Pattern Review: BWOF-02-2008-119A (Wardrobe Sudoku Item #5)

I finished the fourth top for my Wardrobe Sudoku the same day I made the third top.  I have to say that this was probably the simplest to make (which is saying something because they were all pretty straightforward), and also quite possibly my favorite.  I’ve been obsessed with this style ever since I bought the 2008 February Burda World of Fashion off Ebay:


I’ve loved everything about this top, especially the vertical lines and mixed colors, which I’ve fairly closely mimicked in my version:

Definitely liking the wardrobe pairing with the skirt more than my previous two top options.

Here is a close up of the neck – left view is tied and right view is untied – so you can see how it is attached.

Also, here are a couple shots that should give you an idea of the length when it is untucked.

Finally, the neck binding (using the seam allowance of the neck piece) is on the left, and my sleeve binding (using my coverstitch) is on the right.

Here is my official Pattern Review:

Pattern Description: Women’s blouse with neck tie detail.

Pattern Sizing: Burda sizes 34-42.  I made a size 40, grading out to a 42 at the bust.  I probably should have made a straight size 40.

Were the instructions easy to follow? Yes, pretty simple.  Thought I’m not entirely sure I made the neck tie entirely correctly, though I’m fairly certain I was overthinking the wording of the instructions.  This top would have been pretty easy to figure out without the instruction anyway though.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the envelope once you were done with it?  Yes, very much so.  I even tried to mimic the vertical multi-color fabric selection.  The only major difference is that my neck tie seems shorter?  Which, perhaps means I put it together incorrectly?  I’m not entirely sure, but I felt like all of my other pattern marks matched up?  Either way, I’m pretty happy with how it looks.

What did you particularly like or dislike about this pattern?  Likes: So easy to put together.  And if you are cleaver about it, the inside of the necktie can bind the neck seam, so you get a really pretty inside.  If I’d used a satin like they suggested, I’d have done French seams for the sides as well, but since I used a knit I did a lot of sewing on my serger.  I also like the feel of the necktie – it is not too restrictive or binding while still giving a more formal look.  Dislikes: I wish my neck tie was a tiny bit longer.  I suppose could figure out of I sewed it wrong for next time, but I honestly feel like it would just be easier to extend the length of the pattern piece.  Also, I wish the armhole was a tiny bit higher, but I’m sure that would also have been fine if I’d made the correct choices for sizing.

Fabric used: ITY knit that’s been in the stash.  It came from either Angel’s Textiles or the Micheal Levine Loft in Downtown LA.  I can’t remember where I found it (I’m thinking Angel’s), but either way I know it was wicked cheap and I’ve got enough left to make several more awesome tops and/or a wrap dress.  Or maybe even a maxi dress.  But, anyway, this fabric is awesome and it will be making another appearance soon methinks.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made: None, except I used techniques for sewing with knits, since I made a different fabric choice.  I also cut the necktie on not the bias since I used a knit and not a woven.

Would you sew it again?  Would you recommend it to others?  I’ll probably make this again.  I’d actually love to make one in a satin or some other luxurious silk fabric.  I’ll definitely size down to a 40, and I might add a tiny bit of length depending on the fabric choice (the length is fine, but I feel like a different fabric might not have the drape of the ITY and thus feel shorter).  I would also definitely recommend this pattern – it is quick to trace, simple to sew, and awesome to wear.

Conclusion: I’m really excited about this top!  I think it is going to look great with all of my sudoku bottoms, plus jeans and all the other pants in my wardrobe.  And hopefully it will look good under jackets as well.  Anyway, I’m really pleased, and I’m super excited to move on to working on my bottoms for the contest!

10 thoughts on “Pattern Review: BWOF-02-2008-119A (Wardrobe Sudoku Item #5)

  1. I read your blog all the time, and wonder what you are studying at school? Are you a PhD candidate or do you already have a doctorate? Are you a medical doctor?
    Really love your blog. It has been nice seeing all of the clothing you have been sewing this past year. I read your blog for a long time without ever seeing your face! You are so tall and pretty. Thanks for sharing.


  2. This style is lovely on you. But the colours! So well chosen, they really suit you. Beautifully sewn as always.

    I’m contemplating the whole PhD thing, taking a year to find a good topic, scholarship & supervisor.

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