Simplicity, Star Trek, McCall’s, and Pokemon – A Cosplay Pattern Update Post

It seems that a few of the pattern companies have released some great cosplay patterns somewhat quietly since their last full pattern release.

Simplicity has apparently decided to celebrate the Star Trek 50th Anniversary by releasing some beautiful licensed Star Trek cosplay patterns:

S100-201 – Classic Trek Uniforms
S100-101 – Classic Film Uniform
S100-301 – TNG Ladies
S100-401 – TNG Dudes
S100-001 – TNG Skant

Not to be outdone, McCall’s is jumping in on the Pokemon Go! craze with a new Yaya Han design:


Interestingly, they have re-photographed the men’s activewear design from the last release to make it more appealing to the cosplay crowd:


Have to say I’m really enjoying that the pattern companies are really cashing in on the cosplay craze.  They are releasing designs that are very on point for the current geek trends, which is great for everybody.  Hopefully this trend continues.  Seeing how the Cosplay by McCall’s team is going to be at New York Comic-Con, seems like they’ve fully embraced this market.  Can’t wait to see what craze they jump on next!

Also, thanks to The Perfect Nose, who notified me that the new Star Trek Uniforms had been announced!

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