Sudoku Wadder

So not everything is going swimmingly in Sudoku land…  My first attempt at my wide-legged trouser is going to be a total wadder.  The problem is not the pattern, which based on mid-progress try-ons should be fitting great, but that I decided to use the least stretchy lining fabric ever.  The main fabric was going to be this lovely crepe with a bit of give, but since I’m making white, I knew I’d need to underline everything.  So I used a nice feeling poly lining, but since the poly has like, negative give, I don’t think there is any saving my first attempt.  I may be able to get them on if I use a 1/4 in seam allowance on the crotch curve, but I definitely won’t be able to sit down.  The other problem, and I’m not quite sure how this happened, is that the main fabric was MUCH larger than the lining after cutting, but since I serged the pieces together to create the underlining, I can’t really save it by letting out seam allowances.  Fit issues seem to be my biggest problem with this Sudoku project, though it all comes down to the fact that, despite the amount I’ve been sewing the past few years, very little of it has been for me and I’m really out of practice making decisions about clothing for the real world.  It should all be ok though, I hope, since I just re-ordered more of the main fabric from Michael Levine, found a better lining at Jo-Ann’s (that matches the stretch of the main fabric), and confirmed with this wadder that the pattern will fit great if I have just a tiny bit more ease around the hips by not making stupid fabric choices.  I was so confident too, since my last several Burda patterns have all fit great at a straight 44 sizing.  And the construction so far was looking really neat – my darts were gorgeous.  Sigh.  Live and learn I guess?  The biggest problem is the waist of time, really, since I’m super busy this week and I didn’t really have much time to waste.  I guess I’ll move on to my culottes – I won’t be needing to line those – and come back to this project after my second fabric order arrives.  Darn.  This ruins my genius plans of being efficient in changing thread in my serger…

Soon Burda pants, soon!

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