Early Spring Everywhere: Simplicity, My Image, Burda; RIP Burda Plus

All of the pattern companies have jumped on the early spring train – we’ve got new patterns from Simplicity, the latest magazine from My Image, and a preview of the Spring Catalog from Burda.

Before we get to all that, though, I think we have to say a special good-bye to Burda Plus Magazine.  I just received my letter from GLP informing me that next year’s issues have been canceled and that my subscription will be applied to my regular Burda subscription.  I think it is sad that the magazine is no more, but at least we will still be able to get Plus Size patterns in the regular magazine.  It brings up an interesting concern though; it does seem that Burda is scaling back a bit.  Several commenters noted that it feels as though there are fewer patterns coming in the (as yet undelivered) January issue of the magazine.  Now they are cancelling one of their regular publications.  Is this a bad sign?  Or is it better for Burda to be consolidating?  Are they dealing with more competition as the independent pattern companies seem to be gaining (or at least maintaining) a strong band of followers?  Or is this an attempt to focus on producing a top notch product in their primary magazine?  I also wonder how many people only subscribed to the Plus Magazine, especially since many of the patterns were reprints from earlier magazines of late?  Are they just cutting an auxiliary and unnecessary product in hopes of getting more subscribers to the monthly magazine?  Feel free to ponder, expound, or lament this recent development in the comments section.

Anyway, now that that’s out of the way, let’s focus on something a bit more cheerful – new patterns!

My Image Magazine

My Image is on it!  My issue arrived earlier this week, quite unexpectedly actually.  I’m usually quite a fan of their winter issues, but I’m usually about 50/50 when a new spring issue arrives.  It’s about the same for me this year – I’m not overly excited by most of the pattens in this issue, though there are a few I think are pretty cute.  Let’s take a look:


These could be great shorts for people who avoid doing fly front closures.
Liking the pants here, and the off the shoulder top is also of interest.
I’ve got other jumpsuit patterns that are higher on my to-sew list, but this jersey jumpsuit looks comfortable to wear at least.
The ruffle top dress is pretty fun.  I like the look of the wrap-skirt dress, but I’m not sure how practical it would be in real life.
I like the shape of the off the shoulder dress.  The maxi skirt with the slit is something I’d be more likely to make and wear though.
I want to like the twist front dress, but it looks a bit baggy.  The other dresses are fine, if somewhat simplistic.
Basic top is, well, basic, but could be a nice wardrobe filler.
See? Baggy.  Love the styling on the right, with the slim belt.
I’d consider making the maxi dress on the far right.
Really love the grey/taupe skirt.
The white top might be a bit much for me, but I’m going to applaud them for going for something a bit more interesting here.


I really like the blue dress, which is one of the free PDF patterns included with the magazine.
The jacket is nice.  Another of the free PDF patterns.
The third PDF pattern is a pretty basic dress with a fringed hem.
Home Dec!  Which I’ve been sewing a lot of lately, and thus have a newfound respect for.  Or at least some odd combination of respect and love-hate feels.

Simplicity Early Spring 2017

The Latest Collection from Simplicity can be seen on Pattern Review here, and (shocker!) on their website as well.  On the whole it’s an ok collection.  Lots of pretty gowns and formal dresses, with a few great patterns for everyday looks as well.  Let’s see what we’ve got:

S8289 – Leanne Marshall dress.  Pretty, but not begging to get added to the stash.

S8291 – I do like the color blocked version of this Mimi G. dress.  Looks like it would be a pretty quick make as well, which could be nice.

S8292 – I simultaneously love the look of the model photo and know I would not be excited to sew this up.  The super sized sleeve trend looks like it might be a thing this year, but I’ve always felt a bit ridiculous wearing large ruffles around my arms.

S8293 – Simple Sheath dress with sleeve variants.

S8294 – Basic spring dress pattern by Gertrude Made.

S8295 – Project Runway tunic pattern.

S8296 – Off the shoulder basic tunic/dress.  I realize the line drawings are wrong, but this is incorrectly posted everywhere else, so.

S8297 – The button down that actually goes with the line drawings!

S8298 –  Dottie Angel quilted jackets.  The short hooded one isn’t bad.

S8305 – Just in case you want to do a mommy-baby matching thing.

S8299 – Easy to Sew pants and skirts.

S8300 – Nautical inspired skirt pattern.

S8301 – Another Mimi G. pattern.  A bit cutesy compared to what she normally releases.  Not really my thing, but I could see this appealing to sewists who aren’t normally a fan of her patterns.

S8302 – Simple wardrobe pattern.

S8303 – This plus sized pattern is great!  Totally picking this one up to make a coat for my mom.

S8306 – Had to post this vintage kids pattern – I swear I’ve seen a picture of my mom in something nearly identical when she was a kid.

S8307 – In a complete reversal, this Project Runway pattern is totally modern in taking some of it’s adult styles and shrinking them down for kids.  Pretty cute, actually.

S8316 – More Lolita Style costumes from Simplicity.

S8317 – Seems to be an Asian-inspired theme with the Simplicity costumes this release.

S8318 – Sort of makes me want to do a Juliana Crain cosplay.

S8308 – Pillow fight!

S8310 – These quilted bags could be a good gift project.

S8309 – Gotta love the owl storage box.  Cute!

S8311 – Love the more classic look of these stuffed animals.

S8313 – The fox looks so dapper!

S8314 – Mod doll clothes.

S8315 – The little chef’s hat is cute!

Burda Catalog Spring/Summer Preview

Since the full announcement isn’t up yet I’ll wait to do a full post when the rest of the designs arrive.  But so far I’m liking what I see.  To add a second cherry to the top of my triple-layer pattern sundae, the Russian site has the first look at the February issue up as well, which I’m even more excited by than the catalog preview!  It’s legit pattern overload happening over here you guys!  I’ll be doing a full post when the magazine announcement posts, but as of now I’m pretty excited!


And that’s it for now.  On the whole I’m feeling pretty optimistic for the February Burda, cautiously hopeful for the Burda catalog looks, ambivalent about much of the My Image Magazine, and lukewarm about much of the Simplicity release.  But maybe that’s just me.  Feel free to discuss any of these pattern releases or the state of the Burda in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Early Spring Everywhere: Simplicity, My Image, Burda; RIP Burda Plus

  1. Oh the dress with all the gathers – image 13 I think – I want want want! Looks easy, comfy, and very adaptable. A must on my list. And one of the jackets…. I only JUST got the January issue last Friday and today is the first chance I get to look at it. I’m so behind! Merry Christmas, by the way! And a healthy, happy New Year!


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