McCall’s Early Spring 2017

I feel like I haven’t even really gotten ready for the winter season, and the McCall’s early spring collection is already here!  Full of easy silhouettes and pretty dresses, there are a lot of styles that look easy to sew and practical to wear once the weather starts to warm up.

M7536 – This is pretty basic princess seamed dress with skirt options.  I do love the use of the large print on the model photo, but I’m not sure that I need to add another dress of this style to my pattern stash.

M7540 – David Tutera Custom Cup Sizes.  I pretty much said I didn’t need another princess seamed dress in my stash, but I’m definitely considering this one for the jumpsuit pattern.  Love the little opening on the back.  Not quite so open as the recent Vogue release, but enough to provide some visual interest.

M7537 – I do like the shape of these dress with the color blocking. It looks like something my sister would wear, though perhaps not in that floral print.

M7534 – I’m actually really enjoying the look of this faux wrap dress.  I really love the versions with the sleeves, though I’d probably opt for a length somewhere in between the styles presented.

M7533 – A nice shift dress pattern.  Very simple, but works well with the prints they show on the envelope.  Again, not something I need in my stash, but I can see it being a popular pattern.

M7532 – Sleeves like whoa.

M7538 – Love this!  I want to make all the styles.  Love the idea of the crazy color blocked top for all the fabric scraps I’ve got hanging about.

M7539 – I find the model image very striking, but I’m not as excited when I see the actual line drawings.  Not sure why…  Hmmmm.

M7530 – A Learn to Sew for Fun pattern.  Looks like a pretty basic dress pattern.  Not super exciting as far as patterns go, but I do love the fabric they’ve chosen for the cover.

M7535 – Dress with skirt and back variations.  This is another one that I like, but feel that I’ve already got something in the stash that would be similar.

M7531 – Learn to Sew for Fun.  This is a pretty basic knit sheath, but I think that is why I find it so appealing.  I’ve got some fabric that I think would actually work best with such a simple silhouette.  Love the little slit in the back of the skirt on the longer styles.

M7549 – I’m oddly fascinated with this quilted jacket.  My brain says it doesn’t really go with the style I’ve been playing around with in my Wardrobe Adventures, yet I keep wanting to try it on.  Maybe just because it has been so cold and windy that I want to feel like I am wearing a quilt?  This pattern is on my maybe list.

M7541 – Interesting cape/shirt thing.  I’m sort of fascinated how the sleeves work in the pattern, but I don’t know if I’d actually really want to wear it?

M7546 – The cold shoulder trend continues!  I’m not sure how I feel about the waist ties and extra long hems, but the curved darts look pretty nice.

M7545 – So much sleeves!

M7544 – I get that the shirt is supposed to have a lot of volume, but with the very think yoke it just looks really poorly fit.  The proportions here are sort of visually bothering me.  I want to tug her shirt down.  Or buy her something from the adult section.

M7542 – All the sleeve options.  ALL OF THEM.

M7543 – Shoulders bare everywhere!

M7548 – Nancy Zieman wardrobe pattern.  Lots of basic knit options, but the pieces look fairly versatile for loungewear.

M7545 – I’m not usually a fan of overalls, but I’m really digging these.  Definitely on my maybe list.  I at least would use this for view A – the bell bottom jean-style trousers.

M7554 – Yaya Han Cosplay Pattern.  Love the raglan top – even if you don’t do cosplay this could be good for an exercise top or just fun color blocking with some super stretchy knits.

M7555 – Yaya Han Cosplay Pattern. I’m also a fan of this under-bust corset.  Would be great for a lot of fantasy costuming.

M7552 – Yaya Han Cosplay Pattern.  A bit sad that the kids version of this pattern didn’t make it before Halloween this year.  It would have been all the rage.

M7550 – Love the vintage doll clothes.  Very fun.

M7553 – Also, dinosaurs.  Because dinosaurs.

And that’s about it.  On the whole I feel like there are a lot of very basic spring dresses, and a whole lot of really big sleeves.  I think there are a lot of great patterns for quick spring makes, but most seem to be fairly simplistic and fairly similar to patterns I’ve seen before.  There are definitely a few things I’ll be picking up, and there are a few things I’m on the fence about.  Not the most exciting of releases for me, but I’ve got such a backlog of sewing plans I can’t say that’s necessarily a bad thing.  Not to mention that it has been so cold and windy here the past few days that the idea of sewing the light spring dresses feels a bit ridiculous at the moment.  What do you all think?  See anything here that has you thinking about spring?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

4 thoughts on “McCall’s Early Spring 2017

  1. My favourite is the cold-shoulder shirt, not for the cold-shoulder option but for the other views.

    Bit disappointed by the costume patterns this time round. I thought the raglan top was a bit basic – I bet Burda has several – and the underbust corset is way too daring for me.

    Overall a good collection I think, I just don’t need any pretty dresses right now so probably won’t be buying anything but the shirt.

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  2. Hah, your sister has good taste! Somehow I can imagine that dress in white and yellow colour blocking. I was turned off American patterns because of the massive ease and weird fit, but will have to see if I can get this one at a store nearby.

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