McCall’s Patterns Spring 2017

The latest patterns for spring are here from McCall’s!  On the whole I think that while there are a lot of boxy and somewhat bland styles, there are also a few designs I’m actually rather excited about.  Let’s take a look:

M7567 – Nicole Miller.  Love the fabric choices and styling here, but I’m not convinced I need this pattern.  It is pretty, but very similar to other patterns in the stash.

M7579 – Nicole Miller.  I’m not overly excited about the pieced top, but I really like all the seaming on the trousers.

M7580 – Beaute J’Adore.  The Poofy sleeves on this top are a it much, but I do love the streamlined trousers.

M7577 – Love this jumpsuit/romper pattern!  I saw it first on the McCall’s spring YouTube promotional video, and while I wasn’t such a fan on the floral print or extra short ruffly legs, I did love the lace insert in the back.  Must admit I’m rather fond of view D, so I’ll definitely be adding this to my pattern collection.

M7574 – Melissa Watson.  The shape of the raglan sleeves are interesting, though I’m not certain I could get away with wearing a crop top.

M7561 – Learn to Sew for Fun.  This dress actually looks pretty simple to put together, and the low back is an interesting detail.

M7564 – Nothing particularly exciting here, but I do like the neckline on the maxi.

M7566 – Kathy Davis.  The dress itself is pretty basic, but it does showcase a lot of options from the ruffle trend that is so popular at the moment.

M7562 – Another rather shapeless dress, though the neckline adds a bit of interest.

M7565 – a rather voluminous version of a shirt dress.  Though I actually do rather like the look of it belted, and the nice gathers at the back yoke.

M7563 – This pattern is all about the popular trends: bare shoulders, big sleeves, and lots of ruffles.

M7569 – Create It!  I actually rather like the options here.  The deep opening in the front of the dress may be a bit much, to wear comfortably, but it does make a pretty style of dress.

M7568 – Designer Joi.  Normally I really like the Designer Joi patterns, but I’m not overly excited by this gown.  Without the peplum and bow the dress feels a bit plain, but with it, it seems a bit over the top 80s prom.

M7578 – Rather liking this athletic wear pattern.  I don’t have much use for the tennis dress, but I do like the the leggings and the tank top quite a bit.

M7573 – Laura Ashley.  More ruffly open shoulder tops.

M7572 – This is the sort of top that isn’t really exciting, but would probably look good on a fair number of people.  Also, more ruffly sleeves.

M7570 – These t-shirts would have been pretty boring without the cut out back openings.

M7571 – Another fairly basic top pattern.  Some interest with the neckline though.

M7575 – Palmer/Pletsch.  Actually really liking the nice simple lines of this shirt.

M7576 – These culotte/trousers look pretty simple to make, and though I think the ruffly ones are a bit much, I do like the other styles.

M7585 – Yaya Han.  I actually really like this pattern – it’s a great base for a lot of men’s cosplay ideas.

M7581 – Ok, so some of these bags are a but crazy looking, but some of them are actually really cute!  I’m sort of obsessed with the little orange crab.

M7586 – Window shades for the home dec crowd.

And that’s it!  So, what do we all think?  See any patterns you need to jump on for spring?  Or are there a lot of patterns we can skip in this release?  Anyone else obsessing over the lace backed jumpsuit?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

8 thoughts on “McCall’s Patterns Spring 2017

  1. Great summary as always, thank you. I love the Nicole Miller dress although I do have to ask myself if I’m just attracted to the prints they’ve used. Still, I will pick it up in the next sale. I don’t mind ruffles and exposed shoulders in general, but I am starting to feel like there are a million patterns that are all the same out there now.

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  2. I only like the jumpsuit pattern. I could see making it (the pants version) with the lace insert. The P/P top looks very close to the one from the last release that had the tie belt and cold shoulder option. Oh and the athletic wear is cool too. Same feeling as you on the tennis dress but the top and leggings are nice basics. Though I’ve sworn off Big4 for athletic wear.

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  3. I love the pants in 7579 so much! They take about a year to get here though so I put them in the online basket during the McCalls online sale today and it said shipping $15.90 to Australia. Like the pattern, full price will cost that here. =( Sadness.

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