Valentine’s Day Saber Sleeves

So, for Valentine’s Day, I decided I wanted to make a gift that appropriately conveyed the message, “I love you, but not enough to change my serger threads.”  So I decided to make a bunch of travel bags for our groups lightsabers out of leftover fabric from skating costumes.  Certainly not a high budget endeavor here, but enough effort such that our group’s hilts won’t be scuffing each other up during transport – we give them enough rough treatment in battle!


Construction was super simple – I folded an edge over and used my coverstitch machine to keep it down, then I serged the sides closed.  I couldn’t be bothered to change threads, especially since I’ll need white for my next sudoku item!


We usually take the blades out before storing the hilts – hopefully this will prevent a lot of the dings and scratches that happen when the hilts roll around in the bag!


Oh, and I made some gluten-free almond flour scones too!  Because maybe I like people a bit more than my lack of attention to serger thread detail would suggest.  Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

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