Vogue 2016 Winter/Holiday Patterns

The latest pattern collection from Vogue is here!  This collection is rather interesting – there are a lot of designer patterns that offer lot of different style options for the fall/winter/holiday season.  Oddly, though, I feel like I’m drawn to fewer patterns in this collection that I normally find to add to my wishlist.  I have an intellectual appreciation of the interesting construction that is going into some of these designs, but there aren’t a lot of things I actually want to wear.  So, I’m feeling a bit mixed over the release.  Let’s take a look:

V1524 – A Rebecca Vallance Custom Fit design.  I actually really love this.  The open back is just my sort of thing.  The pockets on the trouser portion are a nice touch as well.

V1525 – Another Rebecca Vallance Custom Fit design.  Not as in love with this style – maybe just because it feels like we’ve had a lot of similar silhouettes from the pattern companies lately.

V1527 – Paco Peralta wardrobe pattern.  The coat is pretty slick, but the whole thing just feels a bit too formal for my wardrobe needs at the moment.

V1526 – More Paco Peralta. The layering of the shirts creates an interesting effect.

V1520 – I always love the Badgley Mischka designs.  This dress is gorgeous and even though I have no where to wear it, I totally need one.

V1519 – Kay Unger.  I think this could be a very popular pattern – the top and skirt are both practical wardrobe items, but with a slight designer flair. Not sure that I need to add this to my collection, but I predict it will be popular.

V1518 – Zandra Rhodes.  One one hand I think I would probably not wear this.  On the other hand I think it would be really cool to see how those sleeves are constructed.

V1523 – Rachel Comey.  I’m a bit torn on this look.  The sleeves look a bit overwhelming on the line drawing, but really don’t look too bad on the model.  I do like the fitting at the waist on the bodysuit, not sure how I feel about the cropped pant length.  I feel like it sort of works together even though I don’t inherently like it.  It leaves me internally conflicted.

V9229 – Kayla Kennington.  Looks like some pretty simple to sew pieces – lots of drape and elastic waistbands.  Not exactly what I’m looking for, but fabric choice could make this pattern very versatile – fancier stuff for a dressy night out, or simple knits for every-day clothes.

V1522 – Issac Mizrahi.  I’m not such a fan of the sleeve ruffle, but the shape of the trouser is quite interesting.

V1521 – Koos van den Akker.  These patterns always look like such puzzels!  Love how this looks deceptively simple, but clearly has some complex pattern piecing going on.

V9231 – Looks like a nice, simple, warm coat for winter.

V1529 – Patricia Keay.  Torn between loving the wide collar and draping length of this coat, but knowing that wide-collared coats usually drive me nuts.

V1528 – Today’s Fit by Sandra Betzina.  It is a bit boxy for me, but the collar on the vest is nice for when it gets cold.

V9230 – Marcy Tilton.  Actually, I sort of really like this design!  The double hem is interesting, and the collar is pretty cool.  It is a bit less fitted than what I normally like to wear, but I’m sort of digging this pattern.

V9228 – Marcy Tilton.  These pants look pretty cool.  Love how they work with the short booties – perfect for displaying some really cool winter shoes.

V9223 – Claire Schaeffer’s Custom Couture Collection.  Not really loving where the gather is on the front, but VERY cool how the zipper is inserted in the seam on the back.  I’m sure the instructions are amazing as well.

V9227 – Love this top!  The shoulder detail is great, and the rest of the top looks simple to put together.

V9226 – More drapey tops.  The asymmetric hem could potentially look cool here, but I’m leaning towards possibly might look a bit nuts.

V9225 – Very Easy Vogue. I could see this top being really popular.  Simple looking, great for layering, and with a nice contrast detail – great for a wardrobe plan.

V9224 -Very Easy Vogue.  Drapey top.  We’ve seen lots of these.  Moving on.

V9232 – Very Easy Vogue.  Vogue does PJs.  We usually see slinky lingerie, so it’s nice to see some… more practical winter sleepwear.

V9234 – TaFa Accessories.  Not much of interest to me; though that first wrap could be great to pair with a fancy evening gown.

V9235 – Kathryn Brenne.  Love these hats, especially views A and C.  View D is a bit nuts, but it could be fun for October – a high-fashion witches hat (it’s melting!).  Or not.  You decide.

And that’s about it!  On the whole, there are some nice wardrobe options in this collection.  I don’t know if it is just that I’m hitting stash saturation and just feeling that I have similar options already at my disposal, if I’m just a bit more set in my style, or if they aren’t appealing to me, but there really aren’t a lot of things here that I feel I need in my collection, despite appreciating the pattern lines.  I’m definitely getting that Rebecca Vallance jumpsuit though.  And the Badgley Mischka gown.  What do you all think?  See anything you can’t live without?  Or are there a lot of passable patterns in this collection?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

10 thoughts on “Vogue 2016 Winter/Holiday Patterns

      1. Yes. Paco Peralta looks interesting – seems like classics with a twist. Not sure if Rebecca Vallance is new to Vogue but I don’t know anything about her so had a look at her website, and I really liked her aesthetic so I hope she does more for them.

        I like the fact that many of the designer patterns have two or even three garments in them now too; that makes them much better value for money.


  1. Ooh, the Rebecca Valance jumpsuit thing! Washroom trips look like an impossibility in that one though.. Invisible separating zipper round the middle perhaps? The Paco coat looks good too, reminds me of one burdastyle did last year that ended up being a tall pattern.. Thanks for doing these pattern reviews btw, I really enjoy them and look forward to them! Have you checked out the Simplicity costumes this time around? STtNG joy. I was excited when they did DC bombshells, but this is over the top awesomeness. So excited about the Beverly crusher one. Lots of potential there…


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