Simplicity Patterns February 2017

The latest releases for Simplicity are here!  Well, actually, I may have inadvertently bought a few of them at the previous Simplicity sale, which mean two things: (1) The display patterns may have shipped early on accident and (2) the Jo-Ann’s near me that is generally known as being THE WORST at putting out new patterns had them out at least a month before they were released.  I’ve been waiting for this release for a while since I realized these were new patterns when I got them, yet that was quite a time span between me acquiring patterns and their official release.  On the whole there are some interesting developments in this release, including the addition of Ashley Nell Tipton as a designer and an expansion of the Plus sizing patterns from Simplicity.  Let’s take a look:

S8345 – This is one of the releases from Ashley Nell Tipton.  The style of this press is pretty basic, but sizing is 18W-34W, which is unusual for Simplicity pattern.  I’m excited they are offering such a fitted dress style for that size range.

S8344 – The other Ashely Nell Tipton pattern is this bodysuit/leotard pattern.  I’ll definitely be getting this, as I expect it would be easy to convert to a skating costume pattern, and will be great for people who don’t often fit in the more common size ranges.  Love all the back options here as well.

S8342 – It’s nice to see that the plus sizing extends to the other patterns in addition to Ashley’s new line.  This pattern has a nice retro/vintage flare to it.

S8327 – Also love these leggings, available in sizes 1X-5X.

S8329 – Pretty!  This was one of the patterns I already picked up at the previous sale, so, yes, I’m a fan of the sleeve options, especially the version with the black lace.

S8300 – Another pretty dress.  Love the high neckline and open back – one of my favorite combinations for a party dress.  The short black version is wonderfully elegant.

S8328 – Sew Stylish.  This is where the party dresses start to get a bit young for me.  I think this is what kids want to be wearing to high school dances, but the crop top look is not something I should be wearing out methinks.

S8334 – Mimi G Style.  Pretty simple knit dress; the buttons on the skirt are an interesting detail.

S8341 – Mimi G Style.  The Mimi G version of the off the shoulder ruffle top.  Not my favorite variation of this trend.

S8354 – Mimi G Style.  Looks like her line is branching into the kids market.

S8332 – Simple, but pretty.

S8333 – I like the idea of this jumpsuit/top, but I feel like it would just fall way too open with that low v-neck drape.  I’d wait for a few pattern reviews on this one first.

S8335 – Learn to Sew.  Basic shirt with some back gathering details.

S8337 – A simple version of the off the shoulder top.  This might be a nice way to incorporate the trend without going crazy and wearing large flounces everywhere.

S8340 – Project Runway. A less fitted button down shirt.  Some interesting pockets on a few of these.

S8338 – Loose fitting tank tops to be worn over the swanky sports bras in the next pattern…

S8339 – Swanky sports bras.  With cup and band sizing, which is nice.

S8343 – Wrap skirt.  Not my favorite, but I could see this being a cute cover-up for a beach vacation.

S8349 – American Girl.  Very smart in selling matching girl and doll patterns.

S8360 – American Girl.  You can match!

S8350 – American Girl.  Interesting western theme happening here.

S8359 – American Girl. Western doll clothes.

S8363 – Love this!  Lots of nice details in this beautiful cosplay pattern.

S8362 – This is one of those patterns that they pick fabrics to make it look sort of cosplay-ish, but the shapes of the jacket and skirt would actually be really nice for regular garment sewing as well.

S8361 – Hats!  Lots of steampunk options here.

S8364/8365 – Ok, so apparently there are 2 patterns?  But they have the same things in them?  One is wedding themed in photos and the other is not, but the content is identical.  Also, how beautiful is the lace sleeve cover up on the upper left of the wedding cover?  Gorgeous.

S8356 – Lots of fun and simple looking bag options.

S8357 – The fox is pretty cute.

S8355 – Apparently it’s curtains month for all the home dec pattern releases?

S8353 – For DIY party planning.


And that’s it!  Honestly, I’m pretty excited about the expanded size range coming from the Simplicity patterns, and a lot of the party/wedding looks are really pretty this time around.  Not as much of interest in the rest of the general garment sewing category, but that’s ok, my stash is pretty full anyway.  What do you all think?  See anything you have to grab for spring sewing?  Or will most of this be a pass?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

9 thoughts on “Simplicity Patterns February 2017

  1. I don’t know if I’m getting a bit fussy but I’m not convinced. The options for curvy girls all seem a bit unforgiving!! I do like the Mimi G jersey dress though! And the jumpsuit pattern is more about the dress for me, looks hippy-ish and cool!

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    1. I can totally see that. I think that’s maybe why I’m so excited about them? I feel like Butterick and Burda have both done forgiving Plus designs, but it’s more unusual to see fitted styles in this size range. Also, hopefully this signals a wider Plus selection in the future, which, if they start following recent trends, probably will have lots of forgiving looks. For purely selfish reasons I’m excited because I sew skating costumes for all sizes, and not having to draft leotards makes makes my life easier.

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      1. I completely agree with you, just because they are plus size they don’t have to be frumpy and we’re definitely seeing more options in that size range, which is great! But I still think I’ll be steering clear of these in particular! Though I do like the little button pencil skirt. It’s great that they are good for you though!!

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  2. That sports bra!!! I love it – so fantastic to see such a pretty and supportive style of sports bra. That is at the top of my list. Actually that is the only thing I put on my next sale must haves, but although I didn’t need any other patterns, I did like a lot of the ones you highlighted.

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