Sewing Update and October Plans

Well, my bias cut Burda swing coat did not qualify me to the third round of the Pattern Review Sewing Bee.  While I’m disappointed to not being able to move on, I’m still super proud of the work I did, and sort of glad to not have the pressure of continuing.  The timing for this round would have been a bit challenging because I’ve taken on some commissioned work that is taking a bit more time than I’d anticipated.  With any luck, I’ll be finished with that project this week, and, as of yet, the month of October looks much calmer than September.  Granted, I don’t expect it to stay that way, but, here’s hoping.

In the meantime, I’ve been thinking about what I want to sew next month.  I know I’ve got some more commissions coming in, I’ve got a coat project to work on for my dad, a growing pile of mending from my family, and I owe my sister a Halloween costume (whenever the backordered fabric arrives), but I still think I’ll be able to pull out something for myself.  While I really need to make some athletic wear – a new lightsaber fencing jacket (because apparently this is my new sport), some skating practice outfits (I’m skating again!  Kinda!  But it’s going well so far!), and some leggings and workout tops – what I really want to make is an entry for the Pattern Review Outerwear contest.


I know it’s not what I need in my wardrobe, but I’ve got coat projects I’ve been planning for years.  YEARS.  So I pulled out the pattern I’ve been dying to develop into a TNT for a while now, some teal suede I’ve have stashed for a few years, and some plaid lining.  I’ve still got to trace and fit the pattern, so I’m a bit “behind” as far as the challenge rules go, but I’ve got until the end of the month so it should be ok.  As far as inspiration goes, I’m thinking very Burberry:



My pattern choice should come as no surprise.  I’ll be using the iconic Burda World of Fashion September 2006 trench coat pattern:


I’ve been dying to make this for years now.  I stalked this issue on Ebay for months to finally acquire it.  I’ve petted and loved this issue, and I’m finally going to make something from it for myself.  I plan to make some modifications to the pattern, but it should provide a good starting base.  I’m looking forward to my sewing plans this October – look for sewing progress and blog updates to come!

6 thoughts on “Sewing Update and October Plans

  1. Yesss do iiiiit! I bought that mag for the same exact reason (and have some yellow wool I’ve been holding out on for it). It’s so beautiful but I procrastinated 2 years for fear of messing up. I think your teal make will probably be the incentive a lot of people have been waiting for 😉

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