Burda Easy Spring/Summer 2017

The first issue of this year’s Burda Easy Magazine is here!  This magazine always has fewer styles than a regular monthly Burda magazine, but also has more detailed instructions, and patterns you don’t have to trace, which makes it a friendlier entry point to new sewers.  The styles this time around seem to be following a lot of the recent trends.  There aren’t any really unique pattens, but there are a lot of simple looking patterns that could be good for spring and summer.  Let’s take a look:

This off the shoulder ruffle blouse seems to be a very popular style this season – almost every major pattern brand has one (or more).  At this point I feel like there are several available options for this sort of pattern, but as these sorts of tops go, this is a pretty decent version.

This one-should er dress/tunic pattern is a bit low on the strapless side.  It’s interesting because the line drawing shows the hint of something under the dress, but it isn’t visible on any of the models.  Personally, I rather like it in the maxi version, though I’d definitely figure a way to raise the side a bit.

Simple wrap skirt, not too much to discuss here.  Might be a bit short, but adding length wouldn’t be too difficult.

I’m not usually a fan of these romper jumpsuit styles, but i have to say I really love how Burda styled them here.  The dress version also plays with the modern off the shoulder trend and large sleeves, but actually keeps a nice proportion as well.

These pants look pretty simple to construct, and Burda also did a nice job with the styling here.

This dress/top is really simple, but would be great for layering.

Love this jacket!  Probably the best pattern in the magazine.  The inseam pockets are great, and the overall shape is really nice and simple.  I’m not sure if it is worth buying the whole magazine just for this one pattern, but if you don’t already have a great bomber jacket pattern it might be.

And that’s it!  What do you all think?  Is there anything here worth getting this issue of Burda Easy?  Or can you let this one pass?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Burda Easy Spring/Summer 2017

  1. I really like the paper bag waist on the wide leg pants, kind of an 80’s throwback.
    The skirts and dresses are pretty short on purpose, and I’m sure they can say it takes a yard or less in fabric for most of the juniors’ sizes. This would actually become economical to make over buying a designer mini skirt!
    For someone a lot younger than me 😂

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  2. Really like the off-the-shoulder blouse – I don’t have one, this might be the pattern for me. If I can find a decent bra for it. I still have that herringbone fabric, I haven’t gotten the courage to sew with it yet, but the bomber jacket might be just the thing. Wonder if it is lined. Where do you think I could find an issue of this Burda? The store where I buy my regular Burda (when it arrives, which seems like manths laterthan everyone else) doesn’t carry it…

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    1. I’ve either bought Burda Easy from GLP subscriptions or off EBay. There are a few other online pattern retailers that sometimes carry it, but depending on the country you are in the shipping can be expensive. Usually you can find the latest Burda magazines on EBay about a day or two after they come out though.

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      1. Awww… darn. Oh well. Thank you so much for asking them! As it happened, last June we had the opportunity to visit Denmark and France, and I did come across a Burda Easy in French while there. I’ve never seen one here where I live (province of Quebec in Canada). Checked out Ebay, and maybe I can find one, perhaps on Etsy – there are many sewing-related things there. I even bought a small piece of fabric once, for a bag.


  3. I doubt I will be able to get this issue anyway, but one thing that struck me is that this would be great to put together a whole vacation wardrobe of easy to make pieces. Interesting about the one shoulder dress, definitely looks like there is a bandeau top or something under there.

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  4. Actually I like this. Not sure I really need ANYMORE patterns but probably will buy this one. I heard that Burda Easy was not for sale any longer in the UK though. Do not suppose you know if that is correct? I can use the German editions but its hard enough understanding the translations with the UK mags without trying to make stuff in german! I have tried believe me! I am kind of addicted to collecting Burda regardless of language though have yet to venture into Russian. Mind you these all look nice and easy to make so maybe I could buy the german version.

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