Burda Plus Magazine Fall/Winter 2016

This year the Burda Plus designs have, for the most part, been totally fantastic in the regular issues of the magazine.  I think this issue of the Burda Plus magazine totally continues this trend of great wardrobe basics with some nice details and lovely silhouettes.


I think this is one of those issues you will keep going back to if you use the Burda Plus size ranges, and even then, I think there are more than a few of these designs that would totally be worth grading down if you needed to.  Let’s take a look:

Ok, I’m just going to come out and say it – this is my favorite pattern in the whole issue.  I love ALL of the variations.  I feel like the short jacket photographed particularly well on the model, but I love the extra details on the trench coat version a lot too.  I love how much changing fabric and a few details gives a totally different feel to each of these styles.  I feel like this could be a great TNT pattern once you get the fit worked out.

Not a bad take on the little french jacket.  I really love the look of pairing the tweed with those kick-ass leather pants.

The typical oversized parka that often shows up this time of year.  Not as pretty as the first coat, but likely much more practical for rainy weather.

Lots of seaming should give a nice fit; the silhouette and neckline would be super flattering.

Another sexy sheath dress.  Part of me feels like I wish they’d varied the silhouette options a bit more in this magazine, and part of my really likes both of these designs and doesn’t really care.

I really like this dress design.  Love how they showed it as a day and night option – super versatile pattern!

Apparently there is a designer exclusive pattern in this issue!  Dramatic!  I like it!

Apparently the tied knit top is a trend with Burda this season – very similar to a style in the October issue.

This slouchy tunic top looks pretty simple to construct, and is another style that can look drastically different depending on fabric choice.

Not loving the ruffle, but this is a decent blouse.

Trouser pattern.  Love the look of the leather pants.

Pencil skirt.  The folded panel detail is pretty interesting.

Ok, I know this wrap is just a bunch of rectangles, but I really like the way it looks on the model.  Very dramatic with minimal sewing efforts.

And that’s it!  So, what do you all think about the Burda Plus selections this year?  Anyone a bit jealous that some of these styles weren’t in last issue’s regular size selection?  Feel free to discuss in the comments!

6 thoughts on “Burda Plus Magazine Fall/Winter 2016

  1. This is the first time I’ve commented here – but I always check your Burda reviews – I rely on them, in fact! This issue demands a response: it’s fabulous! I’m kind of a 42-40 but I can make a good pattern fit if I have to and the patterns in this latest Burda Plus almost demand it. That yellow trench – OMG! I need it. The dresses too, they are perfect. Keep up the good work – I love your reviews.

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  2. I have this copy in french, and was wondering if someone had the english version? Specifically the red raincoat #414…. just need the instructions! Forever is someones’ debt!! 😊


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