ruffle skirt.  Must say I much prefer this to the other the top ruffles from Simplicity, though neither is really my personal style.

6517 – Fairly simple tunic/dress/pants wardrobe pattern.  Also looks like it comes with a scarf?

6518 – I can’t tell if this is supposed to be clothes or pajamas?  Anyone?  Thoughts?

6519 – This tie-front dress and blouse could be cute, or it could look like a rumpled disaster (as evidenced by Burda’s fabric choice in their latest magazine).  I’m voting possible yay here, though, since I am getting the Burda, I don’t know that I will need both patterns in my collection.

Kids.  Nothing I’m super excited about here, but these do look like simple styles to make for those who will rapidly outgrow them.

And that’s it!  On the whole I’m not overly excited by the majority of everyday where in this release, but, then again, I’m not overly excited by the general trend that have been happening lately either, so there’s that.  The cosplay looks are bang-on and I want them all.  New Look usually has 1-2 looks I go for, but this release feels like a miss to me.  What do you all think?  Is the release so late in the spring/summer game that we’ve already committed ourselves to other ruffly designs?  Or are these looks fairly dull?  See any must buys?  And what are we thinking about Simplicity’s new Pattern Hacking line?  And which of all y’all am I going to have to beat away from those Belle patterns, because I know that pattern drawer is going to be empty when I get there and I am not going to be happy ’bout it.  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

14 thoughts on “Simplicity and New Look Summer 2017

  1. Not too much that captivates me here, I must admit. Love the idea of pattern hacking patterns though… I’d get the t-shirt one but I already have a pattern (and am about to try it). Cool cosplay, though there are several of those in my stash as well. And as a biiiig Doctor Who fan (bring it ON, Saturday!! Capaldi 4eva (except for David Tennant WHO WILL BE IN MONTREAL THIS SUMMER!! OMG!)) I’m more on the look out for maybe a River Song costume or one of those lizard women or something….

    Sorry. What was I saying… oh yes no I think my stash is fine for now. Burda really does have more trippy ideas (sometimes) as well as some of the independants. (I’m drooling over the mid-rise Ginger Jeans but am terrified of trying…)


  2. I love that crazy mini hoodie. I will buy the pattern (for $1) for that. The bottoms look not at all useful. I guess for people who wear athletic wear to the grocery store and Target…The sports bra again, not really useful unless you’re just walking around.

    The elastic waist pants…couldn’t have convinced me until I made an old Simplicity pattern from a nice ponte. It has an elastic waist, light pleats and a tapered leg. I LOVE THOSE PANTS! So I do plan to make the coral view when I find the right crepe-y fabric.

    Love the trendy top with the “tails”. Only like the one view of the New Look off-shoulder dress..the button front?? So cute. So. So. In a chambray?! Swoon!

    I’m not into their ‘hacking’ patterns but it’s a SMART idea!

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  3. I would have loved the pattern hacking ones when I started sewing. Most of the rest is nice, but I keep thinking I’ve probably got a Burda somewhere that’s almost the same as most of them. Funnily enough the cosplay ones didn’t grab me – just not my fandoms this time out. Oh well, I need to cut back on pattern buying anyway! Thanks for doing the review; I really enjoy reading these.

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  4. Agh, in the Belle Patterns had been around when I got married three years ago, I might just have fulfilled my Little Girl dream! Now I might just get them to have them. Nowhere to wear them to though, I don’t even know of a cosplay event where this sort of thing is welcome…

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      1. I could just throw my son a themed birthday party and show up as the signature attraction. #scarredforlife


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